Holding a garage sale

Want to get rid of possessions that you no longer need, make some quick cash and meet new people? Hold a garage sale.

Garage sale by other names

Tag sale
Barn sale
Backyard sale
White elephant sale
Flea market
Attic sale
Yard sale
Loft sale
Stoop sale

When gathering items for your garage sale you will need some boxes to place the goods in and a room for storing the boxes. Some "as-is" items can be more appealing and bring in a higher price with just a little effort. When cleaning or repairing an item weigh the time and cost involved against the selling price.

The garage sale gal's guide to making money off your stuff
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The Garage Sale Gal's Guide to Making Money Off Your Stuffis a handy book chock-full of how tos, what to dos, and pitfalls to avoid in selling (and buying) your stuff. Lynda Hammondgives advice on organizing and profiting from your own garage sales, how to successfully buy from other garage sales, the value of appraisals, and negotiating with pawn shops, estate sales, antiqueand consignmentstores, flea markets, and online sources such as eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy.

The garage sale millionaire : make money in a down economy with hidden finds from estate auctions to garage sales and everything in-between
by Aaron LaPedis ; with Jeffrey D. Kern.
[Atlanta, GA] : Beautiful Media, c2010.
Garage sale America
Bruce Littlefield.
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You can advertise your garage sale through the local newspaper or post signs at busy intersections. Choose words to describe your merchandise. Include landmarks for pinpointing your location.

Signs should be big enough for all to read with address, date and time and arrows pointing in the direction for the bargain hunter to follow. Have a multi-family garage sale and split the cost of advertising with those who participate.

Trying to figure out what price to put on your items is probably the hardest thing to do when having a garage sale. Visit other garage sales or thrift stores. Research how much an item would cost new and sell your items for one third of that price. Be negotiable and be flexible.

Visit your city hall to learn if any laws will affect you holding a garage sale. Some communities regulate the number of sales you can hold a year and require a permit. There may also be restrictions on where you can place signs for advertising your sale.

How you display items can also work to your advantage. Tables displaying items should be sturdy. Check to see if there is enough room for people to move around with out bumping into each other or other displays. Have an outlet available for customers to test lamps and small electrical appliances or have batteries on hand.

Donate what doesn't sell to your favorite charity. Nothing finishes a garage sale more perfectly than a trip to your local charity.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff