Moms back to work
The naked mom : motherhood revealed
Brooke Burke.
New York, N.Y., USA : New American Library, 2011.
Celebrity mom and co-host of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" reveals the truths about motherhood with the sincerity that today's smart, sexy and soulful moms need.
Balance is a crock, sleep is for the weak : an indispensable guide to surviving working motherhood
Amy Eschliman and Leigh Oshirak.
New York : Avery, 2010.
Whether you've just found out that you're pregnant, you're on maternity leave, or you're already back in the office and yet another stressed-out working mom, Amy Eschliman and Leigh Oshirak have written the ultimate guide to what to expect when you're expected back at work.
The daddy shift : how stay-at-home dads, breadwinning moms, and shared parenting are transforming the American Family
Jeremy Adam Smith.
Boston, MA : Beacon Press, 2010.
_Jeremy Adam Smith is a most purposeful father, a periodic Stay-at-Home Dad who sees his role as not just a choice that_s best for his family but as a sign of a rapidly changing societal landscape. . . . His new book, The Daddy Shift, is a chronicle of a time that he predicts we will look back upon as the start of perĀ¬manent change._ _Lisa Belkin, New York Times
Just let me lie down : necessary terms for the half-insane working mom
Kristin van Ogtrop.
New York : Little, Brown and Co., 2010.
A charming, hilarious antidote to the chaos of working motherhood, "Just Let Me Lie Down" perfectly captures the joys and frustrations of an entire exhausted demographic (Mary Roach).

Moms are heading back into the work force. Some voluntarily return after being out of the workforce to have children. Others go back to work to help out their families financially.  It is a change the entire family has to adapt to. Before heading back to work, a mother needs to consider:

  • What skills can you bring to a job?
  • What hours do you want to work?
  • What type of place do you want to work at?
  • Do you want to start your own business?
  • How far would could you travel for the job?

Besides answering these questions, moms need to have an updated resume. Be prepared to explain time gaps in employment. Give a brief explanation on why you've been away from the workforce and why you want to re-enter it.

Prepare yourself for interviews.  Remember communication skills are key to success in any job. Written and oral skills are also important to have; demonstrate your strenghs in the interview. Present yourself with confidence.

Co-ordinating your new job with day care, whether you are considering in-home day care, family day care, or a day care center, is often tough for a family. Scheduling after school activities with work, or other family obligations, will make it a strain on your family unless it is well thought out.  Addressing these issues before your first day on the new job lessens stress on the job and at home.
Returning to the workforce can be challenging, but rewarding.

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Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff