Juggling act

After watching the smooth movements of a juggler do you wonder if you can do that too? Anyone who can throw and catch a ball can juggle.

How to juggle & other cheap tricks : with Marty Pollio
[presented by] Inkblot Productions in association with VSM Productions ; written by Marty Pollio & Margaret Lawrence ; directed by Vin Morreale.
New York : View Video, c2008.
  1. Instructional program.
  2. Title from container.
  3. Instructor, Marty Pollio.
  4. DVD.
  5. Presents the basics of juggling. Includes instruction on performing simple magic tricks.
The Tomie dePaola library
Weston Woods Studios.
Westport, CT : Weston Woods ; [S.l.] : Scholastic, c2002.
  1. DVD.
  2. In English with optional English subtitles.
  3. Animated.
  4. At head of title: Weston Woods presents.
  5. Includes on-screen learning guides.
  6. Charlie needs a cloak: When Charlie's old cloak becomes worn, he weaves a new one from wool. Strega Nona: Big Anthony uses Strega Nona's magic pasta pot without her permission and finds himself knee deep in trouble and pasta. The clown of God: Giovanni, a once-famous juggler, now penniless, gives one last Christmas Eve performance.
  7. Charlie needs a cloak (8 min.) -- Strega Nona (9 min.) -- The clown of God (10 min.)
Juggling : from start to star
Dave, Dorothy, and Ben Finnigan.
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2002.
Featuring more than 250 photos illustrating proper technique, this book on juggling is comprehensive, clear, and understandable for beginners yet challenging for experienced jugglers. 242 illustrations.

There are three basic juggling patterns in which, using your imagination, you can develop hundreds of tricks. The cascade is the basic pattern and the props seem to cross in midair. The props follow each other round in a circle in the shower and columns are where the props rise and fall parallel to each other.

When learning to juggle it is best to start with objects that are soft.  Beanbags are smaller than a tennis ball and will not hurt if they fall on you. There are many props to juggle. The top choices for jugglers are:

  • Balls are the most popular and easiest props to juggle.
  • Rings are easiest to juggle in numbers.
  • Clubs are more stable in the air than balls.

Other props include flaming torches, hats, hoops, umbrellas, plates and W.C. Fields was famous for juggling cigar boxes.

Juggling Day is held in June. Events are organized world wide to teach people how to juggle, to promote juggling or for jugglers to get together, and celebrate.

Juggling Day

Juggling is a pastime you can enjoy doing it alone or with a partner and throw props about as a pair or group.

There are lots of benefits to learning to juggle. It's fun, can help relieve stress, improve reflexes and hand-eye coordination, can keep you fit and it can be a great icebreaker at parties.

So with lots of practice you can present the entertainment with your juggling act at the next get together.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff