Bird watching
The joy of birding : a beginner's guide
Kate Rowinski.
New York : Skyhorse Publishing, c2011.
More than 50 million birders can't be wrong. No matter where you live, you have the joy of hearing and seeing birds. This easy-to-use, full-color guide will provide you with the answers. Here you'll learn how to identify different bird species byobserving their body-parts, understand birds' behavior and habits, get to know the birds around the home or a vacation spot, attract and make a good home for these new feathered friends, and much more! Designed especially for the homebirdwatcher, but with information on destination vacations, this book teaches, “If you're prepared to see them, they will come!”
Birdwatcher's daily companion : 365 days of advice, insight, and information for enthusiastic birders
Tom Warhol, Marcus H. Schneck.
Beverly, Mass. : Quarry Books, c2010.
Embrace your love of birdwatching, every day of the year! By nature, bird lovers are naturalists and collectors, and you know how easy it is to devote hours upon hours of time-a lifetime, in fact-to your hobby.Birdwatcherrsquo;s Daily Companionis a fun, sophisticated way to be newly inspired, every day of the year. Inside is insight into everything from how to identify look alike species to planting a hummingbird garden, planning birding travel, and so much more. Throughout the birdwatcherrsquo;s year, yoursquo;ll find: Mondays / bird-finding tips and techniques Tuesdays / all about species identification Wednesdays / ideas for birding excursions and travel Thursdays / learn to find and attract birds to your backyard Fridays / birds in history and mythology Saturdays & Sundays / birding projects and activities
Global birding : traveling the world in search of birds
Les Beletsky ; with birding narratives by David L. Pearson.
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c2010.
In six lively chapters organized by continent, each illustrated with 30-40 photographs and artwork and a map, this new book will help you discover "where the birds are": whether in Mexico and southern Europe or in the distant, mythic Galapagos, Korea, and Antarctica. In depth, instructive, but engaging text of 100,000 words is accompanied sidebars, lists of each area's most spectacular birds, and easy-access information about each place, the best time to visit, and what to expect. Spectacular photographs will make this a gorgeous gift book as well as practical reference. Each main chapter will begin with chapter-opener photo spread across one or two pages showing a typical habitat scene filled with birds of the continent addressed in the chapter. Each of the six main chapters will have 10 photos of exotic birding locations, such as the Pantanal region of Brazil, with its blue-violet Hyacinth Macaws; or photos of famous nature lodges that cater to birders, such as O'Reilly's Rainforest Guesthouse, near Brisbane, Australia. The most beautiful and sought-after birds of each region--about 20 per chapter--will be illustrated by some of the best bird photographers in the world. In addition, 8-10 maps will round out the coverage.
The backyard bird lover's ultimate how-to guide : more than 200 easy ideas and projects for attracting and feeding your favorite birds
Sally Roth.
[Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale ; [New York] ; Macmillan, 2010.
A comprehensive A-to-Z handbook for the foods and feeders, plants and projects that will guarantee a bird-friendly backyard One of the joys of spending time in the backyard is observing the birds. This acorns-to-wrens guide helps readers create a backyard thatrsquo;s right for them and right for their local birds. The book targets all skill levels, offering new birders plenty of basics while intriguing longtime birdwatchers with new ideas. Here readers will learn: • which birdhouses are a smart buy and which ones to leave on the shelf • how to choose a birdseed mix to attract colorful songbirds—rather than pesky crows • why easy homemade suet blocks are irresistable to hungry birds in every season • how to offer shelter to species dealing with disappearing natural habitats Along with the ins and outs of feeding, behavior, nesting, and gardening advice, each of the 200-plus entries is sprinkled with super-simple step-by-step projects, bird treat recipes, and planting ideas, along with plenty of fascinating bird lore and Rothrsquo;s own observations on bird behavior.
Audubon pocket backyard birdwatch
Stephen W. Kress.
New York : DK Publishing, c2010, c2007.
Revised and updated, the Audubon Pocket Backyard Birdwatchis a portable, visually rich guide for beginning birdwatchers to use at home or in the field and includes a foldout chart that illustrates over 30 common garden birds. Produced in conjunction with the experts at Audubon, the book is packed with practical and achievable advice, from how to provide water, food, and nesting sites to creating a bird-friendly environment in your yard.
The bird watching answer book : everything you need to know to enjoy birds in your backyard and beyond
Laura Erickson.
North Adams, MA : Storey Pub., c2009.
Birdwatching enthusiasts often turn to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for answers to their most pressing birding questions. Now, the lab's most often asked questions about bird behavior are answered in a concise, friendly volume.

Missouri is a great place for bird watching. Missouri's Department of Conservation reports more than 400 bird species have been recorded in Missouri. That includes 150+ species that regularly nest in Missouri, plus other species that migrate between nesting grounds to the north and wintering grounds to the south and birds that wander from the east and west.

Bird watchers can go out looking for birds or stay home watching the birds that come to their backyards.

Parks, forests, and farmlands all provide the opportunity to view new bird species or to become reacquainted with old favorites. Grab a pair of binoculars, a compass for directions, and a good field guide to help identify bird species. Take along your checklist of birds you have seen and ones you hope to find. A birding trip can be fun, relaxing, and full adventure. Just remember:

  • Don't trespass
  • Observe, do not disburb, the birds
  • Keep the area clean; don't litter
  • Dress for the weather

Capturing birds on canvas

John James Audubon, (1785-1851), was one of the first to study and paint the birds of North America in their natural surroundings.

(More about J.J. Audubon)

(Explore J. J. Audubon's works)

Bird watching can be done without leaving home. A few ways to attract birds to your backyard throughout the year:

  • Buy a bird feeder or make one
  • Fill it with bird food and water
  • Keep the feeder clean
  • Put up a bird house or bird bath
  • Plant trees or bushes that birds like
  • Keep a journal or draw the birds you see

Few creatures are as interesting or beautiful as birds. Their ability to soar amazes us, while their songs remind us of the beauty of nature. Birdwatching provides fun, rewarding experiences for the entire family.

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