Your family reunion

Each year over 200,000 families hold a reunion.  Is it time to consider giving your family the gift of laughs and memories (both old and new)-The [you fill in the name] Family Reunion?

Family reunions let us

Get reacquanted
Celebrate traditions
Observe special events

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Families looking for something different might plan a reunion at sea. 

Staff on cruise ships are used to large groups.  There are activities for all ages and interests. Many cruise ships cater to kids--but teens, adults, and seniors will find plenty to do. Meal planning can be left to the chefs, giving family members time explore new places, work on the family tree, and enjoy being together. 

Fun family reunions

Does a reunion on the sea sound perfect for your family?  The first step is to select the cruise line that best meets your family's needs. 

  • Think about about the desired level of service and the perferred itinerary.
  • Check the cruise line's willingness to book rooms for your family members near each other and the availability of special pricing for large groups.
Family sentence : the search for my Cuban-revolutionary, prison-yard, mythic-hero, deadbeat dad
Jeanine Cornillot.
Boston : Beacon Press, c2009.
Jeanine Cornillot was just two years old when her father, a former Cuban revolutionary turned anti-Castro militant, was sentenced to thirty years in a Florida prison for political bombings. His absence left a single mother to raise four children who kept his incarceration a secret and conjured a mythic father-hero out of his occasional letters. ¬  Jeanineís Irish American mother struggled to support the family in suburban Philadelphia. Summers, she put Jeanine on a plane to Little Havana, where she lived with her Spanish-speaking grandparents and bilingual cousin-a sometimes unreliable translator. It was there in Florida that she met her father face to face, in the prison yards. ¬  As Cornillot travels between these two worlds, a wryly funny and unsentimental narrator emerges. Whether meeting her father for the first time at age six and hoping she looks Cuban enough, imagining herself a girl-revolutionary leading protest marches, dreamily planning her fatherís homecoming after his prison break, or writing to demand an end to his forty-four-day hunger strike after heís recaptured, young Jeanine maintains a hopeful pragmatism that belies her age. ¬  Eventually, a childís mythology is replaced with an adultís reality in a final reckoning with her father, remarkable for the unsparing honesty on both sides. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The rocking chair reader : family gatherings
edited by Helen Kay Polaski.
Avon, MA : Adams Media, c2005.
This heartwarming third volume of The Rocking Chair Reader pays tribute to the nostalgic pull of family gatherings. You'll enjoy such unforgettable stories as: One of the Family-a city girl becomes engaged to a hometown boy and learns she's gained four generations of close-knit relations, Then Three Were Six-to everyone's surprise and delight, a discharged soldier returns to his five siblings just in time for Christmas dinner, 1945, Grandma's Roses-an elderly gardener's prized flowers finally bloom once again, reassuring her worried family members that all is well in her world.
A family affair : how to plan and direct the best family reunion ever
Sandra MacLean Clunies.
Nashville, Tenn. : Rutledge Hill Press, c2003.
Whether you are planning a small annual reunion or a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of hundreds, A Family Affair gives you step-by-step instructions to ... Enlist the help of other family members, Select the best date and location, Establish a budget and identify sources of income, Locate faraway relatives, Organize mailings and responses, Plan meals and activities, and Create special mementos for the participants. A Family Affair gives you all the tools you need to plan the best family reunion ever. Resources include checklists, sample forms, Web sites for topics of special interest, and tips from others who have held successful reunions. Book jacket.
Your family reunion : how to plan it, organize it, and enjoy it
George G. Morgan.
Orem, Utah : Ancestry Pub., c2001.
This book is a guide for organizing a successful and exciting family reunion, from a casual backyard barbecue to a week-long deluxe cruise. No matter whether this is your first family reunion or your tenth, the keys to a successful event are to plan and organize a structure for it, get the people together, and provide opportunities for a variety of memory-making activities. Among the topics covered are getting started with the organization process, determining how to finance the event and work with vendors, deciding where and when to hold it, and creating a simple and effective record keeping system.

A successful reunion planner works with the cruise ship staff to schedule a variety of activities. Your family may enjoy a talent show, display of family memorabilia, or family trivia contest.

With the cruise staff providing assistance, the reunion planner can discover many opportunities for unusual adventures; rock climbing on the ship or port excursions to local attractions.

Whether your family reunion is on the sea, in your family's 'birthplace city', or at a local park, do not miss the opportunity to celebrate your family.  You will reminded over and over why your family is like no other. 

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff