A shark named Bruce

On a busy Fourth of July weekend in 1975, the fictional New England resort community of Amity Island experienced a brutal wave of shark attacks. Years later, the harrowing tale of the Amity horror and the three heroes that arose to confront it still thrills audiences.

The men who would be king
Nicole LaPorte.
[Old Saybrook, Conn.] : Tantor, p2010.
Variety reporter Nicole LaPorte reveals the glamorous and gritty truth of what happened when the entertainment empire known as DreamWorks was created.
Telling stories : Norman Rockwell from the collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg
Virginia M. Mecklenburg ; with a contribution by Todd McCarthy.
New York : Abrams ; Washington, D.C. : In association with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, c2010.
Based on the Rockwell collections owned by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, "Telling Stories" is the first book to chart the connections between Rockwell's iconic images of American life and the movies.

Jaws--The movie

Director: Steven Spielberg
Score:  John Williams
Stars:  Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss
Revenues:  Grossed over $70 million in 1975

Jaws gave birth to the summer blockbuster season and scared audiences off the beaches for years afterward its release.

Lucky stiff : a Lucky O'Toole Vegas adventure
Deborah Coonts.
Grand Haven, MI : Brilliance Audio, p2010.
Lucky OíToole ó head of Customer Relations at premier megaresort the Babylon ó thinks itís just another night in Las Vegas. A tractor-trailer has spilled its load of a million honeybees, blocking not only the Strip but the entrance to her hotel. . .The district attorney for Clark County ó apparently the odd man out of a threesome on the twelfth floor ó is hiding in the buff in one of the hotelís laundry rooms. . .And Numbers Neidermeyer ó one of Vegasís less-than-savory oddsmakers ó is throwing some major attitude at Las Vegasís ace private investigator, the beautiful Jeremy Whitlock.The next day, Lucky discovers Ms. Neidermeyer has been tossed into the shark tank at the Mandalay Bay Resort as a snack for the tiger shark. When the police show up at the Babylon with a hastily prepared search warrant, applied for by the district attorney himself, and Jeremy lands in the hot seat, Lucky realizes her previous night was far from routine.Amid the chaos of fight weekend, the Babylonís hiring of an eccentric new French chef, and her madam motherís scheme to auction off a young womanís virginity, Lucky is drawn into a deadly game where no one is what they seem, a game that will end only when she discovers who made fish food out of Numbers Neidermeyer.
The jaws of death : sharks as predator, man as prey
Xavier Maniguet ; translated by David A. Christie.
New York : Skyhorse Pub., c2007.
Biggest of all fish and the best-equipped for hunting, sharks live in every ocean. They are threatened by no natural predator except the killer whale. Built like torpedoes, they possess an extraordinary physiology that includes eight incredibly developed sensory organs and a set of jaws whose extensibility, power, and teeth are unrivaled in the animal kingdom. Their tenacity for staying alive is impressive. Gaffed, shot, harpooned, and ripped open, they are still capable of moving about and tearing apart their victims. And they have existed unchanged for 350 million years.
Shark girl
Kelly Bingham.
Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2007.
Fifteen-year-old Jane Arrowood struggles through a physical loss to the start of acceptance in this absorbing, artful novel which is at once honest and insightful, wrenching and redemptive.
Shark attack
Nu Image presents ; produced by Mandy Branch ; directed by Bob Misiorowski.
[United States] : Trimark Home Video, [2006?]
  1. DVD. Full screen; Dobly stereo.
  2. In English with options English or Spanish subtitles; closed captioned.
  3. Casper Van Dien, Jennifer McShane, Ernie Hudson, Bentley Mitchum, Tony Caprari.
  4. Music, Serge Colbert.
  5. Videodisc release of the 1999 motion picture.
  6. Rated Restricted.
  7. A rash of brutal shark attacks and the mysterious death of his friend in an African fishing village prompts marine biologist Steven McKray to discover the reason.
  8. Container says closed captioned, but the movie is not closed captioned.

Director Steven Spielberg set out to retell this tale, first chronicled by novelist Peter Benchley in the bestseller Jaws.

Though it would go on to become a massive hit and give birth to the Hollywood blockbuster, Jaws was a monster to produce. The production was riddled with problems and tested the young Speilbergís mettle.

Spielberg, seeking to produce an authentic movie, chose to film many of the movieís sequences at sea as opposed to in a studio. While in a studio you can control all filming conditions, but at sea you are at the mercy of nature. This made for an unpredictable and potentially disastrous shoot.

Some of the biggest problems came when the shark was supposed to be on screen. Bruce, as the great white was known to the cast and crew, was a complicated machine prone to breaking down and unpredictable behavior. The salt water did not agree with Bruce and caused problems with his machinery. One time he sank and had to be resurrected by divers.

These breakdowns caused delays during the filmís shooting and irritated the already bickering cast. When Bruce was working properly, the filmmakerís found that he often looked fake. Out of this adversity, though, the great director emerged with a creative masterstroke: donít show the shark.

Spielberg instead relied on the imagination of audiences to fill in the blanks. This "less is more" approach proved highly effective and scared the wits out of summer audiences. Though Bruce appears in the film, it is the movieís first half when he is largely off screen that provides some of the most shocking and effective moments of the movie.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff