Morton Arboretum

The Morton Arboretum collects and studies trees, shrubs, and other plants from around the world.

When visiting the Chicago area, be sure to make a trip to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, located in the inner ring of Chicago’s west suburbs.

Trees and shrubs : a gardener's encyclopedia
senior consultants, Geoff Bryant and Tony Rodd.
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Nestled at the northwest corner of the intersection of Interstate 88 and Illinois Route 53, the Morton Arboretum is a special nature area of trees, wilderness, and northern Illinois wildlife.

Its’ over 1700 acres features over 9 miles of paved roads and over 14 miles of walking trails throughout the Arboretum. The paved roads lead right up to the many walking trails that crisscross the grounds. The walking trails include a delightful mix of trees, prairie grass, and wildflower fields that are as diverse as they are colorful.

At the Thornhill Educational Center, located at the site of the original Morton Mansion, the family for which the Arboretum is named, there is a large and impressive learning center. The Thornhill Center highlights the Sterling Morton Library and maps and information to help guide one through the Arboretum’s grounds. The Center also sponsors a series of seasonal appropriate workshops, which provide information about the flora and fauna of this area of northern Illinois.

Arboretum is a place where an extensive variety of woody plants are cultivated for scientific, educational, and ornamental purposes.

The Arboretum grounds also feature a Children’s Garden, a Maze Garden, and many exhibits that highlight the Arboretum’s history, plant collections, and a restaurant and café at the main Visitor Center.

The Morton Arboretum is open 365 days a year with admission fees discounted on Wednesdays. Enjoy a quiet corner of suburban Chicago on your next visit at the Morton Arboretum.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff