Are you a gamer?
Medal of honor : Prima official game guide
written by Michael Knight & David Knight.
Roseville, CA : Prima Games, 2010.
*Complete walkthroughs of the entire campaign complete with detailed maps and battle-tested tactics! *Dominate the battlefield with multiplayer maps revealing spawn points, overwatch positions, sightlines, and choke points! *Maximize your Scorechain with complete scoring details for every multiplayer game mode! *Extensive multiplayer Strategies and Tactics!
Lego Universe massively multiplayer online game : official strategy guide
written by Michael Searle.
Roseville, CA : Prima Games, c2010.
 Faction guides covering every specialty kit!  Detailed maps and in-depth walkthroughs for every mission in the game!  Build anything imaginable by collecting the best LEGO® Bricks and Models!  Unlock every single achievement with our expert game strategies!  Master the skills and strategies of the Sorcerer, Samurai, Daredevil, Space Marauder and more!  Become the ultimate Minifigure and defeat the Maelstrom, from smashing Stromling Mechs to vanquishing Maelstrom Dragons! Exclusive content! Complete details on Starbase 3001, the LEGO Club, Brig Rock, the Hidden Dojo, and more!
Golden sun. Dark dawn : Prima official game guide
written by Stephn Stratton.
Roseville, CA : Prima Games, c2010.
    Every spell and ability detailed!     All Djinn revealed!     Info on all enemies so you can decide how to fight.     Complete walkthrough to help you triumph!
Grand Theft Auto advance : Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto, list of Grand Theft Auto advance characters.
Memphis, Tenn. : Books LLC, 2010.
Includes index.

If you can sit for hours at a computer hitting the keys or mouse at lightening speed, odds are that you are a gamer. Focused on shooting mythological creatures, moving up to the next level, or gaining a power shield, the true gamer can spend hours in this virtual world.

Gaming is not gambling. Instead, it can include online games that gamers throughout the world play alone or as part of a team. It is a 24/7 activity that people can play from anywhere they have computer access. Time never stands still.

Today's U.S. gamer

Average age is 35
Been gamer for 12 years
68% of household heads play
40% of gamers are female
25% of gamers are over 50

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According to the Netlingo Internet Dictionary, a gamer is: "a person who plays any one of many electronic games, including video games, PC games, online games, handheld games, wireless games, and interactive TV games. The term 'gamer' is often reserved for enthusiasts who are considered to be experts in the realm of playing interactive online games".

By participating in a gaming network, serious gamers can play together simultaneously from practically anywhere in the world. It can broadens the knowledge of a teen gamer. Their friend world expands from their local school, to other states, provinces, and countries. Through new friends, these gamers learn about the cultural differences between other countries and their own.

Computer and video software products that gamers use are based on traditional game categories, such as adventure, role-playing, first-person shooters, strategy, etc. Battles between guilds can be coordinated. Puzzle, board, and card games are also popular. Software for today's games continues to grow in complexity and interactivity.

Gamers are required to develop hypotheses, problem solving strategies, along with learning to work as part of a team and make decisions. For some what starts as a form of entertainment becomes traits that are applied to the workplace. For these gamers, playing games can be more than fun.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff