Shrimply delicious!

Choosing shrimp

Skin and flesh should have a lustrous appearance and feel firm.

No signs of discoloration or "blackness".

Bodies should be fully intact and be heavy in relation to size.

Pleasures of the ocean include shrimp of various types and sizes. In 1990, there were no shrimp farms in the United States. Today they constitute a thirty-five-million-dollar industry.

The great prawn and shrimp cookbook
[editor, Marial Shea ; recipe development, Stephanie Souvlis ... et al.].
North Vancouver, B.C. : Whitecap Books, 2005.
Delicious prawn dishes take pride of place on restaurant menus but are often ignored for everyday home meals. Perhaps it is because casual cooks fear this chic shellfish as too tricky to handle. Now it's time to turn the tables! Even a novice cook can confidently prepare prawns in memorable meals for all occasions-from stylish to family. The recipes range from the uncomplicated Potted Prawns to the more innovative Linguine with Prawns and Scallops in Toasted Tomato Sauce. There are even recipes for those who like their seafood hot and spicy. Also included is an introductory section designed to assist cooks select, store and prepare prawns successfully for eye-catching and enticing results.
The ultimate shrimp book : more than 650 recipes for everyone's favorite seafood prepared in every way imaginable
Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough.
New York : William Morrow, c2002.
"The Ultimate Shrimp Book" feeds America's craving for shrimp with more than 700 recipes. In the style of the "Ultimate" series, each recipe is followed by variations that spice up and reinvent dishes. Illustrations. Copyright #169; Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

7 tips to freeze shrimp

1. Do not peel.
2. Place in a plastic container, cover with water.
3. The ice block insulates the shrimp and prevents freezer burn.
4. Freeze up to 3 months.
5. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.
6. Do not refreeze shrimp.
7. Once cooked, shrimp may be refrozen.

Shrimp are found in fresh and salt water in nearly all parts of the world. They make up the most valuable catch of the United States fishing harvest. China leads the world in shrimp production. Thailand and Indonesia are also high producers of shrimp.

Most shrimp have gray, brown, white, or pink bodies. However, if you visit a pet store, red, yellow, green, or blue shrimp may be seen.

The size of shrimp varies greatly. The smallest shrimp is less than 1 inch in length, whereas giant freshwater species can grow over 1 foot long. These larger shrimp are often referred to as "prawns." Shrimp are most often sold by the "count," indicating the number of shrimp per pound.

  • Colossal = 10 or less shrimp
  • Jumbo = 11-15 shrimp
  • Extra large = 16-20 shrimp
  • Large = 21-30 shrimp
  • Mdeium = 31-45 shrimp
  • Small = 36-45 shrimp
  • Miniature = about 100 shrimp

While shrimp may be high in cholesterol, they actually contribute to better ratios between LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol).  A quarter-pound of shrimp, one serving, has only 80 calories, with less than 1 gram of fat.

Prepare some festive appetizers or make a special meal that will be 'shrimply delicious' for your family.

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