Green tea
Green tea : 50 hot drinks, cool quenchers, and sweet and savory treats
Mary Lou Heiss.
Boston : The Harvard Common Press, c2006.
This gorgeous, four-color gift book showcases just why green tea is so popular in American culture today. With beautiful photos and 50 delicious recipes for hot and cold teas, smoothies and cocktails, and even savory and sweet foods, this is a great gift for anyone who enjoys green tea.
New tastes in green tea : a novel flavor for familiar drinks, dishes, and desserts
Mutsuko Tokunaga ; foreword by Jane Pettigrew ; translated by Yoko Toyozaki and Stuart Atkin.
Tokyo : Kodansha International, c2004.
Recipes for cooking desserts, breads, savory foods, and beverages such as smoothies and latt #233;s, as well as more unconventional uses such as in health and beauty treatments are included.
The new tea book : a guide to black, green, herbal, and chai tea
by Sara Perry ; photographs by Alison Miksch.
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2001.
Tea is hot and getting hotter. In the New Tea Book, no leaf is left unturned. Discover the wide variety of teas that are available and their myriad health benefits, as well as over 50 recipes for cooking with tea: beverages, savories, and delectable sweets. This strikingly photographed volume takes readers on a visual journey exploring the riches of black, green, oolong, and herbal teas, from the fragrant, full-bodied Assam to the spirited and spicy Yunnan. An exciting addition is the completely new Personal Spa section, introducing a host of aromatherapy touches for the home with recipes for tea bath sachets, eye pillows, beauty soaps, and potpourris. Finally, a list of resources gives information on where to find interesting tea blends and equipment, not to mention author Sara Perry's favorite international teahouses. Here's just the right cup o' tea.

A cup of green tea can relax you emotionally and sooth you mentally.  Or enjoy green tea as a seasoning in savory dishes and desserts.

Green Tea tips

Leaves wrapped in gauze make a good deodorizer for the refrigerator.

Used tea leaves wrapped in gauze, placed in a bath emit a rich aroma to soothe body & mind.

Apply soften leaves to feet affected with athlete's foot. It's effective because of the antiseptic quality of tannin

Make pale green dye by adding powdered green tea to water, boiling it to reduce the liquid.

New Tastes in Green Tea by Mutsuko Tokunaga

The Japanese have a long tradition of drinking green tea. Until recently, green tea was never drunk with milk or sugar in Japan. It is now served with milk and known as a Green Tea Latte. It can also be used in milkshakes.

In ancient China, green tea was consumed as a herb to treat illness.  Today some believe that green tea's chemical substances called antioxidants possess healing qualities.  

Most of the green teas available in North America are grown in China, Japan, and Taiwan. Green tea is made by steaming tea leaves. Manufacturers of green teas dry the leaves with hot air after they are picked.  As the green tea leaves are not fermented (oxidized), they retain their green color.  

Brew a cup of green tea, bake a green tea cake, or prepare a green tea gnocchi.  Discover the exciting flavors of one of the world's oldest, and most healthful beverages. 

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff