Year-round flower beauty

Dried flowers can liven up every room in the house. They also are ideal for brightening up a doorway or entranceway.

The first thing to consider when planning a dried-flower arrangement is where it will be paced. If it is to be located in a central room, then it should be fairly large and outstanding. The style of the room a flower arrangement will be decorating needs to be considered.

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Blue:    Cornflower

Brown:  Lotus Seepod

Green:   Fescue grass

Orange:  Maple

Pink:      Peony

Purple:   Heather

Red:      Cockscomb

White:    Baby's breath

Designing with dried flowers means making the most of their colours, shapes, and unique textures.  Taking advantage of the vast number of flowers available making dried flower arrangements.

Preserving flowers : dried & pressed floral designs for every season
Diane Flowers.
New York : Sterling, [2008?].
It all begins with dried blooms and foliage, a container or base form, a few tools, and a beautiful idea: the result is an elegant, long-lasting creation worthy of decorating any room. These projects reveal the possibilities for creating gorgeous pressed designs from a garden of silica-and air-dried flowers and plants. Discover just how simple it can be to amass a supply of dried plant materials using easy techniques for drying and pressing, and how to frame the flowers or embellish them with everything from candles to seashells. The exquisite items include wreaths, ornaments, displays, greeting cards, coasters, photo albums—even a scrapbook page.
Preserved flowers : pressed & dried
Diane Flowers.
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Includes index.
Wreaths and wall flowers : gorgeous decorations with silk and dried flowers
by Ardith Beveridge.
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A book of flower garlands : how to create over 100 beautiful wreaths, circles and swags using florals and natural materials
Fiona Barnett and Terence Moore.
London : Southwater ; Lanham, MD : Distributed by National Book Network, c2003.
Superb step-by-step photographs illustrate the projects, which range from simple wreaths using ready-made rings to flamboyant, dramatic garlands made from flowers and natural materials.
Dried flowers for all seasons : creating the fresh-flower look year-round
Jan and Michael Gertley.
Newtown, Conn. : Taunton, c2001.
Dried Flowers for All Seasons shows how to create dried-flower arrangements with the color, appeal, and just-picked look of fresh flowers. What's unique about this book is that it includes flowers not usually associated with dried arrangements -- including spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils. The book is arranged by season and there are several types of arrangements for each, including wreaths, sprays, and traditional bouquets.
-- Features in-depth information on drying techniques.
-- Includes more than 300 color photos.
-- A glossary lists more than 60 flowers suitable for drying.
-- Step -by-step instructions show how to arrange flowers.
Dried flowerwork : decorative ideas for everlasting arrangements
Kally Ellis and Ercole Moroni.
London : Southwater, 2000.
  1. At head of title on cover : Inspirations.
  2. Includes index.

Traditional dried flower arrangements have stiff petals, rigid stems, and more bolder and geometric shapes. Dried flowers may be used to create blocks of colour that might be impossible to create with fresh flowers.

After deciding on what shape to use for a dried flower arrangement, next is to consider the texture. Dried flowers and plants offer an immense range of different textures. A bouquet of dried roses will look exciting. However, a more dramatic arrangement could be made using exotic flowers from South Africa and Australia, such as banksia (Australian honeysuckle).

Baskets, topiaries, swags, and floral foam shapes are just a few objects that may be used to hold a dried flower arrangement. Garlands are another way to utilize greenery, or flowers, of almost any kind.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff