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Surnames beginning with W

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Wachter, Doris

Wacker, Jean M.

Wacker, Kevin

Waddington, Archibald Sr.

Wade, Alana Marie

Wade, Charles W.

Wade, Edwin 'Tate' 3/2 pD

Wade, Elsie H.

Wade, James F. Jr.

Wade, Kevin

Wade, Mark W.

Wade, Willamay

Wadley, Emil Steck

Wadsworth, Charles A.

Wadsworth, Dolores Yvonne

Wafford, Evangeline C.

Wagener, Russell F.

Wagganer, Dorothy B.

Wagner, (Dr.) Janet Maschoff

Wagner, (Sister) Catherine Christina

Wagner, Barbara

Wagner, Carl 'Chip' 9/5 pC

Wagner, Cynthia L.

Wagner, Delbert E.

Wagner, Dorothea

Wagner, Dorothy M.

Wagner, Duane O.

Wagner, Elmer B.

Wagner, Esther M.

Wagner, Evelyn M.

Wagner, Frances V.

Wagner, Frank H. Sr.

Wagner, Fred W.

Wagner, Frederick R.

Wagner, Gerald F. 'Jerry' 6/23 pB

Wagner, Geryl Ann 'Annie' 12/13 pA

Wagner, Goldie

Wagner, June

Wagner, La Verne M.

Wagner, Louise M.

Wagner, Marie E.

Wagner, Michael J.

Wagner, Raymond G.

Wagner, Rosemary

Wagner, Rudolph R.

Wagner, Ruth E.

Wagner, Ruth Elizabeth Bisping

Wagner, Stephanie J.

Wagner, Terry R. 'The G.W.H.' (photo)

Wagner, Theresia

Wagner, Wilma P.

Wagner-Stanton, Louise Margarete

Wagnon, Barbara E.

Wagoner, Robert F.

Wagstaff, Patricia Ann

Wahlig, Gene

Wahlstrom, Edith

Wahoff, Josephine Ann

Waibel, Dolphine 'Dolly' Siebert

Waichel, Leonard A.

Waidman, Lee

Waidmann, John J. Sr.

Waite, Edith G.

Waites, Ruth Jeannine

Waits, O. P.

Waits, Rosemary

Waitsman, Janice Maxine

Wakefield, Ann

Wakeland, James R.

Walas, Danuta Z.

Walcher, Dolores M.

Walczewski, Anna

Waldbuser, Lorraine E.

Walden, Carol 'Jean' (nee Gutridge)

Walden, Joan

Walden, Pauline 'Polly' 12/6 pA

Walden, Pete L.

Waldman, Betty

Waldman, Edith L.

Waldman, Lee

Waldo, Anna M.

Waldo, Marion B.

Waldo, Russell

Waldron, Mary I.

Waldrum, Gladys C.

Walesky, Henry V. 'Hank' 3/28 pC

Walhoff, Josephine Ann

Walkenbach, Bernard F.

Walkenhorst, Clarence W. 'Bill' (photo)

Walker, Aretha A.

Walker, 'Bill' Ivan L.

Walker, Bruce A.

Walker, Consuelo Campbell

Walker, Cordie

Walker, David

Walker, Donald L.

Walker, Douglas

Walker, Edward Lee

Walker, Eleanor Elizabeth

Walker, Everett Thaddeus

Walker, Gladys

Walker, Gloria J.

Walker, Grace B.

Walker, Gracie

Walker, Imari

Walker, Jack J.

Walker, Jacqueline

Walker, Jessie Sr.

Walker, John A. 'Jack' (photo)

Walker, Margaret

Walker, Mary L.

Walker, Michael E.

Walker, Michelle A.

Walker, Orilynn

Walker, Roger

Walker, Ruth E.

Walker, Tammy L.

Walker, Thelma F. 'Sally' (nee Fendler)

Walker, Thomas C.

Walker, Virgil D.

Walker, Virginia Bruce 'Ginny' 12/28 pD

Walker, Wilsie Mae

Walkington, Esther M.

Wall, Charles E.

Wall, Cornelia

Wall, Elizabeth G.

Wall, Irma D.

Wall, Pearl

Wall, Richard L.

Wall, Robert L.

Wall, Virginia

Walla, Donna M.

Wallace, (Prof.) John A. Sr.

Wallace, Alice G.

Wallace, Charles Britt Jr.

Wallace, Dennis L. Jr.

Wallace, Dorothy L.

Wallace, Gary Ray

Wallace, George E.

Wallace, Gerald W. 'Jerry' 4/2 pB

Wallace, Janet F.

Wallace, Nancy J.

Wallace, Pearl J.

Wallace, Susanne

Wallach, Melinda K.

Wallach, Verona M.

Waller, Marie E.

Waller, Paul P. Jr.

Waller, Peggy Joan

Waller, William Dabney Jr.

Wallerstein, Rose

Wallerstein, Ruth Davis

Wallhermfechtel, Dorothy C.

Wallis, (Dr.) Wilber Benson

Wallis, Edgar M.

Wallrath, Joyce

Wallrath, Oldean Mae

Walls, Barbara Jean

Walls, Deanna M.

Walls, Evelyn Dorothy

Walls, Ferdy J.

Walls, James Russell

Walls, Rachelle Lynette

Walsh, (Dr.) James W.

Walsh, (USA, Sgt.) Nicholas R.

Walsh, Ann

Walsh, Bonnie A.

Walsh, Brian T.

Walsh, Catherine

Walsh, Dan R.

Walsh, Edward Joseph

Walsh, John J.

Walsh, Juanita M.

Walsh, Julia M.

Walsh, Marie E.

Walsh, Marie Therese

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Mary Jane

Walsh, Patricia L.

Walsh, Paul J.

Walsh, Phillip K.

Walsh, Rita H.

Walsh, Ruth Marie

Walsh, Thomas R.

Walshauser, Laraine 'Raine' (nee Kelley)

Walshaw, John Stephenson

Walta, Karen L.

Walter, Albert L. Jr.

Walter, Celeste M.

Walter, Delores J.

Walter, Eugene P.

Walter, Marilyn

Walter, Nancy L.

Walters, Bruce

Walters, Gertrude A. 'Trudy' 8/13 pB

Walters, Grace

Walters, Harry A.

Walters, Patricia

Walther, Ellis E.

Walther, Harry L.

Walther, Helen Catherine

Walther, Margaret Clara

Walther, Mary E.

Walton, Robbye Carolyn

Walts, O. P.

Walukonis, Joyce Marilyn

Walz, Andrea L.

Walz, Candice R.

Walz, Joan M.

Walz, Mike

Wambach, Mary Ann

Wamble, William A. II

Wamser, Shirley A.

Wanersten, Richard D.

Wangrow, Margaret 'Peggy' (nee America)

Wania, Edward L.

Wanko, Joseph F.

Wann-Lewis, Exie R.

Wansley, Boone

Wanstreet, Jeanette A.

Wappelhorst, Herbert V.

Warburton, David C.

Ward, Aaron L.

Ward, Betty

Ward, Delia D.

Ward, Elizabeth Louise

Ward, Eugene Sr.

Ward, Eunice Lee

Ward, Harold W.

Ward, Harry Jr. 'Roz' 10/12 pD

Ward, Joseph J.

Ward, Kesae

Ward, Lillie M.

Ward, Perry D.

Ward, Rena Beatrice

Ward, Ron

Ward, Roy Eugene

Ward, Ruby C.

Ward, Susan E.

Ward, Tillie

Wardell, Thelma L.

Ware, De Vante

Ware, Leigh Barbara

Ware, Loree G.

Ware, Theron R.

Warford, Jay Matthew

Warhover, Edward J.

Warhover-Eveld, Marguerite C.

Warmann, Donald W.

Warmann, Janet E.

Warmath, Emma H.

Warnecke, Georgine E.

Warner, Anita H. 'Mickey' (nee Diestelhorst)

Warner, Ann

Warner, Leona B.

Warner, Marjorie J.

Warner, Norma

Warner, Robert D. Sr.

Warnol, Earl Junior

Warren, Andrew J.

Warren, Anna Loretta

Warren, Dorothy L.

Warren, Jeanette A.

Warren, Joseph G. Sr.

Warren, Mary Ellen

Warren, Maxine

Warren, Mildred

Warren, Paul

Warren, Pearl C.

Warren, Stephen B.

Warth, Helen

Warthen, Helen S.

Waser, Herbert John

Wash, James H.


Washington, Booker Jr.

Washington, Clarence

Washington, David Lee

Washington, Dorothy Jean

Washington, Fannie

Washington, Frederick Sr.

Washington, Hilda Mae

Washington, James

Washington, Jordan 'Elroy' 8/24 pC

Washington, Russell Neale

Wasmann, Dorothy

Wasserberg, Louis

Wasson, Jacqueline

Wasylak, Gale

Waterman, Patricia Anne

Waters, Jeffrey 'Alf' 5/8 pB

Waters, Luther

Waters, Ruth M.

Waters, Thelma

Wathen, Jacqueline S.

Watkins, Betty

Watkins, Lewie Albert

Watkins, Nellie C.

Watkins, Terry L.

Watson, (Lt., Hematite FD) Clarence O. II

Watson, Betty Anne

Watson, Brittney D.

Watson, Emery E.

Watson, Eva J.

Watson, Forrest A.

Watson, Gloria T.

Watson, Henry Jr. 'Hank' (photo)

Watson, Irma E.

Watson, J. B. 'Sarge' 3/30 pC

Watson, Louise Rose

Watson, Mary M.

Watson, Regina

Watson, Shevella D.

Watson, Steven D.

Watson, W. D.

Watson, W. Diahan

Watson, William R. 'Bob' 11/9 pD

Watson, William R. II

Watt, Jimmie F.

Watt, Joyce Kirkendall

Watters, Jamie Danielle

Watterson, Johnnie

Wattler, Gloria 'Mama' (nee Burnett)

Wattler, James R.

Watts, Alma K.

Watts, Charlotte B.

Watts, Fern O.

Watts, Loyola

Watts, Meredith A.

Watts, Noritta L.

Watts, Queen

Watts, Shelly

Watzig, Edward E. Jr.

Waugh, Roy H.

Wayant, Harold A.

Waymire, Cora L.

Weaks, Jeanette

Weasler, Yvonne Mary

Weatherly, Eleanor

Weathers, Mary Jude, R.N.

Weaver, (LCpl., USMC) Drew W.

Weaver, Clifton

Weaver, David C. Hagedorn

Weaver, Golda Pauline

Weaver, Jacqueline Ann

Weaver, James C. 'Jay' 7/15 pC

Weaver, JoAnn

Weaver, M. A. 'Penny' (nee Kostecki)

Weaver, Mildred V.

Weaver, Penny

Webb, Analdo E.

Webb, Dorothy

Webb, Edna N.

Webb, Helen M.

Webb, Inez 'Idell' 5/9 pC

Webb, June M.

Webb, Marie H.

Webb, Ronnie Eugene

Webbe, Mary Louise

Webber, John G.

Webbink, Russell H.

Weber, Audrey G.

Weber, Bernice A.

Weber, Bonnie J.

Weber, Charles H.

Weber, Charles R. 'Chuck' 4/8 pC

Weber, Claire N.

Weber, Ed 'Iron Man' 1/2 pB

Weber, Edna May

Weber, Emma L.

Weber, Evelyn Grace

Weber, Florence P.

Weber, Frances L.

Weber, Francis 'Web' 9/28 pC

Weber, Genevieve M.

Weber, Gilbert C. Sr.

Weber, Helen

Weber, Irene E.

Weber, James F.

Weber, Jane M.

Weber, Jill S.

Weber, Kathryn Rinehart

Weber, La Verne M.

Weber, Linda W.

Weber, Lorraine M.

Weber, Lynda M.

Weber, Mary Hunt Evans

Weber, Mary Jane

Weber, Mary Margaret

Weber, Mildred A.

Weber, Nevada

Weber, Oliver E.

Weber, Pearl K. D.

Weber, Sandra Lee

Weber, Vernelle

Weber, Virginia

Weber, William Harry

Webster, Ray

Webster, Robert

Webster, William

Wechling, Clare D.

Wecker, Mary A.

Wecker, Zandra L.

Weckherlin, Audrey I.

Weckherlin, Jerome A.

Wedde, Roy J.

Wedel, Ted J.

Wedemeier, Carol J.

Weder, Robert A.

Wedesky, June M.

Wedge, John T.

Wedle, Wayne J.

Weed, Michele Dee

Weeks, Doris L.

Weeks, Erma E.

Weeks, Fay Dell

Weeks, Wilbert N. Sr.

Weems, Rose

Weerts, Mildred

Weets, Gertrude

Wegener, Mark J.

Wegman, Craig O.

Wegman, Ella May

Wegman, Irene R.

Wegman, Mary Anastasia

Wegman, Ray

Wehlage, Mary Ellen

Wehmeyer, Elaine R.

Wehmueller, Helen Hope

Wehner, Kathryn Rinehart

Wehring, Kevin C.

Wehrle, Elizabeth K.

Wehrle, Fred J.

Wehrle, Lottie A.

Wehrle, Mildred B.

Wehrman, Laverna J.

Wehrman, Roy Earl

Weible, Jim

Weible, Lewis W.

Weicht, Barb

Weicker, Edna Lorene

Weidener, Audrey Mary

Weidinger, Angie

Weidinger, Christina L. 'Chrissy' 10/28 pB

Weidner, James H. 'Wags' 4/29 pC

Weigel, Jacqueline A.

Weigel, Marcella R.

Weigle, Margaret A.

Weigle, Viola Mae

Weihe, Virginia H.

Weik, Alma C.

Weikart, Janet C.

Weiland, Drew K.

Weilbacher, Armin N. Sr.

Weimar, Barbara G. 'Gracie' 7/22 pB

Weimar, Joanne E.

Weinand, Walter L. Jr.

Weinberg, George J.

Weinberg, Harold

Weinberg, Jack J.

Weinberg, Ronald J.

Weinberg, Sylvia

Weinel, Ruth Virginia

Weiner, Elma A.

Weiners, Edward W.

Weingardt, Gay

Weinhardt, Florence A.

Weinhold, Hattie M.

Weinhold, L. Margaret

Weinstein, Sylvia Pollock Lefkowitz

Weinstock, Joyce M.

Weir, Marie E.

Weir, Patricia

Weis, Bernell M.

Weis, Harry L.

Weis, Mark J.

Weisberg, Sophie Sue

Weisbrod, La Vern B.

Weise, Virginia D.

Weisenberger, Joseph J.

Weisman, Audrey

Weiss, Adele M.

Weiss, Belle 'Bella' (nee Barnholtz)

Weiss, Beulah W.

Weiss, Ernest E.

Weiss, Florence Scaufelberger

Weiss, George Allen

Weiss, Helen M.

Weiss, Ilse L.

Weiss, Joanne

Weiss, Kathy

Weiss, Rosalie M. 'Lee' (nee Balsano)

Weiss, Shirley R.

Weiss, Sylvia

Weiss, William Losse

Weissenbach, Wayne M.

Weissenborn, Kathleen A.

Weissman, Jane Loevinger, PhD

Weitkamp, Donald

Wekenborg, June M.

Welborn, Anita M.

Welch, (Rev.) Michael L.

Welch, David

Welch, Delores Ann 'Dee' 9/15 pA

Welch, Hannah

Welch, Jesse

Welch, Julie Brown

Welch, Pattie

Welch, Robert 'Bob' 4/10 pB

Welch, William A.

Welchselbaum, Elizabeth J. 'Crabby' (nee Manson)

Weldon, Ella

Weldon, Mozelle G.

Welkener, Renilda M.

Welker, Marie Regina

Welker, Norval E.

Wellen, Aloysius B.

Weller, Glenn

Welling, Hedwig 'Hattie' 12/25 pB

Wellinghoff, Allen Eugene

Welliver, Edward C.

Wellmaker, Shirley Kay

Wellmeyer, Geraldine E.

Wells, (STLFD, ret) Virgil C.

Wells, Alistia 'Peggy' 2/8 pC

Wells, Annette M.

Wells, Carol

Wells, Delorse

Wells, Gordon H.

Wells, Henry F. Jr.

Wells, James

Wells, Josephine

Wells, June M.

Wells, Kenneth L.

Wells, Laura C.

Wells, Melba Jean

Wells, Mildred 'Jackie' 11/22 pA

Wells, Norman J.

Wells, Rebecca

Wells, Richard E.

Wells, Robert M.

Wells, Samuel I.

Wells, Sean T.

Wells, Verna H.

Wells, Wesley Gene

Welsch, Anne S.

Welsh, Helen Catherine

Welsh, Isabella W.

Welsh, Johanna

Welsh, June K.

Welsh, Vera Cecelia

Welz, Richard Jr. 'Rick' 9/8 pA

Wencewicz, Margaret B.

Wendle, Bernadette Ann

Wendler, Audrey

Wendler, Sandra D.

Wendler, Theresa

Wendling, Ruby D.

Wendt, Margot E.

Wenkel, James K.

Wentworth, Eileen F.

Wentzel, Arthur Frank

Wentzel, Joseph A. Sr.

Wenzel, Galen Albert

Wenzel, Mary Edna

Wenzelburger, Callie 'Betty' (nee Duffey)

Werber, Walter H.

Werges, Deborah L.

Wermeyer, Paula G.

Werner, Ashly

Werner, Joseph La Vere

Werner, June M.

Werner, Mark L.

Werner, Michelle Ann

Werner, Noel L.

Werner, Norman L.

Werner, Rene N.

Werner, Ruth M.

Werner, Shirley R.

Werner, Tammy S.

Werner, Vera W.

Wernie, Leto

Wert, Bonnie Lou

Werth, Loretta M.

Wertheimer, Gerald P.

Wertin, Bernice L.

Wertley, Harriet J.

Weseman, Virginia W.

Wesley, Elsie

Wesley, Paul Otis

Weslick, Frank

Wesolowski, Thomas T.

Wessbecher, Martha W.

Wessel, Eric Edwin

Wessel, Frances C.

Wessel, Hazel M.

Wessel, Margaret M.

Wessel, Naomi

Wessel, Robert George

Wessel, Walter L.

Wesselman, James

Wesselschmidt, Marvin G.

Wessling, Dolores A.

West, Barbara C. 'Bobbie' (nee Huhn)

West, Bernice C.

West, Dollie Mae

West, Fonda Lloyd

West, Helen M.

West, Larry L.

West, Lela Mae

West, Opal Irene

West, Tony

West, Zelmar A.

Westbrook, Rosemary

Westbrook, Thomas Jr.

Westerfeld, Roy W.

Westerfelhaus, Angeline Mary

Westerheide, Robert F.

Westerman, Audrey

Westerman, Bernice M.

Westerman, Jack D.

Westerman, Morgan A.

Westerman, Paula

Westermeyer, Ruth Belle

Western, Hubert

Westfall, Bertha E.

Westfall, Gentry W.

Westfall, Joseph E.

Westfall, Melvin Lewis

Westfall, Michael William

West-Hennon, Laura

Westhoff, Bernard

Westhues, (Msgr.) John Henry

Westlake, Kathleen G.

Westley, Dorothy E.

Westmoreland, Jackie L.

Weston, Riggs

Weston, Russell Eugene

Westphal, Arline A.

Westrich, Virginia E.

Wetherington, James Douglas Jr.

Wetstein, Florence B.

Wetstein, Paul J.

Wetter, Virginia W.

Wetteroth, Florence M.

Wetteroth, Quentin K.

Wettig, Carl Otto

Wetzel, Linda S.

Wetzel, Orville A.

Weusbrod, (Sister) Mary Jo

Weydeck, Glenn A.

Weyen, Henry Lee

Weyerich, (Attn.) Donald J.

Weygandt, Dorothy F.

Weymouth, Floyd L.

Whalen, John P. III

Whalen, Lorene

Whalen, Margaret E.

Whaley, Eleanor

Whaley, Georgia Mae

Whaley, John Henry Jr.

Whaley, Viola

Wharton, William T.

Whealon, Elsie J.

Wheaton, Mary Helen

Wheelehan, Helen

Wheeler, Bob

Wheeler, Gary S.

Wheeler, George Eugene

Wheeler, William E.

Wheeler, Willie Lee

Whelan, Harry B. Jr.

Wheller, H. Eileen

Wheritt, L. Trueman

Whiat, F. Patricia

Whinery, Norman Donn

Whirley, Vera May

Whisnant, Wilma M.

Whitcomb, Marian Louise

White, (Batt. Chief, STLFD) James E.

White, Albert F.

White, Alberta Louise

White, Alfred R.

White, Ann M.

White, Ann W.

White, Arline L.

White, Ben

White, Candice L.

White, Clara

White, Daria

White, Dolores A.

White, Dolores T.

White, Dorothy O.

White, Edith E.

White, Eleanor C.

White, Eleanor May

White, Emma K.

White, Frank D.

White, Gloria Jean

White, Harry

White, Harry J. Jr.

White, Helen J.

White, Herbert I.

White, Inalee 'Pat' (nee Stewart)

White, Jacquelyn

White, James F.

White, James W.

White, Jean K.

White, Jerod Ray

White, Jodie Mae

White, John W.

White, Karen Elaine

White, Katherine M.

White, Lawrence E.

White, Lewis E.

White, Lily D.

White, Loretta P.

White, Louise M.

White, Mary Beth

White, Michael Anthony

White, Minnie P.

White, Nelson Jr.

White, Paula R.

White, Rintha E. 'Pat' 9/10 pB

White, Rita F.

White, Roderick S. D.

White, Rosemarie T.

White, Rosemary A.

White, Sara Louise

White, Sheldon A.

White, Stephen Dennis

White, Thomas William IV

White, Virginia E.

White, Willie

Whitehead, Alexander Neal

Whitehead, Andrea S.

Whitehead, Claude O.

Whitehead, Jackie E.

Whitehead, Joyce M.

Whitehead, Mildred

Whitehead, Myra Jean

Whitehead, Paul E.

Whitehurst, June E.

Whitelaw, George

Whiteley, Anna Mary

Whiteman, Robert D.

Whitener, Tina

Whiteside, Eunice

Whiteside, F. La Verne

Whiteside, Frederica

Whitfield, Kathy

Whitfield, Ronald 'Butch' 6/26 pB

Whitlock, Mildred Marie 'Mickey' (nee Murray)

Whitlock, Ruth V.

Whitman, Grace K.

Whitmore, John D.

Whitmore, Robert D.

Whitney, Donald 'Red' 2/23 pA

Whitney, Mary C.

Whitney, Saraelizabeth V.

Whitsell, James E.

Whitson, Quinton Holmes

Whitt, Dianne

Whitt, Luella

Whittaker, Leta W.

Whittaker, Samuel L.

Whittemore, Dorothy

Whitten, Bernice

Whitten, Virgen M.

Whitten, Virginia I.

Whittington, Mary L.

Whittlemann, Jane

Whitton, Virginia F.

Whitwell, Vesta V.

Whitworth, Carrie

Whitworth, Ralph Samuel

Whitworth, Rosemary D.

Whitworth, Rosemary L.

Whitworth, Thelma Mae

Whorton, Erna M. 'Ernie' 4/10 pB

Wibbenmeyer, Gertrude O.

Wibbenmeyer, Herbert L.

Wibbenmeyer, Norma Gene Elda

Wibbenmeyer, Roger D.

Wibble, Tommie J.

Wichlinski, Vera T.

Wichman, Ernest George 'Bud' (photo)

Wichman, Lois

Wichmann, Angela F.

Wichmann, John W. 'Wick' 6/28 pA

Wick, Orilynn Post 'Lynn' (nee Walker)

Wick, Virginia Leone

Wickenhauser, Joan C.

Wicker, Reta F.

Wickey, Anna K.

Wicks, John W.

Widdicombe, Cynthia

Widel, Mary Margaret

Wideman, Alice Y.

Wideman, Bobby G.

Wideman, Cornelia 'Peggy' (nee Hawkins)

Wideman, Lavona L.

Wideman, Oscar 'Buster' (photo)

Wideman, Pansy D.

Wideman, Tony

Widenhoefer, Eileen

Widman, Linda

Widmann, Marthalee C.

Widmer, Martha Ann

Widmer, Mary C.

Wiebler, Elsie M.

Wieck, Joan G.

Wieczorek, Czeslaws

Wiedemann, Lorraine M.

Wiedle, Mary L.

Wiedman, Jean Louise

Wiegand, Lillian S.

Wiegand, Vera B.

Wiegers, Paula J.

Wiegman, Gerard L. 'Gerry' 11/18 pD

Wiehe, Gladys E.

Wieland, Melba

Wiemers, Irwin

Wiemers, Lucas Andrew

Wien, J. Rogers

Wieneke, Paul Edward

Wiener, Rita H.

Wieners, Edward W.

Wiens, Helen Marie

Wierschem, Dave

Wiersma, John C.

Wieschhaus, Elizabeth A.

Wiese, Donald J.

Wiese, Joseph

Wiese, Lucille 'Tootsie' 7/1 pD

Wiese, Madeline C.

Wiese, Richard L.

Wiese, Shirley S.

Wiesehan, John J. Sr. 'Jack' 9/4 pB

Wiesehan, Theodore L.

Wiesehan, Vera J.

Wieselman, Jerome

Wiesemann, Diana K.

Wiesler, Doris M.

Wiesner, Minnette

Wiest, Viola

Wietecter, Boyd Francis

Wieter, Mary Ann

Wieter, Norbert J.

Wiethop, Marie L.

Wiethop, Theodore J. Jr.

Wiethuchter, Mildred L.

Wigge, Gertrude

Wigger, Ollie

Wiggins, James R.

Wilbert, Adeline

Wilbert, Arthur W.

Wilcox, Dorothy Eileen

Wilcox, Emmett A.

Wilcox, Harry Warren Sr.

Wilcox, Janet Q.

Wild, Dorthia P.

Wild, Gladys C.

Wild, Mary E.

Wilde, Ruth Caroline

Wilderman, (MSgt., USAF, ret.) Harold E.

Wildey, Sharon A.

Wildgrube, Margaret

Wildhaber, Christy T.

Wildman, Sherman R.

Wildschuetz, Omar L.

Wiles, Brendan J.

Wiles, Grace

Wiles, Helen Warth

Wiles, Viola M.

Wiley, Ethel Louise

Wiley, Norma L.

Wilferd, Dixie

Wilford, Isaac Sr. 'Ike' 11/26 pB

Wilford, James Donald

Wilhelm, Florence 'Flossy' 12/16 pD

Wilhelm, John Jr.

Wilhelm, Loretta F.

Wilhite, Mary Bernice

Wilk, Sophia

Wilke, Francis G.

Wilkening, Corinda

Wilkening, Helena N. G.

Wilkerson, Annie R.

Wilkerson, Barbara Ann 'Bobbie' 3/2 pD

Wilkerson, Eddie James

Wilkerson, Ernest L. Jr.

Wilkerson, Paul D. 'Pete' 2/26 pD

Wilkes, Marilyn Ruth

Wilkes, Mary E.

Wilkins, Darla Linn

Wilkins, Frankie

Wilkins, Kenneth A.

Wilkins, Mildred Weerts

Wilkins, Perry L.

Wilkinson, (Dr.) David L.

Wilkinson, George H.

Wilkinson, Lloyd S. 'Bill' 3/3 pC

Wilkinson, Ronald L.

Wilkinson, William E.

Wilkirson, Mary H.

Willand, Ian Thomas

Willard, Amanda Leigh

Willard, Evelyn J.

Willard, Gertrude

Willaredt, Mary Jane

Willbrinck, William 'Bob' 10/23 pC

Willeford, Lloyd E. 'Eb' 5/15 pD

Willen, Francis B. 'Toots' 10/30 pB

Willen, Ralph B.

Willerding, Isabel O'Hanlon

Willers, Linda M.

Willey, R. Kyle

Willey, Randall F.

Willhite, Florine G.

Willhite, Lindell W.

Willhite, Myrtle Adelee

William, Brandon D.

William, Romone Sr.

Williams, (Attn.) Walter Dakin 'Dakin' (photo)

Williams, (Dr.) Byron L. Jr.

Williams, Addie

Williams, Adrian M.

Williams, Albert L. Jr.

Williams, Alden Davis

Williams, Alvera L.

Williams, Amy Jean

Williams, Arthur S.

Williams, Benjamin Jr.

Williams, Beverly Jean

Williams, Bobby Joe Sr.

Williams, Bonnie M.

Williams, Brandon

Williams, Carolyn J.

Williams, Cecelia E.

Williams, Charles A. Sr.

Williams, Charles Dean Sr.

Williams, Charles E.

Williams, Charles George 'Chuck' 11/2 pC

Williams, Charlotte R.

Williams, Christine

Williams, Christine V.

Williams, Clara E.

Williams, Cleodis

Williams, Cornelius

Williams, Courtney D.

Williams, Dalbert

Williams, Dale Wesley

Williams, Darleen Hilda

Williams, David L. Sr.

Williams, Devin X.

Williams, Diane

Williams, Dolly

Williams, Donald E.

Williams, Donald Keith

Williams, Dorothy

Williams, Dorothy

Williams, Dorothy Jane

Williams, Dorothy M.

Williams, Edith Lucille

Williams, Edna B.

Williams, Elbert

Williams, Elizabeth Ann 'Betty' (nee La Barge)

Williams, Eric E.

Williams, Ernestine

Williams, Erwin V.

Williams, Evelyn Alice

Williams, Fina F.

Williams, Floyd A.

Williams, Floyd E.

Williams, Fred P.

Williams, Freddie

Williams, Garry C.

Williams, George G.

Williams, George W. Jr.

Williams, Georgia

Williams, Gladys J.

Williams, Glen 'Red' 5/6 pD

Williams, Gloria A.

Williams, Herbert Jackie

Williams, Hershel P.

Williams, James Sr.

Williams, Janice Marvine

Williams, Jerry B. Sr.

Williams, JoAnn

Williams, Joanna L.

Williams, Joseph Franklin 'Joe F.' 3/3 pC

Williams, Josephine G.

Williams, June

Williams, June

Williams, June

Williams, Kenneth

Williams, Larnzell

Williams, Larry D.

Williams, Laura Ann

Williams, Lee Richard

Williams, Leota 'Granny' 4/23 pB

Williams, Lillian A.

Williams, Lillian Ada

Williams, Lillie B.

Williams, Lillie M.

Williams, Lisa R.

Williams, Lonnie

Williams, Louis B.

Williams, Margaret Ruth 'Mickey' (nee Mc Kinney)

Williams, Margie L.

Williams, Marjorie Page

Williams, Marsha D.

Williams, Martha M.

Williams, Marvin D.

Williams, Mary Ann

Williams, Mary E.

Williams, Mary Susan

Williams, Mary U.

Williams, Mattie

Williams, Milton Thomas Sr.

Williams, Nancy

Williams, Pattie Welch

Williams, Paul J.

Williams, Phillip E.

Williams, Ralph L.

Williams, Rhonda Ann

Williams, Richard G.

Williams, Ricki

Williams, Robert C.

Williams, Roosevelt B.

Williams, Roy H. Sr.

Williams, Roy M.

Williams, Ruth E.

Williams, Scott J.

Williams, Sharon

Williams, Thelma I.

Williams, Thomas Lee Sr.

Williams, Velma E.

Williams, Virginia

Williams, Vivian V.

Williams, Wanda

Williams, Wayland A.

Williams, Wilburn W.

Williams, William L.

Williams, William W.

Williams-Beer, Angie

Williamson, Aileen M.

Williamson, Alan J.

Williamson, Cecile A.

Williamson, Frances

Williamson, Louis W. Jr.

Williamson, Marie

Williamson, Ruby Ivory

Williamson, Wiley E.

Willie, Sherrill Ewing

Williford, Ida Jeanne

Willis, Harley

Willis, Lilyan

Willis, Martha J.

Willman, Arleen A.

Willman, Loren

Willmann, Wilma T.

Willming, Anne C.

Willmirth, George 'Ed' 6/18 pB

Willmirth, Marion Rose 'Dunnie

Willmore, Richard T.

Willner, Richard

Willoughby, Milagrous 'Milo' (nee Muniz)

Willows, William G.

Wills, Doris C.

Wills, Elliot 'Jack' 10/14 pB

Willyard, Deborah D.

Willyerd, Joseph E.

Wilmas, Gerald Frederick Sr.

Wilmering, Louise J.

Wilmering, Star L.

Wilson, Alice L.

Wilson, Ann M.

Wilson, Anna Mae

Wilson, Anna May

Wilson, Ashley N.

Wilson, Barbara J.

Wilson, Brenda Faye

Wilson, Carol M.

Wilson, Caroline M.

Wilson, Charles C.

Wilson, Charles 'Les' 2/28 pB

Wilson, Christopher Sr.

Wilson, Debby A.

Wilson, Desiree

Wilson, Dianne D.

Wilson, Dorothy J.

Wilson, Dorothy Jane

Wilson, Dorothy Jean

Wilson, Dorothy Lee

Wilson, Doyle 'Stretch' 5/1 pB

Wilson, Earl R.

Wilson, Elbert E. Jr.

Wilson, Elfreeda

Wilson, Ethel

Wilson, Gibbie Lynn

Wilson, Giles F.

Wilson, Glen

Wilson, Hazel L.

Wilson, Hilma

Wilson, Jannette Angel

Wilson, Jerome M.

Wilson, Jewel D.

Wilson, John E.

Wilson, Joseph

Wilson, Josephine H.

Wilson, Kathy A.

Wilson, La Juania F.

Wilson, Lillian Mae

Wilson, Margie A.

Wilson, Martha Ann

Wilson, Mary Evelyn

Wilson, Mary R.

Wilson, Mary T.

Wilson, Morris 'Moe' 9/14 pC

Wilson, Nancy J.

Wilson, Omah L.

Wilson, Patricia I.

Wilson, Paul L.

Wilson, Rhonda

Wilson, Robert D.

Wilson, Robert U.

Wilson, Sheila Phyllis

Wilson, Shelby Jean

Wilson, Tara Ann

Wilson, Velda

Wilson, Vincent Sr.

Wilson, Virginia 'Jeanne' (nee Wall)

Wilson, William K. 'Bo' 5/6 pD

Wilson, Willie J.

Wilson, Wilma J.

Wilson-Eklund, Betty J.

Wilson-Garner, Debra Ann

Wiltshire, Robert T.

Wiman, Margaret

Wimbley, Catherine

Winberry, James Lee

Winchester, Opal J.

Winckel, Edith W.

Wind, Lawrence M.

Wind, Raymond P.

Windes, Mary I .

Windhorst, Amelia

Windle, Lillie Jean

Windsor, Dorothy

Windsor, Dorothy Adair

Windsor, Norman R. 'Ted' 1/16 pB

Winford, Altha Fern Hammock

Wingfield, Anne W.

Wingfield, Charles

Wingron, Dorothy Betty

Wingron, Edward Adam Sr.

Winkeleer, Edward Leo

Winkeler, Helen Mary

Winkeler, Marie A.

Winkelmann, Judith M.

Winkelmann, Louis A.

Winkelmann, Robert A. Sr.

Winkle, Betty June

Winkler, Ellen M.

Winkler, Emma Margaret

Winkler, Eugene O.

Winkler, Jeanette

Winkler, John Edward 'Jack' (photo)

Winkler, Marguerite R.

Winkler, Robert C. H.

Winkler, Walter C.

Winn, Ralph A.

Winn, Shirley

Winner, Sol

Winschel, Kathleen

Winschel, Loretta E.

Winschel, Norbert C.

Winscott, Milton G.

Winslow, William D.

Winston, Fannie Norrington Washington

Winston, Gerold R.

Winter, Betty K.

Winter, Dolores L.

Winter, Jeanette E.

Winter, Joseph F.

Winter, Lois E.

Winter, Vernon R.

Winterer, Anna Elizabeth 'Nana' (nee Markus)

Winterer, Genevieve R.

Winterer, Pam

Winterer, Rita Ellen

Winters, Billy Jack

Winters, Marian

Winters, Ruth Mae

Winters, Virginia D.

Winters, William F.

Wintringham, William

Wion, Jesse Lloyd

Wipfler, Charles H.

Wipfler, Edward F.

Wippler, Betty Jane

Wirth, Arthur E.

Wirth, Lee B.

Wirthlin, Edward H. 'Pete' 2/17 pD

Wirtz, Bernice

Wischmeier, Donald B.

Wischmeyer, Anna I.

Wischmeyer, Bob

Wisdom, Barbara Jean

Wisdom, Clara

Wisdom, Jacqueline

Wise, Benita

Wise, Ethel P.

Wise, Jane

Wise, Mildred Lucille

Wise, Nancy

Wiseheart, Herbert E.

Wisely, William

Wiseman, Vincent R.

Wishnask, Ray

Wishnuff, Sheila

Wisnasky, Joseph Lloyd

Wisnasky, Michael J.

Wisnasky, Patrice

Wisnesky, Sylvester L.

Wisnewski, Marie

Wisniewski, Richard H.

Wissbaum, Gregory M.

Wissler, Charmaine M.

Wissmann, Luella F.

Wissner, Ruth M. 'Ricky' (nee Waters)

Witcher, Jewel R.

Witecter, Boyd Francis

Withers, Brian Michael

Withers, James A.

Witherspoon, William

Witkowski, John R.

Witry, Dorothea C.

Witt, Barbara Francis

Witt, Emma L.

Witt, Gary David

Witte, Agnes V.

Witte, Benjamin H. Jr.

Witte, Kathleen C.

Witte, Margarita M.

Witte, Mary C.

Witte, Mary V.

Witte, Wilma A.

Wittels, Malcolm

Wittenbrink, Franciska

Wittenbrink, John H.

Wittenbrink, Marie

Witthaus, Beverly L.

Wittig, Frieda F.

Wittlich, Minnie I.

Wittling, Bonnie J.

Wittman, Armilda

Wittman, Mary A.

Wittmer, Arnold 'AC' 10/5 pE

Wobus, Dorothy

Woda, Shirley Lois

Woehrle, Virginia E.

Woelfle, Albert George

Woerheide, Jeanne W.

Woerther, Marilyn C.

Wohlrab, Clara B.

Wohlschlaeger, Ray W.

Wohlschlaeger, Velma

Wohlstadter, Florence M.

Woijeck, David P.

Wojcik, Frank C. Sr.

Wojcik, Mary Cecelia

Wolcott, Patricia

Wolf, Betty J.

Wolf, Brian

Wolf, Donald Frederick

Wolf, Dorothy F.

Wolf, Edith R.

Wolf, Leonora Mary

Wolf, Norbert

Wolf, Rick

Wolf, Virginia R.

Wolfe, Charles Morgan

Wolfe, Virginia R.

Wolfender, Velma

Wolfert, Margaret

Wolff, Cecelia J.

Wolff, Dorothy

Wolff, Edith L.

Wolff, Ida Mae

Wolff, Ohna E.

Wolff, Ruth

Wolfgang, Larri Lynn

Wolfmeier, Charles P.

Wolfsberger, Dorothy C.

Wolfsberger, Melva M.

Wolfsfeid, Lenore Lee

Wolfslau, George

Wolk, Lytell A.

Wolken, John C.

Wollberg, Paula Westerman

Wollmershauser, James A.

Wolosyk, Eugene 'Gene' 4/19 pA

Woloszyk, Jeanette F.

Wolpers, Ruth E.

Wolter, Dorothy

Wolters, Harold 'Mel' 10/22 pB

Wolters, Roberta Lynn

Wolters, Suzanne Elizabeth

Womack, Brian M.

Womack, Maddie Leola

Womack, Maxine E.

Womack, Reba

Womack, Vera Lorene

Wondolowski, Edmund J. Sr.

Wondra, Rose W.

Wonsewith, Donald L. Sr.

Wonsewitz, Ruby Bessie

Wood, Alvina M.

Wood, Billie F.

Wood, Carol Ann

Wood, Corinne A.

Wood, Dorthea J.

Wood, Elizabeth M.

Wood, Gleen R. 'Shorty' 7/5 pA

Wood, Harlington Jr.

Wood, Harold Lee

Wood, James

Wood, Joyce C.

Wood, Leota L.

Wood, Marjorie A.

Wood, Mary Lou

Wood, Ruth V.

Wood, Thomas A.

Wood, William Paul Jr.

Woodall, Bobby C.

Woodall, Wanda J.

Woodard, Barbara

Woodard, Wayman

Wooden, Garrett J.

Woodfin, Floyd 'Woody' 7/25 pC

Woodin, David A.

Woodress, Jim

Woodring, Marilyn R.

Woodruff, Louise

Woodruff, Martha 'Marty' (nee Grounds)

Woodruff, Virginia

Woods, Alden Farrar

Woods, Billie

Woods, Branden M.

Woods, Donald C.

Woods, Edna Josephine

Woods, Gaylon

Woods, John Riner

Woods, Katherine E.

Woods, Norbert E. 'Woody' 8/9 pA

Woods, Pauline C.

Woods, Ray Andrew Sr.

Woods, Thelma M.

Woods, Tookie Brian

Woodside, Viola Ola

Woodson, Glen A.

Woodson, Roland J. Jr. 'Bud' 11/28 pC

Woodsworth, Walter William 'Woody' 10/13 pA

Woodward, Elois

Woodward, Fae

Woodward, Vivian M.

Woodworth, David H. Jr. 'Woody' 9/14 pC

Woody, Charles F. Jr.

Woolard, Bill D.

Woolard, Callie L.

Wooldridge, Alvin E.

Wooldridge, Charlotte R.

Wooldridge, Lydia C.

Wooldridge-Sitze, Marion F.

Woolen, Virginia B. 'Sis' (nee Schilling)

Woolf, Mary Jane

Woollard, Douglas D. III

Woolsey, Isola Maude

Woolsey, James W.

Woolsey, Marguerite

Woolsey, Marian F.

Woolsey, William

Woolverton, Robert

Wooten, Don

Wooten, Gil Bernard

Wooten, Jimmy E.

Workes, Patricia

Workman, Frankie

Workman, Margaret E. 'Boots' 2/21 pB

Workman, Marilyn Sue

Worley, Kathryn R.

Worley, Nellie M.

Worley, Nettie E.

Worley, Tad

Wormser, Frieda

Worstell, Vivian

Worstenholm, Shirley Mae

Worthy, Pauline

Wortmann, William M.

Wosmansky, Elizabeth Ann

Wosmansky, Florence M.

Wotawa, Margaret L.

Wozniak, (STLFD) Irvin J.

Wozniak, Lorraine H.

Wozniak, Marjory Olive

Wozniak, Walter M. Jr.

Wrape, George Heil Sr.

Wray, Ann Elizabeth

Wray, Florence

Wren, Travis A.

Wrice, Thelma Waters

Wright, (Rev.) Blanche Marie

Wright, Amanda Lee 'Stretch' (photo)

Wright, Barbara W.

Wright, Beatrice M.

Wright, Becky

Wright, Bertha L.

Wright, Betty Cocke

Wright, Betty L.

Wright, Clair G.

Wright, David Orville

Wright, Donna Sue

Wright, Dorothy E.

Wright, Elizabeth 'Betty' 5/8 pB

Wright, Ella Mae

Wright, Eunice M.

Wright, Eva Romae

Wright, Freda Sharon

Wright, Harold S.

Wright, Judy

Wright, Lois L.

Wright, Margaret

Wright, Mary Ellen

Wright, Matthew

Wright, Mattie

Wright, Muriel G.

Wright, Nancy L.

Wright, Pearlie Mae

Wright, Reese M.

Wright, Robert A.

Wright, Sharon M.

Wright, William Douglas

Wrigley, Donald E.

Wrkick, Frances

Wroble, Evelyn

Wrozier, Catherine Dell

Wubker, Aldine J. 'Jane' (nee Elder)

Wuellner, Victor F.

Wuennenberg, Catherine T.

Wuest, Inez Anna

Wulf, Anthony T.

Wulf, Virginia 'Curly' 2/19 pB

Wulff, Ruth L.

Wunder, Edna A.

Wunderle, Lula B.

Wunderlich, Forrest Dale

Wunderlich, James R.

Wunderlich, Kenneth M.

Wurl, Joyce M.

Wurmb, Dorothy F.

Wurth, Florence

Wurtz, Amber Renee

Wurtz, Denise M.

Wwebb, Betty Jane

Wyatt, Anita Faye

Wyatt, Bea

Wyatt, Bonnie Lou

Wyatt, Electa J. 'Sally' 3/27 pD

Wyatt, Harry

Wyatt, Jerry Allen

Wyatt, Lana B.

Wyatt, Mary Jane

Wyatt, Thomas L.

Wyhs, Francis 'Mike' 4/11 pC

Wylde, Mary Rose

Wynne, Brian D.

Wynne, Elnora S.

Wynne, Emily Sue