Healthy teeth

The mouth is the focal point of many emotional conflicts, the first source of human contact, and a means of alleviating or expressing discomfort, pleasure, or displeasure – documented observation by Dr. Richard C. Burns of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry.

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You Brush, Floss, use mouthwashes, and are concerned about the foods you eat, yet you still require fillings or lengthy cleanings at the dentist.
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A bright smile can light up your face and say, “I like myself.”

Tooth decay is related to diet. The natural way to clean you teeth is through a good diet. Raw fruits and vegetables are natural cleansers of teeth. The abrasiveness of raw foods aids in the prevention of tooth decay. Even the natural raw sugars found in fruit are not harmful to your teeth. The most important thing that you can do for yourself is to clean your mouth after every meal by flossing and brushing.

Fluoride and Fluoridation

For over five decades, the American Dental Association has continuously endorsed the fluoridation of community water supplies and the use of fluoride-containing products as safe and effective measures for preventing tooth decay.

Fluoride and Fluoridation

Flossing your teeth is a skill that requires patience. It’s one way to thoroughly clean below your gums, between your teeth and along the edges. To prevent plaque from forming in these areas, you should floss between every tooth at least once a day.

There are many kinds of toothbrushes and toothpaste on the market. You will want one that will get the job done and helps to fight tooth decay. The toothbrush you choose should have soft bristles and feel comfortable to hold.

With proper diet, flossing & brushing, and regular six-month check ups at your dentist, you have the combination to keep your teeth where they belong.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff