Telemark skiing in the Canadian Rockies
White planet : a mad dash through modern global ski culture
Leslie Anthony.
Vancouver : Greystone Books, 2011.
A fun and informative look at the global ski revolution from one of its long-time devotees. Writer, adventurer, and ski hound Leslie Anthonyhas spent his life on two planks, racing down hills, searching for the next perfect ride. His own discovery of skiing occurred just as Alaska was becoming the ski world's Next Big Thing. In the late eighties and early nineties, ski enthusiasts, powder snow, and vast tracts of steep terrain came together, captured on film and beamed to audiences around the world. The result was a freeskiing revolution. In White Planet, Anthonytraces an arc through much of skiing's global diaspora over the past thirty years, observing its metamorphoses, its ever-new destinations, and the forces that continue to push the sport in more extreme directions. He's skied volcanoes in Mexico and vertical faces in Alaska, he's raced historic telemark courses in Italy, and he's swum through powder in Japan and avalanches in India, always chasing a new experience, a fresh line, and a bluebird day of skiing with someone who shares the passion. Along the way, he introduces many of the daredevils who have succeeded-and sometimes failed-at spectacular feats, the visionaries who have changed the whole concept of boots and boards and what can be done on them, and the entrepreneurs who are bringing the sport to nontraditional markets such as China, Bulgaria, and India. From the sadistic to the sublime, White Planetis an insightful, humorous, rock 'n' roll adventure that paints a picture of modern global ski culture.
The culture and sport of skiing : from antiquity to World War II
E. John B. Allen.
Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, c2007.
Allen (history, Plymouth State U.) details the history of skiing from its appearance in prehistoric Russian and Norwegian rock carvings and epics to the outbreak of WWII, when the Finns employed the ancient sport to successfully fend-off the Russians. Illustrations are included. Annotation ©2008 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Open your heart with skiing : mastering life through love of the turns
Stephen S. Hultquist.
St. Petersburg, Fla. : DreamTime Pub., c2007.
Whether you are a hesitant beginner or a mogul-loving pro, Open Your Heart with Skiing will help you discover how you can get the most out of skiing, both on and off the slopes. Author Stephen Hultquist packs this book with practical advice to help you with your skills on the mountain, and then he shows you how to bring these mental, emotional, and inspirational techniques to the rest of your life. A certified ski instructor with more than thirty years of experience skiing, as well as a personal coach, Hultquist is the ideal person to show you how to get the most out of Your turns!

Telemark skiing is also called 'free heel skiing' because the bindings only connect the boot to the toe of the ski.

Where's a great place when you get the bug to go telemark skiing? The destination that will deliver a constant winter snow supply is the Canadian Rockies. It is a wonderful experience to do at least once in your lifetime! 

Picture yourself at the top of towering, pristine mountains that are covered with layers of fresh, powdery snow. Just imagine yourself whizzing down mountain slopes after being dropped off by a helicopter. You have just been introduced to heliskiing.

Northern outfitters specialize in transporting telemark skiers by helicopter to specific mountains in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. These outfitters will arrange accommodation, equipment, food, and schedules for excited, eager telemark skiers.

A Telemark turn involves leading the turn with the outside ski while trailing the inside ski. When initiating a turn, the skier edges the outside ski with a flat heel while simultaneously lifting the heel on the inside ski to shift the ski to the back of the Telemark stance.

What is Telemark skiing?

Proper telemark equipment is a must. This is especially true when considering individual safely. Skies, boots, poles, and the appropriate winter clothing to stay warm all enhance the perfect telemark skiing experience in the Canadian Rockies.

To enjoy the invigorating thrill of telemark skiing to the fullest, plan your trip well in advance. To ensure the best weather conditions ask a local telemark outfitter when is the best time of year to go. Remember that even in the Canadian Rocky Mountains snow conditions are not always the same. Day-to-day snowfalls will help create the best telemark skiing experience.

Dream of skiing from the summits of high peaks. Experience the wilderness with ski powder. Become a backcountry skier motivated to enjoy a combination of all these things.

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