St. Louis tastes

Food lovers always find something in St. Louis to savor.  Maybe it is the City’s fresh markets, specialty food shops, inventive new chefs, or local recipes.  Whatever the reason, St. Louis is a city with a rich food personality of its own.


Meats and produce from the farms, orchards, and vineyards that surround St. Louis make their way to the local outdoor markets:

Soulard Market

“Arrive early and walk the market: the strategy my Southside Dutch father used when shopping Soulard Market…The price of lettuce and potatoes was important, but what we savored more than a good buy was the Soulard Market experience.”  (from Pushcarts & Stalls by Suzanne Corbett)


St. Louisans spend many Saturdays discovering the specialty food shops found throughout the City’s neighborhoods.  Each shop is full of new foods, unusual ingredients, preparation tips, or cookbooks that share family recipes handed down for generations.

More about cookbooks

St. Louis restaurants use fresh ingredients to enhance their best recipes
(from The Hill by Eleanor Berra Marfisi)

A good way to sample the variety of St. Louis’ cuisines is to discover its restaurants.  Inventive chefs provide creative menus that blend the best of local cuisines and cultures. 

Some foods just mean St. Louis. Today’s visitors to the City are likely to be served toasted ravioli, pork steaks, local beers, St. Louis style pizza (with provel), salad dresssings, gooey butter cake, concretes, or chocolates from local confectioneries.

St. Louisans’ food choices are as diverse of the City itself.   A blend of culinary traditions and current trends, they offer a true delight for every palate.

St. Louis specialities--Toasted ravioli, tiramisu, and veal
(from The Hill by Eleanor Berra Marfisi)

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff