Knitting with beads

In recent years knitting has made a major comeback. It seems everyone is back to knitting.

Bead facts:

Japanese "seed" beads generally have bigger holes than Czech beads of the same size.

The higher the number, the smaller the seed bead. Try #8 for sock / baby / fingering weight wool; try #5 or #6 for DK yarn.

And it not JUST knitting that we see people doing, but a unique method of knitting with beads.

Knit one, bead too : essential techniques for knitting with beads
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 154) and index.
Knitting beaded purses : a complete guide to creating your own : a how-to for beginners
Nancy VanDerPuy.
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Antique beaded purses capture the imagination of artists and crafters today. This book will show how to use patterns and motifs of vintage bags to create replicas of the purses with today's materials in easy step-by-step directions. Seven original patter
Anticraft : knitting, beading, and stitching for the slightly sinister
Renée Rigdon, Zabet Stewart.
Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light Books, c2007.
If you would describe your favorite crafts as "supercute"-no, let us rephrase: If the idea of handcrafting most nauseatingly adorable plush bunny you've ever seen sets your heart atwitter-gently set this book back on the shelf and slowly walk away. We'll understand. Really. If you're still reading, you may be as cynical and fed up with syrupy crafts as we are. (Huzzah!) For you and your likeminded AntiCraftspeople, we have hand-selected twenty-five projects from the most talented crafters you'll never find in the mainstream (whatever that even means). Behold: Creations your goody-goody little sister will roll her eyes at, including snake-motif thigh-highs and a duct-tape corset. Tips and sidebars to celebrate (with as much enthusiasm as any of us can muster) your delightfully dark nature, including suggested mood-enhancers (soundtracks, movies, etc.) for making each and every item. Basic techniques for knitting, crochet and jewelry-making virgins-complete with step-by-step photos to save you from the embarrassment of asking that annoyingly perky coworker for help. Book jacket.
Bead knitted bags : 10 projects for beaders & knitters
Julia S. Pretl.
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10 Small and trendy fashion accessories for both knitters and beaders to make. - complete with a helpful DVD. "Bead Knitted Bags" features the historically rich technique of bead knitting - a method of knitting beads directly into stitches to create a dense but supple tapestry-like fabric, in the style of vintage antique beaded bags. With detailed instruction and sequenced illustrations, the author provides clear, step-by-step guidance, complemented by the 20 video tutorials on the accompanying DVD. Each of the 10 projects contains a materials list, detailed knitting instruction, and color-coded graphs of the entire pattern or a repeating motif. Each project has a unique strap, closure, or edging, and the author provides finishing suggestions and helpful hints throughout the book.
Knit and crochet with beads
Lily M. Chin.
Loveland, Colo. : Interweave Press, c2004.
Handknitting and crochet are taken to a whole new level with the fashion-savvy designs provided in this book. Stitch techniques for knitting and crochet include prestrung and hoisted-atop stitches, single- and double-crochet, and half-double crochet. Each technique is then demonstrated with an exciting range of masterful designs that feature a sparkling array of beads strategically nestled among the stitches. Beaded projects are accompanied by easy, step-by-step instructions and illustrations and include Fair Isle and cabled tunic sweaters, a short-sleeve pullover and vest, felted slippers with a beaded-star pattern, and dazzling jewelry. Also shown are ways to mix techniques and add beaded accents to pockets, collars, scarves, socks, vests, and even pillows. Knitters and crocheters of all skill levels will find inspiring projects and a feast of possibilities for one-of-a-kind garments and accessories.

Knitting is a very relaxing hobby, besides being therapeutic. All you need is a pair of knitting needles, plus some yarn. Try going exotic. Buy an exciting French or Italian eyelash yarn. Add beads and bring life to a handmade scarf.

Beadwork is a very personal process. Projects that you can design need not be too complicated. Decide what you would like to knit, then discover a pattern that incorporates beads.

How do you knit with beads? It requires just as much dedication as any hobby. You begin by making sure you have enough beads to sew. The selection of beads is endless.

We can envision beaded knitting, with hundreds of beads stitched together. For best results be sure none of the knots, or thread, show on the finished work. 

Make fresh and exciting knitted designs highlighted with distinctive beadwork.

Purses and bags knit with small threads, or evening wear that include bead embroidery, can feature a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. Perhaps choose a design for sweaters, scarves, hats, or gloves that are stylish and chic, and can be worn everyday.

(From Knitting with Beads by Jane Davis)

When stringing beads onto yarn, you have several options. You can use a needle that has a large enough eye to thread the yarn, yet is thin enough to pass through the beads. Or, you can use specialty needles. Using a wire needle is another method. It has a collapsible eye and can fit most sizes of beads.

Your knitting gauge is important in bead knitting. The goal is to fill each stitch with a bead color to create the intended design.

For the beginner, use beads with colorful yarns to knit a scarf. Search out a pattern from a book to start off simple. As you gain confidence, there are all sorts of complicated designs you can create.

Knitting with beads will provide you with a relaxing, and fun, hobby.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff