Investment clubs
Money does grow on trees : using collective economics to prove your parents wrong
GrassRoots Investment Group.
[Tallahassee, Fla.?] GrassRoots Financial Services, c2008.
Everyone dreams of a life of financial security and independence, but most wonder if they can do it, and how. Most of the experts focus on how you, the individual, can invest. However, consider this: there is power in numbers.
Getting started in investment clubs
Marsha Bertrand.
New York : J. Wiley, c2001.
HOW TO PUT THE GOLD INTO YOUR GOLDEN YEARS If you are among the 56 percent of Americans lagging behind in their financial goals for retirement--or a retiree with plenty of years ahead in which your money can grow-an investment club may be the perfect vehicle for you. There are more than 37,000 investment clubs across the United States today, and this number has been steadily increasing over the past decade. This comprehensive guide will show you, step-by-step, how to take control of your financial future by utilizing the benefits, both financial and social, that investment club membership has to offer. Here you will find: Proven strategies for setting up an investment club that will survive changes in membership Advice on how to conduct your club's meetings, monitor its performance, and maintain members' active interest Numerous tips and tricks to help investment club members build and monitor their investment portfolios Methods for finding, researching, and presenting stock recommendations to other club members . . . and much more to help you help your money grow.
The complete idiot's guide to starting an investment club
by Sarah Young Fisher and Susan Shelly.
Indianapolis, IN : Alpha Books, c2000.
Anyone who is a current or potential investor, who enjoys working with people.
Starting and running a profitable investment club : the official guide from the National Association of Investment Clubs
Thomas E. O'Hara and Kenneth S. Janke, Sr.
New York : Times Business, c1996.
Offering advice on joining or starting an investment club, this book also details the NAIC's method for investing in growth stocks--a method so successful that 60% of investment clubs outperform the market. The book includes the unique forms and worksheets the NAIC has developed for selecting, analyzing, and comparing stocks.

Would you like to start investing, but are hesitant to take the first step?  The answer might be to join or start an investment club.

What's in a Name

Money Makers
Small Wonders
Blue Chips & Salsa
Stroke of Luck

(Motley Fool suggests more club and officer names)

Today there are thousands of investment clubs throughout the United States.  Some, like the Beardstown Ladies and More Money Investment Club, are well-known. But most clubs are just groups of people who get together regularly to invest money and learn about investing.

Each club's portfolio reflects the interests and monthly contributions of its members. Often clubs make it possible to begin investing without a big initial, or ongoing, monetary commitment. Individual investments can be $25-$100 per month


Only invest what you can loose

Be careful about forming an investment club with friends

Get all members to agree on legal and operating issues

Have each member responsible for reviewing a different investment source

Invite experts to give presenations at club meetings

BetterInvesting, an independent, non-profit organization supporting investors suggests the attributes of successful clubs are:

  • The partners enjoy each other's company
  • They agree on the same investment philosophy
  • The club has a long-term buy-and-hold, growth-oriented strategy
  • All members attend and participate at every meeting
  • Stocks are never purchased without a complete study

One of best reasons to join an investment club is to take advantage of its educational opportunities. Most successful clubs don't focus on "making lots of money," but rather on contributing to the investment education of their members. What BE-WISE club members learned at their monthly meetings led to a change in their strategy. Now instead of investing in companies they patronize, they invest in several major market sectors.

Whether you start a club or join an existing one, the important thing is to get into a club so you can learn more about investing and get your money working for you.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff