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Surnames beginning with Y

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Yackly, Michael E.

Yaeger, Ruth Ann

Yaeger, William H.

Yaggi, Victor 'Gene' 10/1 pB

Yahn, Lillian S.

Yakstis, Mary Louise

Yallaly, George E.

Yallaly, Thomas R.

Yambor, Barbara R.

Yamnitz, Kristen Elizabeth

Yancer, John Peter

Yandell, Raymond Gene

Yankey, Lorraine

Yankey, Ronny G.

Yanni, Mary

Yanousek, Alice Irma

Yansen, Janet M.

Yarbrough, Omah L.

Yates, Alta Grace

Yates, Earl L.

Yates, James Donald

Yates, Jason

Yates, Maydel M.

Yates, Roosevelt

Yates, Susan V.

Yates, Susan V.

Yawberry, Elenor L.

Yawitz, Vivian

Yeager, Elmer H.

Yeager, Nicholas A.

Yearian, Clifford Dale

Yelovich, Edith Lilian

Yelton, Jacqueline Ann

Yelvington, Ruben L.

Yepez, Jane Loddeke

Yerby, Samuel

Yingling, Alice Mae

Yoch, Edwin James

Yochim, Emma Marie

Yokly, Amelia L.

York, Betty Anne

York, Ethel Deloris

York, Helen I.

York, Ione

Yorty, Robert C.

Yost, Kenneth Dale

Younce, Deborah C.

Young, Alina Rose

Young, Ama E.

Young, Charles I.

Young, Charlie G.

Young, Daria

Young, Dean L.

Young, Dolores Marie Hatcher

Young, Donald R.

Young, Dorsie Mae

Young, Emma

Young, Eunice H.

Young, Faye L.

Young, Frank Henry

Young, Genne Ann

Young, Gerald Patrick

Young, Helen

Young, Janet Ellen

Young, Janice F.

Young, Linda Elliff

Young, Lois A. 'Louise' (nee Bobek)

Young, Lottie Irene

Young, Marie E.

Young, Marilyn H.

Young, Mary R.

Young, Maybelle Rose

Young, Mildred R.

Young, Owen L.

Young, Patricia T.

Young, Paul F. 'Skip' 9/16 pB

Young, Paul Glennon

Young, Roland J. 'Bud' 11/29 pA

Young, Ronald W.

Young, Teresa C.

Young, Valerie Ann

Young, Walter C. Jr.

Young, William 'Dan' 3/10 pC

Youngberg, James E.

Youngberg, William F. III

Younge, (Rep.) Wyvetter H.

Younger, Claude E.

Younger, Clyde M.

Younger, Maggie

Youngermann, Sharon Marie

Younglove, Elsie

Youngman, Lula B.

Youngman, Rita Marie

Yount, Alma

Yount, Corrie F. 'Nell' (nee Howell)

Yount, Judith

Yu, Collen Nai Huan

Yung, Norma Gene Elda

Yurco, Carol Ann

Yureck, Kathryn C.