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Rice is grown in more than a hundred countries around the World. It is used as a staple food for people living at subsistence levels. It is also found as an expensive gourmet item.

Mi : chia ch‘ang p‘ien = Rice : Chinese home-cooking
tso che Lin Li-hua.
T‘ai-pei shih : Ch‘un ch‘ing ch‘u pan she yu hsien kung ssu, Min kuo 83 [1994]
This Cookbook offers a wide range of popular family rice recipes that are easy to prepare and yet, short in preparation time. The authentic recipes range from Sesame Rice Balls and Fried Rice Sushi Rolls, to Turnip Cakes and Dim Sum. Also included are recipes for one dish meals such as Fried Rice Duet, Rice Omelet, Green Jade Rice and Hainan Chicken Rice together with many other popular home style dishes like Rice Balls and Congee. This is a great addition to the kitchen library for those who wish to create a wide variety of tantalizing rice dishes.
Mi : Chuan tung pien = Rice : traditional Chinese cooking
tso che Lin Li-hua.
T‘ai-pei shih : Ch‘un ch‘ing ch‘u pan she yu hsien kung ssu, Min kuo 83 [1994]
More than two years of research has produced the ultimate famous and authentic Chinese rice dishes, including some hard to find vanishing recipes of the past. This cookbook offers the readers simplified recipes that can be easily prepared. Rice snacks such as Jade Sesame Rolls, Nine Layered Cake, Coconut Rice Cake to the exotic but vanishing recipes of the past like Dia Bean So, Yam Congee, and Run Jiau Rice Cake are included. Also provided is guidance on the preparation of basic and special ingredients. From rice snacks to gourmet meals, the fabulous traditional tastes and flavors come through for the most discriminating palates.
The world's 100 greatest rice recipes : classic dishes from around the globe, from risotto and paella to jambalaya and biryani
Christina Ingram.
London : Southwater, c2009.
The complete guide to rice and rice cooking, with 500 step-by-step photographs
The complete illustrated potato & rice bible : over 300 delicious, easy-to-make recipes for two great staple foods, from soups to bakes, in 1500 glorious step-by step photographs
Alex Barker, Sally Mansfield and Christine Ingram.
London : Lorenz, 2008.

Rice is a grass with its ancestry dating back to over 130 million years ago. Unlike some plants that need to be rotated, rice can be grown in the same field year after year. Some rice fields are believed to have been continuously cropped for over 2,000 years.

There are thousands of varieties of rice. Rice can be classified by region where grown, by color, by cooking properties, and even by price. Cooked or uncooked containers of rice are available in dry, refrigerated, frozen, or ready to eat forms.  Rice is used to create many products. For example, there are rice flours, vinegars, wines, and noodles.

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Rice guide

There are several methods of cooking rice.

  • Parboiled rice is an ancient technique developed in India. Although it sounds like it reduces the cooking time of rice, it actually means that the rice is soaked in water and then is steamed.
  • Another method of cooking rice is instant or quick white rice. This rice has been fully cooked in advance and only needs to be rehydrated and heated in order to be ready to serve.

Many delicious recipes are made with rice as a main ingredient. Risotto is a well-known Italian rice dish, while Japanese rice is used in sushi recipes. Rice pudding, filled with raisins, is often a favorite of young children. Wild rice stuffing is a favorite for tantalizing fish recipes. Rice paired with beans in a salad, or used separately in a casserole, are also enjoyable treats to fill a hungry stomach!

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