Nontraditional interviews

There is more than one standard for a job interview. Potential employers use several types of interviews to determine who is the right person for the job. Be aware of the various types of interviews in case you unexpectedly find yourself going through one.

Hired! : how to use sales techniques to sell yourself on interviews
by Elinor Stutz.
Pompton Plains, NJ : Career Press, c2011.
In today's tough economy, most people are too desperate to get any job, rather than seeking one that will provide the career satisfaction and growth they deserve. Worse, they treat the interview as an opportunity to focus on themselves. InHired!, Elinor Stutz asserts, “The interview is not about you, it's about how well you will solve the company's problems. This is the only way you will get a job you actually enjoy!” Hired!is a must-read if you want to learn how to: Achieve the right mindset for successful interviewing Conduct specific research prior to the interview The leadership skills required for advancing a two-way interview Specific questions you must ask on the interview Strategies for negotiation Steer conversation to learn what the company is seeking. Most importantly, selling strategies designed to get you hired!
Now you've been shortlisted : your step-by-step guide to being successful at interviews and assessment centres
by Denise Taylor.
Petersfield : Harriman House, 2010.
For those who have received a note saying they've been shortlisted for a job opening, this work offers job seekers the advice they need to feel more confident and prepared their forthcoming interview.
Top notch interviews : tips, tricks, and techniques from the first call to getting the job you want
Brian Davis.
Franklin Lakes, NJ : Career Press, c2010.
Few of us have ever experienced anything like the current job market. Millions of jobs have disappeared, and everyone from experienced executives to newly minted college graduates are facing the toughest environment in decades. Which is why top-notch interview skills are more important than ever. Top Notch Interviews teaches job seekers at any level, from all industries and professions, the author’s proven technique to increase interview success. Even if you are the most qualified candidate, have the perfect resume, and possess the perfect background, you may still lose the job if you lack interviewing skills. Top Notch Interviews is organized in easy-to-digest segments that will show you: Tips for confidently answering questions with an easy-to remember method. How to identify the phases of the interview and formulate your responses accordingly. How to avoid common pitfalls that eliminate the majority of candidates. How to navigate through the pursuit phase including thank-you notes, follow-up, negotiations, and acceptance. Dramatically boost your chances of winning your next interview and get the job you want using Top Notch Interviews.

Telephone interviews are becoming more popular as people from distant cities, even countries, are applying for employment. The telephone is one way for the employer to meet the candidate and screen individuals before meeting in person. Your voice takes on a great importance during this type of interview. Keep it positive, energetic and project your voice in a clear manner.

Lunch interviews are another type of interview that does not take place in an office. The interviewer may prefer to meet without distractions from the office, or the company could be testing your social graces if the job requires to meeting with clients. Order a dish from the menu that will not be difficult to manage, and do not follow suit if your host has a cocktail. You will be in a more relaxed atmosphere but remember that you are still on an interview for possible employment.

A letter of thanks

Always send a thank you letter to the interviewer, no matter what type of interview. Be sure to restate your interest and emphasize your qualifications.

Interview Thank-you

Computer screening is a new method when companies can get information before you meet with the hiring person. You sit at a computer terminal answering a series of questions, the same exact questions to all applicants. This method can evaluate your computer skills and score job-related questions. The interviewer will go over your responses and discuss any inconsistencies and response rates with you. Answering the questions in a honest and positive manner should get you through the face-to-face interview.

Group interviews may find you being interviewed with several other applicants. The employer will observe your interpersonal and leadership skills. They are looking at how you interact with others, do you have the ability to summarize important points and keep the group focused on the task. Show the employer you can be a leader in the workplace.

When you find yourself in any type of interview, it should be taken just as seriously as the one-to-one traditional interview.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff