Aquarium fish

An aquarium brings the outdoors inside. It is a reminder of our beautiful, yet fragile, aquatic environment. An aquarium is also fun. What better way to watch fish of all colors and sizes as they dart around their watery world or maybe chuckle at some of their whimsical expressions and bubble-blowing techniques?

Reputable fish shops

Maintain well stocked, not crowded, tanks
Stock a full line of supplies
Keep tank water clear
Sell only healthy fish
Employ aquarists to answer your questions
Back up its products

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Once you decide whether your aquarium will house fresh or saltwater fish, you can decide what types or species to select. Freshwater fish are often less expensive than the saltwater fish, but many saltwater fish are especially colorful.

Various types of fish do better in a school. If the fish you want is this type, purchase and house together at least three. Neons and tetras are examples of fish who live better in schools. Owning nine neon fish makes an attractive aquarium.

Nanoaquarium : everything about purchase, care, and nutrition
Jakob Geck, Ulrich Schliewen.
Hauppauge, N.Y. : Barron's Educational Series, c2010.
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Aquarium manual : the complete step-by-step guide to keeping fish
Jeremy Gay.
Sparkford : UK Haynes, 2009.
With the increasing popularity of this hobby, the Aquarium Manual will appeal to complete newcomers and seasoned fish keepers alike. The manual goes through every aspect thoroughly, from choosing which type of fish to keep in the first place to decorating the tank, feeding and breeding. Presented in an easy-to-use style with clear color photography, chapters include setting up, filtration, water quality, fish health, equipment, maintenance, buying fish, and species profiles. Step-by-step projects cover setting up tropical, coldwater and marine tanks, acclimatizing fish, and tank and filter maintenance.
David M. Schleser.
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The simple guide to freshwater aquariums
David E. Boruchowitz.
Neptune City, NJ : T.F.H. Publications, 2008.
Includes index.

Knowing which fish get along with each other and what environment they need will help you plan your aquarium. Be sure to find out if the fish you want will chase other fish or be picked on by other fish, can adapt to different water temperatures, or need a shady tank.

Some fish need to be isolated from other fish. The betta fish is a good example of this. Although devoted parents, a male betta fish will be merciless to other males.

A breed frequently seen in Chinese restaurant aquariums, is the goldfish. Goldfish are considered a sign of good luck. Gazing into a tank of fancy goldfish one can be amazed by their variety of colouration--orange, gold, white, black and red to name but a few.

Whether you decide to buy fresh or saltwater fish, your fish will provide you with endless hours of enjoyment and fascination. Schools, nursing centers, and doctor's offices have learned that this simple entertainment is good for the heart and soul. By carefully selecting just the right fish for your aquarium you will also be creating a soothing home for your water pets.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff