Cross-word puzzles
From square one : a meditation, with digressions, on crosswords
Dean Olsher.
New York : Scribner, 2009.
Public radio personality Olsher explores the fascinating history, lore, and addictive appeal of crosswords, in this clever and entertaining narrative that features the construction of an actual puzzle by professional puzzle writer Francis Heaney.
The 21st century crossword puzzle dictionary
Kevin McCann & Mark Diehl.
New York : Puzzlewright Press, c2009.
Finally, a crossword dictionary with all the words solvers need--and none of the ones they don't! When it comes to puzzle dictionaries, it's the "quality" of what's inside that counts. Who needs a plethora of synonyms that never appear in an actual crossword? So, authors Kevin McCann and Mark Diehl analyzed thousands of crosswords to amass an up-to-date list of words that regularly turn up in today's top puzzles. To make the dictionary even easier to use, the most popular answers stand out in easy-to-see red, while charts highlight frequently sought-after information such as Oscar winners and Popes' names. Crossword fans will keep this right next to their favorite puzzles! - This is the most thorough yet concise crossword dictionary on the market - Easy-to-use appendixes provide descriptions of common crossword themes and top common answers - It uses entire clues, broken up into main entries and sub-entries
The complete time waster
Eric Saunders.
Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books, 2009.
Hours of fun, facts and challenges at your fingertips in a write-in book. The Complete Time Waster is the perfect companion for a long trip or a rainy day. This book is an ideal gift for puzzle solvers, word and number gamers, doodlers, or just anyone with time on their hands looking for a challenge. Every vivid four-color page is packed with skill-testing fun to sharpen idle brains. The over 1,500 activities include: Mazes Trivia Crosswords Other word games Sudokus Other number puzzles With hours of puzzles, games and brain teasers, from old fashioned favorites to wild, new creations, The Complete Time Waster provides hour upon hour of interesting activities that can be tailored to any reader's preferences or leading edges.

Crossword puzzles are the most popular word game in the world. The first cross-word puzzle appeared in the Sunday magazine section of the New York World on December 21, 1913. For the next ten years it was the only newspaper to publish crossword puzzles and by then the hyphen was dropped.

In 1924 Simon and Schuster printed, under another name, the first book of fifty crossword puzzles and the biggest craze that America had ever seen was underway. The most famous crossword puzzle is printed in the New York Times, but now you can pick up any newspaper or magazine and most certainly find a crossword puzzle.

There are all types of clues to help you fill in the white squares with letters, forming words, reading them across and down.

  • Fill-in-the-blanks are the easiest, and a good place to start.
  • Get to know the two, three, four and more letter words that are commonly used.
  • The clue may suggest the word be in plural form and will end in S.
  • A compass point has one of eight possible abbreviations.
  • Many puzzles contain a theme that shares some relationship in common.

Solving crossword puzzles is "part science of deduction, part mother wit, part erudition."

Margaret Petherbridge Farrar
First Lady of Crosswords

Start with the first clue and go in whatever direction you choose to solve your way to compete the final answer.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff