Selling on eBay

Got something to sell?  Join the millions who use the Internet. 

eBay terminology

Auction - traditional sale format

Fixed-price (Buy it now) - buy items at fixed price

eBay store - Sellers pay month fee to get separate 'rental space'

Reserve price - lowest price a seller will accept for an item

Escrow - Service that holds payment until buyer receives item from seller

eBay, which started on Labor Day in 1995, has quickly grown to be one of the most popular Internet auction sites.  Over 100 million registered users on eBay buy and sell a variety of items, eveything from furniture to automobiles, to computers to concert tickets.

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eBay requires that sellers register by creating an account before they can put items up for bid.  Sellers are also charged a fee for every auction.

Once an item is sold to the highest bidder, the buyer and seller communicate through email to determine payment and shipping options. 

Credit card, debit card, personal check and money order are some of the most common payment options.  Many members prefer to use Paypal, an online payment service that is easy to access and prevents financial fraud.

Tips for Beginner Sellers

  • When listing an item, choose keywords carefully, selecting words that buyers will be most likely to search for
  • Place items in appropriate categories; research to see which categories have the most activity for the items you are selling
  • Provide clear images of your products
  • Give detailed item descriptions for the products, anticipating any questions that buyers might have
  • Clearly state the return policy, including who is responsible for shipping costs if an item is returned
  • Stage auctions for 7 days, ending on a weekend between 6:00-8:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Test the waters with your products using the regular eBay service; if you are successful you might consider opening an eBay store to reach more users.

With these tips in mind, eBay can be a safe, efficient and fun way to do business!

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff