Marketing plans

Marketing plans may differ in look from company to company.  But each defines how to market that company's  products or services to increase profits and customers. It serves as a road map for the implementation of specific marketing strategies. Successful marketing managers continually update their marketing plans to adapt to change.

Does your plan

Analyze key trends
Identify target segments
Prioritize objectives
Describe financial consequences

(from Marketing plans that work)

The marketing plan tells a story about the marketing strategies to be used. It explains the what, why, how, when, and where events and activities will take place that year.

Jay and Jeannie Levinson's startup guide to guerrilla marketing : a simple battle plan for first-time marketers.
[Irvine, Calif.] : Entrepreneur Press, c2008.
The father of guerrilla marketing offers the primer for the bestselling book More than two decades and dozens of bestselling books have proven that guerrilla marketing is the number one low-cost method for marketing a business. If you want to take advantage of its powerful, effective techniques but don' t know where to start, the man who started it all teaches you just what to do. Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of guerrilla marketing, and Jeannie Levinson have teamed up to produce a beginner-oriented guide that shows you how to get started with guerrilla marketing. Presented with a generous supply of true-life stories from the Levinsons' rich experience, it breathes life into the hottest and most well-known school of marketing so that you are able to compete with assurance and market profitably.
The procrastinator's guide to marketing : (or: How to get off your butt and develop your marketing plan!)
Mary Eule Scarborough and David A. Scarborough.
[Irvine, CA] : Entrepreneur Press, c2008.
Comprehensive guide that drags the dawdlers out of bed, grabs them by the hand, and walks them step-by-step through the entire marketing process If you're a business owner, this wake up call emphasizes the absolutely crucial necessity of developing and implementing a marketing plan. You will be completely convinced that a well-thought-out and written, strategic and tactical marketing plan is your business'best friend #8212; a vital tool that will make a substantial difference in your ability to grow and maintain a profitable business.You'll learn what information is important and how and where to obtain it. Confusing jargon and complex concepts are demystified as the authors take you by the hand and guide you through a simple #8220; paint by numbers #8221; process for completing a practical yet comprehensive road map for your business. By following the easy steps in the book, you'll walk away with a real, live, actionable plan.
How to write a marketing plan
John Westwood.
London ; Philadelphia : Kogan Page, 2006.
A hands-on guide to creating a complete, professional marketing plan for any business, this resource walks readers through each step of developing and writing their own plan. With a practical approach, this comprehensive workbook covers each essential step.
The ultimate marketing plan : find your hook, communicate your message, mark your mark
Dan S. Kennedy.
Avon, Mass. : Adams Business, c2006.
  1. Includes index.
  2. How to get maximum value from this book -- Preface -- Step 1. Putting together the right message -- Step 2. Presenting your message -- Step 3. Picking the right targets -- Step 4. Proving your case -- Step 5. Putting your best foot forward -- Step 6. Getting free advertising -- Step 7. Malibuism--becoming hot -- Step 8. "Poor boy" marketing strategies -- Step 9. Maximizing total customer value -- Step 10. Fueling word-of-mouth advertising -- Step 11. Creating short-term sales surges --
  3. Step 12. New marketing technologies -- Step 13. How to make the internet work for you / by Corey Rudl, Internet Marketing Center -- Step 14. Avoid employee sabotage : getting employees on the same page -- Step 15. Hiring and firing the experts -- How to get more information from the author? -- Resource directory.
Blueprint for your library marketing plan : a guide to help you survive and thrive
Patricia H. Fisher, Marseille M. Pride ; with assistance from Ellen G. Miller.
Chicago : American Library Association, 2006.
Written by a PR consultant and a library director, this text explains how libraries can use marketing strategies to attract both funding and customers. Step-by-step instructions guide readers through each stage of the marketing process, from initial data gathering and goal setting, through the writing and implementation of a marketing plan, and the evaluation of results. A number of reproducible worksheets are provided at the back of the volume. Annotation #169;2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Trade show and event marketing : plan, promote & profit
Ruth P. Stevens.
[New York] : Thomson, Texere, c2005.
To help marketers maximize the effectiveness of their trade shows, Stevens offers an overview of trade show strategy and specific ideas and examples for implementing that strategy. She explains how to set objectives, select events best suited to particular marketing goals, manage all aspects of a trade show booth, and use the right metrics for measuring success. She also includes ten case histories from a range of companies. Annotation 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

A good marketing plan requires information gathered from many sources both inside and outside the company. Milestones, along with expected target dates, are important to keep on track with planning deadlines. The marketing plan will benefit your the company by:

  • Acting as a road map.
  • Assisting in management control and strategy implementation.
  • Informing new participants in the plan of their roles.
  • Obtaining resources.
  • Stimulating thinking and making better use of resources.
  • Assigning responsibilities and tasks and setting time limits.
  • Being aware of problems, opportunities, and threats.

Give your company its competitive advantage. Get started today on your marketing plan.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff