Jobs for pet lovers

Services for pet owners

These services can be offered by anyone willing to set up a home based business. Establishing yourself as reliable, trustworthy, and good with animals is key to providing good service and building a loyal client base.

Dog walker, exerciser, playmate. Take dog to the local park for play and exercise.

House sitting and pet sitting when owners are gone.

Poop scooping a yard.

Teach dog simple obedience skills or take him to obedience school.

Pet Taxi Service: Take dog to vet & grooming appointments.

If you love pets and want to work with them for a living, job opportunities abound. If you have basic knowledge of pet care, turn your interest into a great part-time job or a satisfying career by working with animals. You will also provide needed services for your community

People who work with pets need to have knowledge of animal behavior. What motivates a dog? Why do cats sleep so much? Since you will be working closely with animals it is essential that you know how to interact with them effectively. Where do cats like to be stroked? What are basic obedience commands every dog should know and how do you teach them? Knowledge of animal behavior can keep animal care workers from being bitten or scratched.

Knowledge of issues in feeding and grooming provides a sound basis for making care decisions. Principles of good nutrition vary from species to species, and older pets have different nutrition requirements than young pets have. Pets with specific health problems may have dietary restrictions. Each species has grooming requirements. Cleaning ears, teeth, and eyes may be part of a dog’s health care routine. Long-haired cats will need to be brushed regularly. Other care needs are specific to breeds. A good care worker will know the care that each breed or species requires.

Pet owners consider their pets part of the family and are willing to spend money on pet services. Be part of this growing trend!

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Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff