Surnames beginning with Y

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Yaeger, Madelyn M.

Yaeger, Mary Eloise

Yamada, Midori

Yanczer, Margaret A.

Yandell, Richard A.

Yankey, Theresa A.

Yanoschek, Suzanne I.

Yansen, Jessie L.

Yarber, Mary Winzerling

Yarbrough, Dorothy N.

Yarbrough, Ethel Marie

Yates, Billy Joe

Yates, Earnie A. Sr.

Yates, Thomas W.

Yeckl, Mara Lou

Yelton, Pamela Sue

Yemm, Jean Mears

Yglesia, Manuel C.

Yocks, Steven Donald

Yocom, Willa Mae

Yoder, Carolun

Yoder, Dorothy Pauline

Yoder, Elizabeth A. 'Betty' (nee Barnard)

Yoffle, Juanita M.

Yonkman, Mary Kay

Yonovak, Anthony F. III

Yorga, Olga A.

York, Nancy Jane

York, Patricia A.

York, Simone

Yorty, Paul L. III

Young, (Rev.) Valentine

Young, Bert E.

Young, Blenn Evans

Young, Bradley F.

Young, Cassell

Young, Charlotte Y.

Young, Daniel Harold

Young, Delbert

Young, Edna Lorene

Young, Gayle Audrey

Young, Jaymes P. J.

Young, John Wesley

Young, Joy

Young, Julia

Young, Lawrence Jr.

Young, Lee Jr.

Young, Mary Jo

Young, Mary Lou

Young, Mary Miller

Young, Michael W., PhD

Young, Nellie M.

Young, Pearl Ann

Young, Robert W.

Young, Ronna B.

Young, Ruth Etta

Young, Sarah M.

Young, Senora A.

Young, Terry Lee

Younge, (Rep.) Wyvetter

Younger, Bryson R.

Youngerman, Mary

Youngman, Tom Sr.

Younker, (Sister) Roberta

Yount, Lois

Yount, Marjorie L.

Yount, Vera Margaret

Yovandic, Mildred

Yow, Donna K.

Yung, Clara H.

Yung, Mildred A.

Yust, Alvera C.

Yutterman, Stella Josephine