Summer first aid

Summer means time spent outdoors enjoying sports and recreational activities.

Doctor on board : your practical guide to medical emergencies at sea
J. Hauert ; verified by Shelley Johnson.
Dobbs Ferry, NY : Sheridan House Inc., 2010.
  1. Includes index.
  2. First published in Germany in 2008.
The pocket first aid field guide : treatment and prevention of outdoor emergencies
by George E. Dvorchak, Jr.
New York : Skyhorse Pub., c2010.
Practical advice for the on-the-go outdoorsman, this field-friendly guide is essential for anyone interested in first-aid preparation and care. Here is advice useful on a hike or for any fishing trip, including step-by-step instructions on dealing with fractures, suturing wounds, treating eyes and ears, managing allergic reactions, and more. With common sense advice, and in a handy, portable package, this is one little book that no one should be without in a campsite or in their forest hideaway.
First aid : a complete illustrated guide
Buck Tilton ; photographs by Stephen Gorman and Eli Burakian.
Guilford, Conn. : Knack, c2010.
Knack First Aid covers the most common injuries and illnesses, how to recognize them, how to manage them and, when appropriate, how to prevent them. By Buck Tilton, a trusted first responder and first aid expert who is the author of many Falcon Guides and two Knack books, it also covers CPR and other emergencies that require immediate action. It also discusses crises all too often overlooked by other books, such as ones involving mental health. Extensive, step-by-step photography takes the reader further than any such previous first aid guide.
First aid manual
American College of Emergency Physicians ; medical editor-in-chief, Gina M. Piazza.
London ; New York : DK, c2009.
Showing you how to treat someone suffering from over 100 medical conditions and injuries, whether a minor burn or a heart attack, this latest edition of the best-selling American College of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manualgives you the knowledge you need instantly if someone becomes ill or gets hurt.
U.S. Army first aid manual
Department of the Army.
New York : Skyhorse Pub., c2009.
U.S. Army First Aid Manual offers skills and knowledge necessary for many life-threatening situations, with an emphasis on treating oneself and aiding others-of use to soldiers in the field, to outdoorsmen, or to anyone who may find themselves in a dangerous situation without a medical professional on-hand. This is the official manual for treating every type of injury and affliction in the field. Covering a broad range of topics in precise, easy-to-understand language, it emphasizes prompt and effective action in sustaining life and preventing or minimizing further suffering and damage. U.S. Army First Aid Manual is fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in military practice and an essential handbook for anyone who is regularly away from immediate medical care.

It also means being prepared to manage outdoor emergency situations. 

Consider these tips:

Keep gloves with your first aid materials

Identify outdoor injuries and illnesses and take action

  • Be prepared – have First Aid kit and protective gloves available
  • Act calm and with confidence—be aware of your limitations
  • Identify dangers to you and the victim
  • Survey the victim – check for bleeding and breathing or circulation problems
  • Know when and how to contact emergency personnel

Be able to use appropriate first aid

Practice first aid techniques

Learn to tell the difference between

  • Bone fractures and sprains
  • Types of wounds
  • Heat stroke and heat exhaustion
  • Bites and stings
  • Types of burns

Learn CPR, Heimlich, and other first aid techniques

Teach children to be safe around animals

Practice prevention

  • Teach family members to swim
  • Teach safety around tools
  • Learn how to identify poisonous plants and animals
  • Practice safe behavior around unknown pets and animals
  • Drink lots of water, stay out the sun, and use common sense during hot weather

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff