Egg crafts

Eggs are a popular topic at Eastertime. Many of us will rekindle childhood memories of Easter egg hunts around the backyard. Others will plan an Easter egg hunt for this year.

Egg painting and decorating : 20 enchanting ideas for creating beautiful displays
Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell ; photographs by Heini Schneebeli.
London : Southwater ; [Lanham, MD] : North America distributor, National Book Network, c2007.
Contains 20 fabulous and stylish creative projects using easy skills such as painting, decoupage, dipping, dyeing techniques and simple gilding.
Eggshell mosaics
Gail Dziuba.
New York : Sterling Pub., c2005.
The juxtaposition of colorful, different-sized shapes arranged to form intricate patterns makes mosaics pleasing to the eye. Most often created of ceramic tile, mosaics can be crafted from all kinds of materials-including painted eggshell. Inexpensive and easy to break into pieces, eggshells are the perfect medium for decorating everyday household items and flea market finds. What's more, any project can be personalized to coordinate with the colors of a room or to reflect the personality of a friend or loved one.
Artful eggs : six dozen extraordinary ways to decorate an egg
Terry Taylor.
New York : Lark Books, c2004.
New in PaperWith more than 70 amazingly easy decorating techniques, there's no ""egg"-scuse" for letting an egg go naked again, or waiting until Easter, because here are designs that work all year-round. Not one of the crafting skills is beyond a beginner's grasp: if you can cut, paste, and paint, you can adorn an egg--whether it's the real thing, or one made from plastic, p #226; pier-mach #233; , styrofoam, or even wood. D #233; coupage an egg with paper napkins, and finish it with a clear varnish to re-create the look of fine china. Or try threading specked quail eggs on silk ribbon along the edge of a charming rustic wreath. From subdued elegance to fabulous funk, there is a wide range of styles to suit every taste.
Holiday eggs
written by Georgeanne Brennan ; conceived & produced by Jennifer Barry Design ; photography by Richard G. Jung.
Berkeley, CA : Ten Speed Press, c2002.
  1. Includes index.
  2. "A collection of inspired recipes, gifts, and decorations."--Cover.
Great book of egg decorating
Grazia Buttafuoco & Dede Varetto.
New York : Sterling Pub. Co., c1999.
Make beautifully decorated eggs to flaunt in bowls and in floral centerpieces, as ornaments and package trims, and more! The techniques are described in detail and are the most treasured the world over. Book jacket.
Egg painting & decorating : 305 fantastic & fun patterns for the whole family
Pauline Pierce.
New York : Sterling Pub., c1997.
  1. "A Sterling/Chapelle book."
  2. Includes index.

These events might be organized through churches and communities, for family, and friends. Each is a fun way to bring people, both young and old, together,  Make this year's Easter egg hunt extra fun by using eggs decorated by you or your family.

Throughout the ages people have believed that eggs contain mystical powers. During ancient times eggs symbolized the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire.  For the Druids, an egg was considered sacred and not eaten. In the Christian religion the egg represents rebirth and resurrection.

Different countries hold different customs. The Chinese give eggs to the parents of newborn babies. In Poland and the Ukraine, Easter eggs are elaborately covered in wax in which designs are scratched. They are then dyed with vegetable dyes. Finally, the wax is melted off and a beautiful design is left on the egg.

Carl Faberge was a popular designer of fabulous jewelled eggs. The Faberge eggs began in 1884 with an Easter egg made for the Russian czar. Today you can make your own Faberge-like eggs.

For the rest of us designing eggs can be as easy and fascinating as the art of sugarcraft. To create an egg out of sugar begin by mixing superfine sugar with water. Pour this mixture into mold and let it harden. If you wish to have coloured eggs, add food color to the water before you mix it with the sugar. The color should be made slightly darker than you need because it will dry lighter.

Decorating styrofoam eggs is another easy craft. Purchase styrofoam eggs from your local craft store. Visit a fabric store and purchase ends of all types of ribbons. Add sequins, ribbons, and little pins to design a decoration that covers your styrofoam eggs. Use a longer piece of ribbon, attached with a pin at the top of your styrofoam egg, to hang your eggs.

Whether you want to purchase ready-made eggs, or enjoy a craft project to create your own decorated eggs, egg crafts are fun to do for people of all ages. Groups from a seniors home, or an elementary school class, can entertain themselves for hours creating eggs. And, don't forget these decorated eggs can be easily stored in containers for next year's Easter celebrations.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff