Green salads
Salad as a meal : healthy main-dish salads for every season
Patricia Wells ; photography by Jeff Kauck.
New York : William Morrow, c2011.
Wells, the grande dame of modern French cooking, is back with 150 original recipes for turning nature's best into delicious meals.
350 best salads & dressings
George Geary.
Toronto : R. Rose, 2010.
Easy-to-prepare recipes for great salads and delicious dressings.The recipes from this book will encourage the home cook to never again purchase store-bought salads and dressings -- and to toss out those ancient jars and bottles at the back of the refrigerator.There are more than 200 easy-to-follow recipes for delicious salads and, because every proper salad should be well dressed, more than 150 dressing recipes, too. From delightful starters to main meals unto themselves, there are salads for every season and occasion. They include: Asparagus and bacon salad Brown Derby cobb salad Pesto coleslaw Garlic greens with raspberries Potato radish salad Salad NiçoiseAnd tantalizing dressings, such as: Asian all-purpose dressing Fresh orange French dressing Roasted honey garlic dressing Fat-free zesty herb dressing Tomato basil dressingA comprehensive listing of oils, vinegars, spices and herbs complements the recipes. Everything needed to create the ultimate salad and its dressing is found right here.
Mixt salads : a chef's bold creations
Andrew Swallow with Ann Volkwein.
Berkeley [Calif.] : Ten Speed Press, c2010.
Blending some of the most talked-about issues in contemporary food debates - seasonal/local, modest portions but big flavour, salad-as-meals eating--Andrew Swallow, founder and executive chef at San Francisco's beloved boutique salad joint, shares his creative, flavor-forward salads for the first time. Swallow's training under Tom Colicchio at Grammercy Tavern and at Gary Danko, together with his penchant for seasonality, local goods, and unabashed flavour, uniquely equip him to reinvent the salad category. Swallow starts from scratch and walks readers through salad-building essentials, from tools to pantry ingredients to dressing and plating tips, then presents seasonal information on everything from radicchio to watercress so they can create their own masterpiece. From healthy, super-food packed salads to indulgent affairs that feature premium ingredients like duck confit, crab, and lobster, these center-stage salads lay the groundwork for revolutionizing the way we think of greens
500 salads : the only salad compendium you'll ever need
Susannah Blake.
Portland, Me. : Sellers Pub., c2009.
A full range of salad recipes provide for every taste and appetite. Chapters include classic salads, light salads, warm salads, grain and bean salads, pasta salads, slaws and shredded salads, main course salads, and fruit salads.

After a long winter without fresh local produce, everyone welcomes summer with its fresh greens. Raw salads are an easy way to use greens.  Use your imagination to combine fresh items in new and tasty ways.

Greens come in a wide variety of flavorful textures. We’re not limited to pallid head lettuce from the grocery store as in the past. Spinach, endive, and the leaf lettuces (red, green, Boston, romaine) each have their own unique taste. Handfuls of fresh herbs such as chervil or cilantro add punch to a salad. Make sure that the greens are crisp and fresh with no brown spots.

Go beyond leafy greens to make salads with raw green beans or asparagus. When these vegetables are newly picked in season, they are superb! Try a salad of chopped green peppers, accented with chopped carrot. Or, mix shaved cucumber and scallion for a taste of spring.  

Dairy Dressing

1 cup buttermilk
1 8 oz container sour cream
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 table dijon mustard
1 teaspon fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Mix  all the ingredients in a food processor until smooth.

Add protein for a main meal salad. Hard boiled eggs, beans, or cheeses will provide healthy nutrients for vegetarians. Thin slices of spicy beef or chunks of salmon or chicken make the salad into a hearty meal for meat eaters.  The taste combination of greens and protein is a favorite and so many variants are possible.

Use dressings and spices to bring out flavors of the greens. Whatever dressing you use, its zest should not overwhelm the greens. A classic vinegar and oil dressing is easy to make and it compliments fresh, raw ingredients.

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