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Planning a party with your child is a chance to share some joy and have some fun. Parties for kids can be successful if you plan ahead, prepare for the unexpected and provide age-appropriate activities.

For a good time by all, keep the party:

Simple – a little cake with a few games and some snacks can go a long way.
Small – invite the same number of guests as the age of the birthday child.
Short – an hour or two is a sufficient of amount of time before children can become cranky and tired.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan the party. Involve your child in the decision making process. It can give your child a sense of self-esteem. But it doesn’t mean your child will have the final say in all the decisions. Even a young child can tell you that he admires Elmo.

Avoid most surprises that can pop-up during the party by staying ahead of the game. If you want to hold the party outdoors have a back-up plan in case the forecast was wrong. Also have extra food and favors. Sometimes a sibling of one of the guests will tag along to the party. Recruit relatives and friends to help out. Offer some non-sugary snacks, such as pretzels, fresh veggies and fruit, and accommodate food allergies, such as nuts.

You as a parent know what activities is best for your child. Take into consideration the number and age of the guests and the area where the activities will take place. Be sure to include quiet activities with active ones. Make sure everyone gets a turn. Root for all players and acknowledge them for doing their best. If the kids are having fun, keep going with the activity.

Don’t forget the camera. You can assign one of your helpers to take lots of pictures. These will be treasured memories for years to come.

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Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff