Dipping into fondue

Fondue au Chocolate

Combine 9 ounces Swiss milk chocolate and 1/2 cup whipping cream in a fondue pot. Stir over very low heat until chocolate is melted and mixture is  smooth. Serve with a variety of "dippers."

A popular Swiss speciality is a fondue consisting of one or more cheeses melted in a special pottery fondue dish with white wine and flavouring. Diners use a two-pronged fork to dip pieces of bread into the melted fondue mixture. A small candle is kept burning underneath the fondue dish in order to keep the fondue mixture a creamy texture.

Not your mother's fondue
Hallie Harron.
Boston, Mass. : The Harvard Common Press, c2010.
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Great party fondues
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There are three kinds of fondues, cheese, meat, and dessert. Cheese fondue is a melted cheese mixture into which chunks of crusty bread are dipped. Cheese fondues may be varied by using different types of cheeses. Fondue comtoise is made with with mature full-flavoured Comte cheese, semi-matured Comte cheese, dry white wine, kirsch, and garlic. Another cheese fondue, Swiss Jura, is made with full-flavoured salty Jura Gruyere, dry white wine, kirsch, garlic, and nutmeg.  A classic cheese fondue is fondue normande. This fondue is made from Camembert, Pon l'Eveque and Livarot, cream, milk, Calvados, and shallots.

Meat fondue involves cooking cubes of meat or poultry in hot oil. Fondue bourguignonne, is a fondue that is prepared at the table in a metal fondue dish that is placed over a heated device and filled with hot oil. Cubes of fillet steak, sirloin or rump steak are speared on a long-handled two prong fork. After being dipped and cooked in the hot oil, they are then dipped in an assortment of flavored sauces. For example, bearnaise, barbecue, aioli, mayonnaise, horseradish, or tomato sauce.

Fondue tips

Because fondue is a "communal" meal there are a few basic guidelines to follow. When you put the food in your mouth try not to touch the fork with your lips or tongue because the fork does go back in the pot.  

Must know fondue tips

And finally, a dessert fondue is a heated dessert sauce that is used to coat pieces of cake or fruit. A favorite fondue often served around St. Valentine's Day is a chocolate fondue. This type of fondue is well known for using huge fresh strawberries, still with the green leaves attached. Each strawberry is dipped into the melted chocolate and then enjoyed. An assortment of other fresh fruit can also be used for dipping.

The next time you want to entertain, invite your friends to share in the comfort and warmth of the fondue pot. Raise your forks, and start dipping and swirling -- playing with your food has never been this much fun.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff