Garnishing foods
Gourmet garnishes : creative ways to dress up your food
Mickey Baskett.
New York, N.Y. : Sterling Pub., c2006.
Includes index.
Chinese garnishes : with platter arrangements = Adornos chinos : con decoraciones para platillos
[Su-Huei Huang].
Monterey Park, CA : Wei-Chuan Pub., c2004.
CHINESE GARNISHES unlocks the secrets of transforming simple fruits, vegetables and various meats into an array of incredible and easily adaptable garnishes. The first section guides the reader in the Chinese art of cutting, slicing, sculpting, and the myriad ways of creating and applying garnishes. The second section features the unique and classic approach based on the Chinese aesthetics of platter arrangements. From Plum Blossom Shrimp Platter, The Arrival of the Phoenix to The Good Luck Dragon, each presentation transforms a simple dish into a captivating visual experience. CHINESE GARNISHES WITH PLATTER ARRANGEMENTS is destined to become the new revered reference source for Chinese garnishing. Another "must have" for the culinary novice as well as the professional.
Entertaining edibles : 50 fun food sculptures for all occasions
Sidney Escowitz.
[New York] : Sixth&Spring Books, c2004.
You' ve seen them decorating plates at the toniest restaurants, admired them at weddings, and marveled at the chefs who designed them-- and now you can produce a dazzling array of ornamental fruit and vegetable centerpieces at home. Turn peppers, peas, and ginger root into a festive holiday reindeer, or transform squash, potatoes, olives, and berries into a laughing leprechaun for a St. Patrick' s Day feast. Simple instructions and dozens of photographs in a concealed spiral-bound volume make it easy to achieve terrific results. From creating a workspace and choosing tools to finding supplies and designing your own projects, the information here will have you producing playful, charming, and elegant food creations in no time.
Creative cookies : delicious decorating for any occasion
Toba Garrett.
New York : Sterling Pub., 2001.
Once you get hooked on making these delicious decorated cookies, you'll create occasions to bake more! The recipes are easy, from gingerbread to shortbread, sugar cookies to chocolate. What makes these extra special are the techniques and tools to make them look stupendous: ruffled bibs in soft pastel hues for a baby shower, a white chocolate rose with eight petals, or a 3D bride and groom for wedding and anniversary celebrations. If you want to be a little less elaborate, you can also decorate them with curled chocolate shavings; glazes of sieved apricot jam; shredded coconut; or candy. Even a basic icing can make a cookie appear as well-dressed and formal as cake! You'll make these effects with confidence thanks to the author's clarity and creativity, especially when it comes to incorporating tools such as paintbrushes, a quilter's wheel, an X-acto knife, embroidery scissors, and the simplest instructions we've seen yet on piping.
Play with your food
[by Joost Elffers].
New York : Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1997.
"Play with Your Food" lets readers turn a radish into a "mouse", a line of unpeeled garlic cloves into a family of "ducks", and a lemon into a funny "pig". No special techniques or equipment are necessary, and any fruit or vegetable can be used. The 150 color photos show readers who to make the magical transformations, and begin looking at every trip to the greengrocer as another trip to the "zoo".

Food as art

Look around at the next banquet or wedding to see foods as beautiful art.

Food sculptures
Floral looking centerpieces
Cascading fountain of chocolate

Garnishing and decorating can assist in the appearance of everyday foods. It is an art that can easily be done with little effort. Not only can it make food more attractive, your family and friends will sense the thoughtfulness in those little extra touches.

Most of the tools you need to create beautiful garnishes are right in your kitchen. Some basic tools are sieves, graters, peelers, scissors and a vegetable slicer. Specific tools like cutters, that change the shape of the food, are available in kitchen specialty store.

Garnishes should be edible, appear natural, and fresh. They should be suitable in flavor to the food being served. The way food is cut, sliced and arranged on the dish can please the eye.

Why not try some of these ideas:

  • Serve appetizers sitting on slices of raw vegetables.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut sandwich bread.
  • Arrange fruit kabobs on a melon rind.
  • Fresh herbs add fragrance to any dish.
  • Use lettuce leaves with their attractive colors on serving platters.
  • Vegetables and fruits can be hollowed out and stuffed.
  • Season butter for a spread on any piece of bread.
  • Peelings can become decorations from blossom flowers to cheerful ribbons.
  • Sauces are smooth and colorful and can be placed on top of food or around the serving dish.
  • Dress up the top of a pie with cut outs from extra dough.
  • Place a paper doily on top of a cake and sprinkle with confectionersí sugar for a pretty pattern.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff