Cooking gluten-free

A gluten-free diet is one prescribed treatment for  those with celiac disease. People with celiac disease, an the inherited autoimmune digestive disease, are not able to tolerate the gluten in such grains as wheat, barley, and rye.  

Gluten-free baking
Phil Vickery ; photography by Tara Fisher.
Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books, 2011.

Fabulous recipes for those suffering from celiac disease.

For those on a gluten-restricted diet, baking is usually the most difficult culinary obstacle to overcome. With the innovative recipes in Gluten-Free Baking, it is easy for those with gluten intolerance to once again safely enjoy the delicious pleasures of breads, cakes, cookies and other baked goods.

Phil Vickery explains the basics of a gluten-free diet and analyzes its implications for baking. He provides the essential ingredients of a gluten-free pantry and gives instructions for making a gluten-free flour mix that can be used in recipes throughout the book.

This new book provides 70 easy recipes for delicious baked treats that were specifically designed to be gluten free. There are tasty versions of family favorites and sophisticated delicacies, such as:

  • Pancakes with maple syrup
  • Yorkshire puddings
  • Roasted hazelnut cookies

A full chapter on breads includes everyday breads and muffins as well as specialty and international offerings, including:

  • Buttermilk muffins
  • Breakfast brioche
  • Rosemary and garlic focaccia
  • Indian flatbread

There is also a chapter dedicated to celebration cakes.

The 100 best gluten-free recipes for your vegan kitchen : delicious smoothies, soups, salads, entrées & desserts
Kelly E. Keough.
Berkeley, CA : Ulysses Press, c2011.
DELICIOUSLY ANIMAL-FREE GLUTEN-FREE Being vegan is a culinary challenge, especially when you are avoiding gluten. This book shows how to address both restrictions without sacrificing flavor or adding hours in the kitchen. These mouth-watering recipes draw on the best natural animal and wheat substitutes to create savory and sweet favorites, including: *Banana Walnut Pancakes * Blueberry Cornbread Muffins * Maple-Glazed Oatmeal Scones * Blueberry Protein Smoothie * Lotus Chips with Hummus * Cheddar Cheese Nut Sauce * Pad Thai Salad * Cream of Butternut Squash Soup * Hot Tamale Pie * Chick Coconut Curry * Lentil Loaf * Manicotti in Marinara * Cashew Alfredo Sauce * Polenta Pizza * Lemon Chiffon Pie * Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies * Chocolate Carob Brownies * Red Velvet Cupcakes In addition to 100 tasty treats, you'll find advice on stocking your kitchen with gluten-free vegan basics, tricks for quicker and easier preparation, and tips on how to save money when buying vegan and organic ingredients.
Gluten-free kids : raising happy, healthy children with celiac disease, autism, and other conditions
Danna Korn.
Bethesda, MD : Woodbine House, 2010.
Written by a nationally renowned authority on gluten-free living and the mother of a son with celiac disease, Gluten-Free Kids (formerly titled Kids with Celiac Disease) is newly revised and updated. This second edition is full of practical strategies and reassuring tips to help teach children with celiac disease-as well as those who may need to be gluten-free for other reasons-to adjust to the GF diet, manage behavior, and more. Danna Korn also gives advice to families who need to introduce the diet to a child with autism or Down syndrome, poor impulse control, or sensory issues. The author's expertise, can-do attitude, and focus on good nutrition gives anyone confidence and know-how to maintain the GF diet, especially those who need to be gluten-free for a lifetime. Book jacket.
Easy gluten-free : expert nutrition advice with more than 100 recipes
Tricia Thompson, Marlisa Brown.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2010.
From the ADA-the complete guide to a healthy gluten-free dietHave you or a family member been diagnosed with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity? Worried that "gluten-free" means boring, bland and lacking in nutrition? Worry no more. This book will show you how to bring the benefits of delicious, gluten-free whole grains back into your diet and whip up delicious dishes you'll be proud to share with family and friends• From the foremost authority on nutrition, ADA Easy Gluten-Free arms you with cutting-edge information and easy-to-follow recipes to develop healthy gluten-free meals packed with flavor and variety. Learn about the plethora of gluten-free whole grains: how to select them, cook them, and use them in all your meals and snacks.• Browse more than 130 nutritious and delicious gluten-free recipes for any of your dining needs, from starters and main courses to sides, breads, and desserts• Try simple and tempting dishes such as Sweet Potato Quesadillas , Quinoa with Roasted Garlic and Shrimp, Oatmeal Pear Spice Muffins , and Chocolate Sponge Cake with Chocolate Glaze• Learn the basics of healthy gluten-free nutrition, choosing gluten-free ingredients, reading labels, and much more• Start with four easy weeks of gluten-free meal plans to help you jumpstart and maintain a healthy gluten-free lifestyle• Easy-to-follow information on how to on how to choose and use tasty gluten-free whole grains, from brown rice and oats to millet, teff, and sorghumSo many quick and easy dishes and creative recipes make the book a must for any culinary library.ContentsForewordPreface Part I Eating Gluten FreeChapter One Choosing gluten-free ingredients for your mealsChapter Two Making sure your meals pack a nutritional punch Chapter Three Familiarizing yourself with the gluten-free grains Part II Recipes and Meal PlansChapter Four BreakfastChapter Five BreadsChapter Six &
Free for all cooking : 150 easy gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipes the whole family can enjoy
Jules E. Dowler Shepard.
Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Lifelong, c2010.
Gluten-free cooking expert Shepard offers 125 easy and uncompromisingly delicious recipes that are free of major allergen ingredients, including gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, eggs, and more.
Celebrating holidays gluten-free : an invaluable guide to celebrating holidays gluten-free year-round
by Karen E. Ruckman.
Bloomington, IN : Authorhouse, 2010.
This book is for anyone who wants to live well without gluten. It is amazing how good the recipes are and how easy they are to make. I hope this cookbook inspires you to be creative and to enjoy your holidays living your best, most healthful life.

Celiac disease damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. Known for centuries, celiac disease was first written about in the second century A.D. by Aretaeus of Cappadocia. The Greek word "koiliakos" was used to describe people with celiac disease. 


Gluten is the substance in flour that gives dough both elastic qualities and properties of a thick fluid. Gluten forms and develops when flour is mixed with water and the dough is kneaded. 

(from World Book Encyclopedia)

Food allergies to soy, corn, or other foods are common symptoms of celiac disease. Individuals with gluten sensitivity need to adapt their lifestyle to being gluten-free. A positive outlook and some creative cooking ideas can lead to a life of good health and culinary enjoyment. 

Gluten-free diets can include specialty flours and other products:  When planning a gluten-mean consider using types of rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch flour, or gluten-free pastas.  Almost any food can be adapted to become gluten-free.  So no need to skip desserts or pizza. A smart shopper learns which foods to buy at the local grocery store.

Celiac disease can be managed when gluten-free diets are followed.  Individuals and organizations from around the world provide support, recipes, and information to help celiacs.

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