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Surnames beginning with I

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Ianke, Lucee P.

Iannazzo, John P.

Ide, Sandra L.

Ide, Thelma E.

Idell, Janice

Ifland, Helen

Igielnik, Fela

Ihms, Rickie Arthur 'Rick' 11/26 pA

Ijames, Geneva E.

Ikemeier, George W.

Ikemeier, Jan

Ikemeier, Mary T.

Ilich, Olga

Illert, Thomas M.

Illy, Madeline C.

Ilniski, Katherine

Imboden, Betty B.

Imboden, Clinton U. 'Bud' 7/3 pA

Immel, Vincent C.

Impellizzeri, Dolores V.

Impellizzeri, Margie

Inabnit, Edward R.

Inawat, (Dr.) Jaime O.

Ince, Evelyn Juanita

Indelicato, Kimberly Ann 'Boo' 5/27 pA

Indelicato, Maddalena

Ingargiola, Jacqueline G.

Ingles, Mary Ann

Ingoldsby, Berenice

Ingram, Merlin Earl Sr.

Ingram, Ola Emogene

Inman, Aaron P.

Inman, Belva L.

Inman, James Ellis

Inman, Jamie S.

Inserra, Luciano V. 'Louis' 10/7 pA

Inserra, Mabel M.

Intrater, Donald L.

Iouioukina, Elena Pavlovna Petrenko

Iovaldi, Dolores A.

Ippolito, Angela Elizabeth 'Louisa' 2/6 pD

Ireland, Harold E.

Irons, Albert Lee

Irons, Mary M.

Irvine, Bernice

Irwin, Marcus Vincent

Irwin, Marlin Richard 'Dick' 2/19 pD

Irwin, Patricia

Isaac, Barbara G.

Isaak, Mary

Isbell, Clarence A. Jr.

Isenberg, Marion L. 'Lois' (nee Himmelmann)

Isom, Gerald E.

Israel, (STLPD, ret.) William J. 'Izzy' (photo)

Israel, Martha B.

Issacs, Nancy L.

Iten, Henry Clay

Ittner, Marian Sherrill

Ivanowski, Richard H.

Ivery, William S.

Ives, Linda S.

Ives, William Garvey

Ivy, Edsel F. Jr.

Ivy, Richard L.

Izard, Carleton F.

Izenstein, Marlene