Looking for a method of exercise that will stretch and strengthen your body?  Pilates may be for you.

The Pilates method originated during World War I as a way to rehabilitate bed-ridden patients.  As a nurse, Joseph Pilates drew from his studies of yoga, Zen meditation and ancient Greek and Roman regimens to create an original set of exercises designed to strengthen and balance the body.   The exercises also encouraged increased flexibility, range of motion and joint mobility, and could all be performed from the confines of a hospital bed.

Pilates practice companion
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The Pilates method has come a long way since its invention over 90 years ago.  Pilates has gained popularity nationwide as a strengthening and conditioning exercise program, in sports training, physical rehabilitation and general fitness.  Because Pilates consists of non-strenuous movements, it is also an ideal workout for pregnant women, older adults, and athletes recovering from injury. 

Pilates benefits the body in several ways:

  • Gives more support to the spine, improving posture
  • Leads to better balance and coordination
  • Lessens pain and stiffness due to arthritis
  • Strengthens muscles without causing stress or strain to joints and ligaments
  • Increases lung capacity and circulation

Also, as with any exercise routine, Pilates can lead to weight loss and increased energy levels.  Pilates differs from other routines, however, in that it focuses on controlled breathing and concentration to enhance the mind-body connection. 

"Movements are planned to relieve the heart, lungs and liver of construction caused by modern day living."

(Joseph Pilates)

Pilates Terminology:

Powerhouse: the abdominal area found between the ribcage and hips

Centering Movements: Pilates exercises that work the center of the body, abdominals and back

Theory of Opposition: Moving the body in two different directions increases resistance and engages more muscle groups.

Yogalates: An exercise that fuses yoga and Pilates

Pilates classes can be found at local fitness center or the YMCA.  Qualified instructors can make Pilates fun, safe, and effective.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff