Pasta flavors
Cooking light pasta tonight! : [150 great dinnertime dishes].
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The geometry of pasta
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Pasta basics : 82 recipes illustrated step by step
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100 best Asian noodle recipes
Bill Jones and Stephen Wong.
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A new culinary horizon that includes a wonderful array of noodle dishes.

Flavored pastas, while used by gourmet cooks, are also a way for the at home cook to easily put an interesting meal on the table. These tasty, colorful pastas can be found at farmer's markets, crafts fairs, specialty stores, the Internet, and even some restaurants.  

Flavored pasta is available in dried form as well as fresh and in a range of shapes and sizes. It can be made using any kind of pasta dough, from egg to egg-free whole wheat.

Flavors include fairly straightforward ones, such as toasted onion or garlic parsley, but also include more complex combinations, like carrot, chives and dill, and move on to challenging combinations that get away from pasta's Italian roots and into today's fusion cuisine. There are Asian combinations, such as ginger, garlic, cilantro, cayenne and leek; Caribbean flavors incorporating fruit; and Southwestern combinations with chili peppers and different varieties of corn.

More pasta flavors

Lemon pepper
Pumpkin spice
Whole wheat

While all these flavors invite experimentation, they can also present a challenge to uncertain cooks who just want to follow a recipe. Most basic cookbooks do not include recipes that take into account an impulse purchase of squid-flavored pasta.  But many suppliers also provide recipes for their products, and recipes can cover a variety of dishes:  entrées, chilled salads, and even dessert

Dark chocolate pasta underlying a sauce made from fresh blackberries or other fruit lightly sautéed in butter with a bit of sugar and a dollop of sherry makes a simple but sublime dessert.

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