Wrap it with style
The Art of gift wrapping : 50 innovative ideas using organic, unique, and uncommon materials
Wanda Wen.
New York : Potter Craft, c2010.
With a few minutes of thought, a little practice, and minimal materials, readers will be able to recreate the high-style look of professionally wrapped presents.
Wrapped with style : simple, creative ideas for imaginative gift wrapping
Leslie Carola.
New York : Universe, c2009.
Much of the fun of wrapping stylish gifts is sorting through and selecting the raw materials—paper or fabric, bag or box, ribbon, yarn, twine, or any special embellishments. The variety of materials available is amazing and inspiring. This creative book includes projects using a wide selection of papers (both hand-painted and commercially available), ribbons, fresh flowers, rubber stamping, stickers, quilling, and other special adornments. We have gathered beautiful, festive wrapping ideas from individual paper crafters and gift wrappers across the country. A gift is all the more delightful when contained in a thoughtful, creative package—and this book captures that concept perfectly. Materials range from simple bags and boxes to elegant packages. The personal touch of a specially-wrapped gift lets the recipient feel the joy and pleasure you had creating it. Start playing with paper. Anything can happen. Stretch your imagination and creativity. Create something from your heart. And have fun!
Wrap it up : 100s of fast, fun, and festive gift wrapping ideas
Espen Markussen.
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, 2009.
Wrap It Upoffers hundreds of clever and inviting ideas to give your presents an extra flourish that loved ones are sure to appreciate. Using both traditional wrapping paper and ribbons, combined with some simple trims found in craft or stationery stores or unusual materials like maps, posters, cellophane, or newspaper, there is a wide range of inviting schemes for all occasions. With inspired color combinations and clever use of materials now you can bring a decorative touch to even the simplest package.Instead of using ribbons for bows, try reusing materials found around the home like twine, buttons, decorative buckles, scarves, or even dog collars. Anything can be used as an unexpected decoration. There are also traditional ribbon-wrapped and flower-bedecked packages, but done in a unique manner with ideas that you don’t see elsewhere, like threading buttons through the ribbons before tying them around the packages, or wrapping a strip of torn newspaper around the middle of the package, under an elegantly tied bow, for an interesting and striking effect. WithWrap it Upyou can turn even the most ordinary gifts into something special: a unique present for someone you care about.

Gift-wrapping should enhance your gift, adding excitement and temptation for it to be opened. There are many inexpensive creative ideas to wrap a gift. Some materials can be found around the house. The basic tools needed for gift-wrapping are a good pair of scissors, cellophane tape and materials to wrap up the gift.

Materials to wrap your gift come in many colors and textures. Sections of the newspaper can be enlarged on the copier and the Sunday comics are colorful. Fabric can be sewn into a drawstring bag or a kitchen gift can be wrapped in a dishtowel. You can decorate butcher paper with rubber stamps, stickers, or splatter it with paint.

Wrapping Paper Alternatives

clay pot
coffee mug
cardboard tube

More ideas

Trims add the finishing touch to your present and transform the simplest gift into something spectacular. Wire edged ribbon hold its shape when shaped into a bow.  Crepe paper can be embellished with glitter. Lace can add an elaborate effect.

The gift tag identifies whom the gift is for and who it is from. For a coordinate appearance match the tag to the wrap or ribbon. Decorate cardboard mailing tags and write your own message. A novelty 3D shaped tag can be design for the recipient.

The most memorable part of the gift you give can be in the creative way in which you wrap it up.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff