Outdoor kitchens

Expand your home’s living space by changing your simple outdoor barbeque station into an outdoor kitchen! Outdoor grilling has always been popular, and now manufacturers are making appliances and cabinetry to better utilize outdoor space and make cooking easier for the outdoor chef. But if a full blown kitchen is too big a project, start small—build it in stages.

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Add a counter with storage next to your barbeque grill and see how handy that is. Suddenly, you’ll be cooking outdoors more often because you waste less time running into the house for supplies. Further expansion could be a fire pit, a new double size grill, or even a pizza oven. Small refrigerators aren’t costly, and when paired with additional inexpensive seating, suddenly—your barbeque area is fully outfitted for cooking and entertaining.

Popular features include:

Grilling island that include large stove with grill and extensive storage

Comfortable, attractive seating for at least 4 people

Fireplace or hearth to provide warmth on a chilly evening

In planning more expensive and long term upgrades, carefully consider outdoor materials that must be tough enough for weather. Stainless steel is sleek and resistant to rust, and widely available for appliance finishes and cabinetry. Handsome concrete countertops, poured in place, are perfect for a tough outdoor environment. Stone for patio floors, counters, and fireplaces seems a natural part of the outdoor scene. Special weather proof techniques are required to maximize preservation of appliances and cabinets but there are many materials that work well outdoors.

Our St. Louis climate provides three seasons for outdoor cooking.  Imagine the possibilities for your outdoor cooking activity!

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff