Wrap a meal
Sandwiches, panini, and wraps : recipes for the "anytime, anywhere" meal
Dwayne Ridgaway.
Gloucester, Mass. : Quarry Books, c2005.
Includes index.
Wraps & roll-ups
Dona Z. Meilach.
San Leandro, Calif. : Bristol, c2005.
Move over sandwiches! The new portable meal is here, and it is called a wrap. A wrap is a tortilla or other flatbread folded around enough goodies to be a complete meal. A wrap holds a much greater variety and quantity of food than a sandwich or burrito. They've become so popular, now wraps are available in the frozen-food sections of supermarkets, as well as at fast-food and other restaurants. When you make your own wraps, you control your calories, your fat intake -- and your costs. This books shows you how. This new revision of the best-selling nitty gritty cookbook features the latest in wrap-recipe ideas, with chapters on meat, poultry, fish, vegetarian and dessert fillings, plus how to make tortillas and 'binders.'
Tamales 101 : a beginner's guide to making traditional tamales
Alice Guadalupe Tapp.
Berkeley, Calif. : Ten Speed Press, c2002.
Bundles of fresh masa plump with wonderful combinations of sauces, meats, and vegetables, tamales are a simple and delicious staple of Hispanic cuisine. At the age of seven, Alice Guadalupe Tapp learned to make tamales from her Mexican relatives. Now, nearly fifty years later-fifty years of making thousands of tamales for family, friends, and customers at her tamale shop-Alice imparts her knowledge and passion for these edible treasures. Following Alice's illustrated, step-by-step instructions, you'll quickly learn how to make authentic tamales. As you bite into your first, homemade tamale-be it a Red Pork Chile, Cilantro Pesto Chicken, or Spinach Mushroom Tamale-you'll find a bit of the love and tradition that have sustained tamales since pre-Columbian times. From Alice's kitchen to yours, the charming and accessible Tamales 101 bestows the delightful gift of preparing homemade tamales upon every cook. Book jacket.
Wraps and roll-ups
Dona Z. Meilach.
San Leandro, Calif. : Bristol Pub. Enterprises, c1998.
Wraps and roll-ups are taking the country by storm. Look for recipes for tortillas and other flatbreads; rice and beans; salads, slaws, salsas and other accompaniments; and meat, poultry, fish and other fillings. Use one of dozens of recipes, or mix and match the components for endless variety.
Stuff it! : fun filled foods to savor and satisfy
Lora Brody and Max Brody.
New York : William Morrow, c1998.
Thought you couldn't love pizza, burgers, pancakes, or chocolate any more than you do already? Well, try stuffing them! Lora Brody & her son, Max, offer up over seventy-five recipes for all types of stuffed foods -- it's homey, down to earth, quick, fun to make, & delicious to eat! There's Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza, Cheddar Stuffed Grilled Burgers, Apple Pancakes, & Chocolate Roulade Filled with Chocolate Ice Cream. You can wrap them or roll them -- try Shrimp & Scallion Wontons with Ginger Dipping Sauce, or Brown Rice & Roasted Peanut Stuffed Cabbage. You can fry them, bake them, or steam them -- try Stuffed Blintzes with Blueberry Sauce, Red Pesto Stuffed Baked Tomatoes, Cheddar & Sun-dried Tomato Stuffed Meatloaf, or Crab Stuffed Sole. From Chili Stuffed Peppers to Cream Filled Cupcakes, from Parmesan Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread to Turkey Breast Stuffed with Cranberries, Cornbread, & Pecans, Stuff-it! can satisfy your every craving.
Wraps : easy recipes for handheld meals
by Mary Corpening Barber, Sara Corpening, and Lori Lyn Narlock ; photographs by Frankie Frankeny.
San Francisco, Calif. : Chronicle Books, 1998.
What's the difference between a wrap and a burrito? The burrito was invented in northern Mexico as a convenient way for cowboys to pack a lunch. Filled with traditional Mexican ingredients, it's become practically a staple food. A wrap, on the other hand, is like a burrito with frequent flier miles. International flavor? That's just the beginning -- wraps accept no limitations in the pursuit of delicious variety. Why not try an Italian wrap with pine nuts and bell pepper? Or a Thai wrap flavored with ginger and curry? Why not an eggs Benedict wrap? Painless to prepare and packed with flavor, wraps make a great breakfast on the go, lunch at the park, or quick dinner. From Cajun spice to vegetarian delights, "Wraps" features dozens of recipes for festive combinations and extraordinary fillings that will change forever the way you think about burritos. Isn't it time you embraced the greater potential of the tortilla?
It's a wrap : great meals in small packages
Diane Phillips.
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, 1997.
From the traditional and ever-popular falafel, tortilla, and burrito, to pesto swordfish wraps, artichoke souffle wraps, and tasty "Wrappetizers", over 100 delicious recipes, simple how-to-illustrations, and loads of helpful tips show just how easy it is to surprise your family with a healthy, great tasting "wrapped" meal.

Fold and roll

There are many ways to fold and roll a wrap.

Purse folds
Pinwheel wraps
Round folds
Crepe wrap

Wrap and roll guide

Many cultures include wraps in their cuisine, from Mexican burritos to the Greek gyros. And many have used different types of wrappers from seaweed for Sushi to noodles for Manicotti.

Wraps can be bursting with flavor when they are made with contrasting textures, colors and spices. They are a portable meal you can take and eat anywhere and there is no need for utensils.

Pita bread forms a natural pocket when baked. Slice in half and stuff it with your favorite filling.

Wrappers come in many varieties and are available at the local grocer.

  • Roll your meal in a tortilla. Originally made with corn, now it comes in many flavors such as flour, whole wheat, spinach, tomato and low-carb and fat free for the health conscience. 
  • Armenian lavosh is thicker than a tortilla and thinner than pita bread. It must be sprinkled with water, to soften it up, before using it as a wrap.
  • Soften sheets of rice paper pancakes and wrap just before serving or baking them.
  • Leafy greens such as lettuce, cabbage, and spinach add extra crispiness.

Wrap up your favorite meal or leftovers for something new and exciting.

Wraps also come in different sizes that can be prepared for any meal of the day.

  • Add your favorite ingredients to scrambled eggs and wrap up a nourishing breakfast.
  • Wrap and serve an assortment of bite size appetizers that won't fill your guests before dinner.
  • Wraps can become cookie-like, making for a faster way to create a sweet snack.

Delicious wraps are for the whole family and are easy to create in your kitchen.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff