Memorable toasts

“Let’s hear it for the leader!” And then your feet get you standing, you move them forward, and finally you rest at the podium facing a huge crowd. They may be friends, family, or colleagues. However, they are now expecting a wonderful toast to get them “in the mood” of the event they are attending.

Wedding toasts made easy : the complete guide
written by Tom Haibeck ; illustrations by Grahame Arnould.
North Vancouver, B.C. : Haibeck Communications Group Inc., c2009.
Nervous about making a wedding toast? Relax. Here's the book Regis Philbin himself used to prepare for his own daughter's wedding. And he liked it so much, he featured it on his show!
How to write wedding speeches & toasts
Barbara Jeffrey and Natasha Reed.
London : Foulsham, c2008.
Making the speech is the thing the best men, grooms and fathers worry most about when planning a wedding. Most people do not have to make a lot of speeches in public, so this is generally new territory- and it's seriously important to get it right. The proper balance has to be struck between being funny, while being aware that not not everyone will appreciate the same comments and jokes that the guys would probably appreciate. Good for all sorts of speaking engagements, this book will be the perfect introductory title for everything needed to direct and sow the right seeds for a personal, successful speech.
Vows & toasts : hundreds of ways to say I do & here's to you!
from the editors at Sellers Publishing, Inc. ; photographs by Carol Ross.
South Portland, ME : Sellers Publishing, Inc., c2007.
Vows #38; Toasts will provide inspiration for the most important words spoken at a wedding ceremony and reception.
Wedding speeches & toasts
Carole Hamilton.
London ; New York : Ryland Peters & Small, c2007.
Diane Warner's complete book of wedding toasts : hundreds of ways to say "congratulations!"
Diane Warner.
Franklin Lakes, N.J. : New Page Books, c2006.
Featuring hundreds of sample toasts anyone responsible for delivering heartwarming words at a wedding can use, this guide offers suggestions inspired by such diversity as an old Eskimo wedding prayer and a beautiful Scottish wedding toast.
Wedding speeches & toasts.
London : Cassell Illustrated, c2006.
  1. First published in the UK in 1994 by Ward Lock as Wedding speeches and toasts; revised and updated.
  2. Includes index.
  3. Planning, writing & practising your speech -- Pre-wedding speeches -- Wedding etiquette & timings -- Wedding speeches -- Readings at weddings -- Jokes & quotes -- Index -- Notes.

Toasts can make or break an evening. Given the right words, you can ease yourself into an entertaining speech. By selecting a topic that all can relate to, you will find the crowd to open to your message.

Whatever you do, try to find funny stories that are in good taste about the person you are toasting.  You might bring some props to use during your toast. For example, a feather duster, a Mardi Gras necklace, or a memorable hat.

Never underestimate your audience. Finding a common bond between your audience helps make your toast appreciated. It could be about the stock market, the entertainment field, or working for the same person.

Three parts to a toast

The verbal part states the reason for the toast.

The agreement of everyone lifting drinks into the air and making a sound, such as "Cheers".

Drinking a drink seals the toast with a little sip or big gulp.

Finding a topic that all will enjoy listening is not always easy. Practice your toast on others who will be attending the same function to see what they think.

Last, but not least, make sure you smile when doing your toast. You are the center of attention for just a few minutes, so enjoy yourself, and hopefully your audience will too!

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff