Naming your baby

What to name your baby: family name, name from literature or religion, or a name that has a special meaning? 

Choose the perfect baby name : use numerology to decide on a name that will benefit your child for life
Sonia Ducie.
London : Watkis Publishing, 2011.
What's the right name for baby? It's in the numbers! Sonia Ducie provides concise numerological information to guide parents, showing how to access the hidden energy of any name and expose its true essence. She reveals the importance of First, Middle and Family Names; gives a breakdown of the 100 most popular names; and provides a list of 500 girl and 500 boy names for inspiration.
The Expression Number
Alexander (3), Jake (9), Peter (1), Edwards (2) =
3+9+1+2 = 15; 1+5 = 6. The Expression Number is a 6
This represents the wisdom you've gained in the past (or past lives), and highlights ways in which you can ground this potential; health and lifestyle, career, relationships, and soul
The baby names almanac 2011
Emily Larson.
Naperville, Ill. : Sourcebooks, c2010.
The only book of its kind from the nations #1 baby names publisher. From the publisher of the #1 baby names book in the country comes an all new entry into the category, aimed at parents who want the latest, the most unique, and the most interesting takes on baby names. An affordable, attractive trade paper, this is a quick, easy to use look at what's hot now-the perfect purchase for today's information-addicted parents. Includes: The hottest celebrity star babies; 150 most popular boy/girl names; Hottest names on the rise; Cooling names on the decline; 20,000 names.
The surnames of north west Ireland : concise histories of the major surnames of Gaelic and planter origin
by Brian Mitchell.
Baltimore, MD : Clearfield Co., c2010.
The perfect baby name : a proven plan for choosing a name you'll love
Jeanine Cox .
New York : Sterling, c2010.
Now,The Perfect Baby Nameis even more “perfect” than ever, with more names, phonetic pronunciations, updated information, and a hip new look! This inspired guide shows parents how to zoom in on therightname, thanks to a simple ten-step program devised by Jeanine Cox, co-founder and former publisher of Her unique workbook walks readers through the entire process, and also offers advice on naming a boy vs. a girl, traditions around the world, suggestions for figuring out your style, and more.nbsp; The directory itself now includes 10,000 more names, with meanings; origins; fun, fact-filled sidebars; and tips.

Everyone will have an opinion but before the decision is made consider:

Does the name sound good with the baby's last name

  • Consider longer first names with shorter last names and vice versa
  • First names that end in a vowel may run together if the last name begins with a vowell
  • Say the entire name many times and ask family and friends to say it back to you

Most popular baby names

Boys - Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Jayden, William

Girls - Isabella, Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava

Popular baby names

Decide how unique the name should be

  • Do you want your child to be the fifth child in the classroom with the same name
  • Do you want your child's name to be hard for other children to pronounce or spell
  • Consider the name's nicknames and initials

Do you want the name to reflect ancestry or heritage

  • Use a traditional family name as a middle name
  • Check various meanings and origins

Remember the name you give your child will last a lifetime.  Choose wisely!

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff