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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabonce, Soledad V.

Cabone, Josephine M.

Cabrilliac, Francis E. III 'Frank' 2/10 pB

Cacioppo, Maya Elise

Cadenbach, edna

Cadwell, Cecilia V.

Cadwell, Robert H.

Cady, James R.

Cady, Muriel C.

Cafazza, Clara

Caffery, Gloria L.

Caffray, Elizabeth

Cagle, Glenn 'Perry' 8/26 pA

Cahalin, Leona M.

Cahill, Augustine 'Chris' (nee Manguso)

Cahill, Catherine

Cahill, Jack Francis Sr.

Cahill, Marvin G. Sr.

Cain, Amy Louise

Cain, Lawrence J. Sr. 'Larry' 5/9 pB

Cain, Lynda J.

Cain, Shirley Mae

Cairns, David Ray

Caito, Thomas J. 'Red' (photo)

Cajili, Antonio T.

Calacci, Dominic J.

Calahan, Mary Margaret

Calame, Brenda A.

Calame, Wesley

Calandra, (Prof., emeritus) Alexander

Calcaterra, Linda J.

Calcaterra, Louis C.

Calcaterra, Mary C.

Calcaterra, Timothy J.

Calderon, Kari Lee

Calderon, Mary Nell Fry

Caldieraro, Leno

Caldwell, Donald L.

Caldwell, Eugene M.

Caldwell, Fern M.

Caldwell, Jeannine E.

Caldwell, Joseph A.

Caldwell, Louise G.

Caldwell, Lucy J.

Caldwell, Norma

Caldwell, Phyllis A.

Caldwell, Ray G. 'Bud' 3/30 pB

Cale, (Dr.) James

Calhoun, Mildred L.

Calhoun, Travis W.

Calicotte, Daniel James

Calk, Earl Evans

Calkins, Dorothy

Callahan, E. Jane Higgins

Callahan, Florence

Callahan, Joda-Kay

Callahan, Mary Ann

Callanan, La Verne Rita

Callanan, Thomas Joseph Jr.

Callanan, Tom 'T.C.' 5/16 pB

Callaway, Anita Catherine

Callender, Dana L.

Calmese, James Louis

Calson-Smith, Judith I.

Calvert, Bernice I.

Calvert, George

Calvert, Milton A.

Cambron, Lula J.

Camden, June Colleen

Camden, Robert F. Jr.

Camene, Leander P. 'Lee' #1/7 pA

Camerer, George W.

Cameron, Delwin Shane

Cameron, Pauline

Cameron-Voerster, Doris Marie

Caminiti, John R.

Cammack, Bayard A.

Camp, Daisy M.

Camp, Michael Francis

Campagna, Josephine

Campbell, Almeda

Campbell, Barbara Vivian

Campbell, Betty Louise

Campbell, Charla B. 'Charlie' (nee Kirchhoff)

Campbell, Edward L. Sr.

Campbell, Esther C.

Campbell, Gary Don

Campbell, Helen M.

Campbell, Judith Ann

Campbell, Kenneth W.

Campbell, Larry J.

Campbell, Lavonne Hodge

Campbell, Marie

Campbell, Mary C.

Campbell, Mary Lou

Campbell, MaryAnn

Campbell, Mildred L.

Campbell, Tom

Campbell, Vivian

Campion, Hazelle

Campise, Christopher

Campise, Grace

Campise, Karon Ann

Campise, La Verne Marie

Canada, Kathleen

Canada, Mary Bell

Canady, Rosie

Canania, Charles M. 'Bubba' 7/14 pC

Canavan, Jeanne

Caneer, Jessie Fern

Canella, Florence M.

Cange, Judith C.

Cannell, Curtis Sloan

Canning, Beatrice Mae

Cannon, John A.

Cannon, Joyce G.

Cannon, Michael L. Jr.

Cannon, Patricia L.

Cannon, Ronald

Cannon, Stella Alma

Canter, George W.

Canterbury, Saundra L.

Cantey, Carroll Taussig

Cantillon, Norien M.

Cantrall, Nathan

Cantrell, Charles E.

Cantrell, Sara Ann

Capizzi, Gladys D.

Capizzi, William J.

Caplin, Ruth

Capobianco, Robert L. 'Cap' (photo)

Cappello, Nancy V.

Capper, Lena Irene

Capps, Daisy L.

Capps, Roger D.

Capps, Thomas Alva

Cappucci, Ingino

Carafiol, Mary Coulter

Caravello, Phyllis R.

Carbaugh, Dorothy C.

Carbonatto, Nancy S.

Carbone, Josephine M.

Carel, Donna F.

Carey, Carl Sr.

Carey, Catherine F.

Caringer, Eugenia E. 'Jean' (nee Weber)

Caritoni, Theresa R.

Carlein, Louise Emma

Carlisle, Christopher M.

Carls, Garry Lee

Carlson, Arthur E., PhD

Carlson, Edith F.

Carlson, Lorraine

Carlson, Pennie 'Lynn' (nee Wiese)

Carlson-Smith, Judith I.

Carlton, Jeff D.

Carlton, Mabel Blancett

Carlton, Muriel C.

Carlyle, Michael

Carmichael, Barbara J.

Carmichael, Ruby V.

Carmody, Mary J.

Carmon, Wyman F.

Carnaghi, Charlotte Doris

Carnahan, Robert

Carnell-Taylor, Myrtle B.

Carnes, Anthony

Caro, Lillian

Carollo, Paul F.

Caron, Ruth

Carosello, Antonio

Carosello, Carmen

Carouthers, Middleton

Carpenter, Alice G.

Carpenter, David H. F.

Carpenter, Helen O.

Carpenter, Jeanne L.

Carpenter, Jerry E.

Carpenter, Joe M.

Carpenter, Lorena E.

Carpenter, Mildred

Carpenter, Verdie C.

Carpenter-Isert, Virginia R.

Carper, Rodger D.

Carpunky, Leene M.

Carr, Audrey 'Sam' 9/2 pA

Carr, BlancheE.

Carr, Charles H. Jr.

Carr, Charlotte M.

Carr, Darla D.

Carr, Frances E.

Carr, Gary L.

Carr, John

Carr, John Joseph Jr.

Carr, Joseph C.

Carr, Leona M.

Carr, Maisie

Carr, Margie Kathleen

Carr, Robert W.

Carr, Russell M.

Carrabino, Mary C.

Carraway, Stephanie M.

Carrera, (Dr.) Mario L.

Carrico, Barbara J.

Carrico, Harold S.

Carriere, Verna C.

Carril, Julie K.

Carrillo, Michael B.

Carrol, Alice E.

Carroll, Arland D.

Carroll, Cindy R.

Carroll, Joe N.

Carroll, John J.

Carroll, Lotal 'Rex' (photo)

Carroll, Mary E.

Carroll, Mary Jane

Carroll, Nancy Diane

Carroll, Patricia Ann

Carroll, Terrence R.

Carrow, Marcella M.

Carrow, Margaret A.

Carrow, Mark L.

Carson, Shirley Ann

Carter, Ben S.

Carter, Blanchie Lee

Carter, Delia Leia Iliff

Carter, Gladys H.

Carter, Ida Ann

Carter, Kathryn M.

Carter, Luella A.

Carter, Margaret Marie

Carter, Richard

Carter, Robert F.

Carter, Robert 'R.B.' 10/13 pC

Carter, Robert Roy 'Bob' 9/30 pA

Carter, Ruthie Joyce

Cartier, Lucille Anne

Carton, Edward Harrison

Cartson, Patricia G.

Carty, Douglas R.

Caruana, Philip P. Sr. 'Deacon Phil' 1/18 pB

Caruso, Baldasere Jr. 'Bud' 7/27 pD

Carver, Betty L.

Carver, Lorene

Carvey, Elvin J.

Cary, Louvenia Jean

Casackkar, Connie M.

Casagrand-Mc Manus, Heidi L.

Casby, Paul E.

Case, Alice K.

Casella, Saveria

Casenza, Mamie C.

Casey, (Rev.) Thomas James

Casey, Clover M.

Casey, John A.

Casey, Patricia

Casey, Raymond L.

Casey, Thelma 'Jean' 7/5 pB

Casey, William J.

Cash, Jimmy L.

Cash, Mary L.

Cash, Ruth

Cashel, Dolores Jeanne

Cashion, Daniel A.

Cashion, Robert L.

Cash-Jennings, Pamela

Casillas, Mary D.

Caskanett, Elizabeth Mary

Casleton, Betty J.

Cason, Fairy J.

Caspari, Luvena M.

Casper, Dorothy M.

Casper, Paul J. 'Jim' (photo)

Cass, Hildegard E.

Cassani, Josephine

Cassani, Patricia A.

Cassidy, Marjorie L.

Cassidy, Robert M.

Casson, Anna J.

Cassorla, Mark

Casteel, JoAnn

Casteel, Loretta A.

Castegnaro, Jerry

Castellano, Dorothy

Castelli, Terry L.

Castello, Norma M.

Castiglioni, Christopher

Castiglioni, Mary A.

Castiller, Mary Lou

Castillon, Kenneth R.

Castle, George

Castle, Renate L.

Caston, Jeanne Mc Caughey

Castro, Marjorie C. 'Margie' 12/13 pC

Castulik, Helen Ann

Castulik, Janice Kennedy

Catalano, Angela J.

Catalano, Antonina

Catalano, Clara B.

Catanzaro, Anna Marie

Cater, Dorothy P.

Cater, Mary Kay

Cates, Amanda Kay

Cates, Margot J.

Cates, Martha E.

Cates, Rachael A.

Cathcart, Robert L.

Cather, Elizabeth

Cathers, Ruth C.

Cathey, Charles C. 'Chuck' 7/20 pD

Cathey, Dorothy Marie

Cattani, Morris

Caudle, Ann Marie

Caudle, Carolyn 'Sue' 10/8 pD

Caudle, Edith M.

Caudry, Mildred Mae

Cauley, Robert

Caulfield, Anna May 'Annie' (nee Kibler)

Caulk, Mary Lucille

Caulk, Melva K.

Causey, Inez

Cavallaro, Marie R.

Cavanagh, Geraldine T.

Cavanaugh, Cassie I.

Cavanaugh, Donald H.

Cavanaugh, Sylvia A.

Cavatairo, Becky Ann

Cavender, Julia F.

Cavin, Norma K.

Cavins, Minnie L.

Cawein, Arlene H.

Cawthon, Billy D.

Cayton, Elizabeth N.

Cazares, Liborio 'Lee' 10/25 pD

Cazaux, Dorothy

Cazzell, William C. Jr.

Cecil, (CMSgt.) Billy

Cedergreen, Brandon Jon

Celis, Angelina

Ceppenati, Rosalie A.

Cergnul, Virginia Irene

Cernich, Dolores M.

Certo, Rosemary

Cescutti, Margaret Sue 'Margie' (nee Pallett)

Chadwick, Lloyd M.

Chaffin, Betty W.

Chaklos, Barry

Chalcraft, Fern H.

Chalfant, Mary Lucille

Chall, Vernell L. 'Tootsie' (nee Ketchelmeier)

Chaloupecky, Lillian

Chamberlain, Florence E.

Chamberlin, Harriet

Chambers, (Off., Cahokia PD) Jeremy

Chambers, Anna E.

Chambers, Bennie E.

Chambers, Bertha M.

Chambers, Brendan Michael

Chambers, Herbert C. Sr.

Chambers, Katherine

Chambers, Mary K.

Chambers, Otto William

Chamblin, Kathleen D.

Chambliss, Leonard D.

Chamness, Mary K.

Champ, Lena

Champion, Mary Elizabeth

Champion, Wesley L.

Champlin, Jeff L.

Champlin, Marvin A.

Chance, William G.

Chancellor, Doris

Chancellor, Victoria Elizabeth

Chandler, Emma Mary

Chandler, Gerald 'Ed' 1/23 pB

Chandler, Thomas T.

Chaney, Harry

Chaney, Herriet R.

Chaney, Velma Louise

Chanitz, Nancy Marie

Chansley, Grady M.

Chaperlo, Louis A.

Chapman, Anne C.

Chapman, Avis J.

Chapman, Diana L.

Chapman, Doris

Chapman, Elmer F. Jr.

Chapman, Gary L.

Chapman, Laverne

Chapman, Mary C.

Chapman, Rose Marie

Chapman, Thomas 'Ben' 1/7 pA

Chappee, Annette A.

Chappell, Dale Lowe

Chappell, Golda

Chappell, Myra O.

Chappius, Marie C.

Chappius, Rose Mae

Chappuis, Gilbert V.

Charleston, Kim Denise

Charleville, Betsy F.

Charleville, David E.

Charlton, Alvin G. 'Rooster' 4/27 pD

Charlton, Arthella Marie

Charnas, (Dr.) Raymond M.

Charpentier, T. John

Charpiot, Barbara Ann

Chartier, Mary D.

Chartrand, Orvis E. 'O.E.' 10/25 pD

Chase, Lois

Chase, Mary Jane

Chase-Knop, Dorothy L.

Chatman, Chester

Chave, Laura Lee

Chaves, Marlene T.

Cheak, Mike

Chears, Leo

Cheatham, Bert S. Jr.

Cheatham, Nancy J.

Cheek, Dolores

Chelonis, Anna B.

Chen, (Dr.) Amy Shu-Hao Ling

Cheney, Edward D'Arcy

Chenot, Bernice A.

Cherie, Helen C.

Chernick, Ruth A.

Cherry, (CMSgt) John T.

Cherry, (Rev.) Robert E.

Cherry, Karin S.

Cherry, Lola M.

Cherry, Lorraine B.

Chesler, Roberta J.

Chesser, Hubert M.

Chester, Sylvester T. Sr.

Chesus, Erma J.

Chettle, Charles F.

Chettle, Victoria E.

Chiarella, Barbara Ann

Chiaurro, Helen M.

Chilcutt, Jason A.

Child, Rosemary

Childers, Beulah F.

Childers, James H.

Childers, Mildred E.

Childerson, Donna L.

Childrenson, Veryl

Childs, Glen R.

Chilson, Oscar

Chilson, Oscar P.

Chilton, Deniis R.

Chilton, Louise

Chinnici, Angeline T.

Chiodini, (Rev. Msgr.) Jasper J.

Chiodini, (STLFD) Robert A. 'Bob' 4/27 pD

Chirco, Liboria 'Pauline' (nee Saullo)

Chisholm, Anna E. Rupp

Chisholm, Jean C.

Chisum, Milton L.

Chitty, Paul E.

Chitwood, Bill H.

Chitwood, Ronald L.

Chitwood, Thomas E.

Chivers, Elaine D.

Chkautovich, Protinica Vera

Chlibec, Donald J.

Chmielecki, Adele M.

Choate, Claude Hobert

Choate, Evelyn M.

Choate, Jane M.

Chochon, Florence Regina

Chodkowski, Irene

Cholet, Sylvia I.

Choma, Daniel Sr.

Chomeau, Janet Rose

Chomyk, Sophie

Chopp, Stephen M.

Chorlins, Stanley H.

Chott, Lawrence D.

Chott, Viola M.

Chrapek, Edward F. Sr.

Chrisman, Rose Marie

Chrismer, Helen F.

Christ, James G.

Christ, Josephine A.

Christensen, Dallas G.

Christensen, Marilyn K.

Christensen, Rosalie C.

Christeson, Lois M.

Christian, Nina M.

Christian, Richard 'Dick' 10/18 pB

Christiancy, Virginia Frances 'Fran' Davis

Christiansen, Lois M.

Christiansen, Tamara L.

Christine, Phyllis Ruth

Christman, Cathleen Ann

Christman, Velma L.

Christmann, Marie E.

Christmas, Dorothy J.

Christmer, Bernice E.

Christopher, Calvin C.

Christopher, Carson Thomas

Christopher, Deborah Kay

Christopher, Florence

Christopher, Rosalie M.

Christopherson, Howard L.

Christy, Jimmy G.

Chronister, Brenda K.

Chronister, John C. Sr.

Chronister, Lina Ann

Chumlea, Dorothy E.

Chunn, Steven R.

Chura, Leona M. 'Lee' (nee Anderson)

Church, Betty M.

Church, Rita R.

Churchwell, George B.

Chused, Joseph

Chymiak, (Rev.) Elias

Ciapciak, (Dr.) Stanley Joseph

Cibulka, Janet

Cibulka, Sharon V.

Cicerelli, Clorinda M.

Cicerelli, Nicholas T.

Cies, Joseph O.

Ciffairy, Rita G.

Cigliana, Peter

Cignetti, Louise

Ciluffo, Helen I.

Cima, Adamarie

Cimicata, Lee F.

Cimperman, Mary D.

Cipponeri, Vitina M.

Cipriano, Mary Ann Laverne

Cira, Rose A.

Ciskowski, Edward D.

Ciskowski, Milton C.

Cissell, Anita Marie

Cissell, Diana M. 'Dee Dee' (photo)

Cissell, Donald 'Ken' 3/14 pB

Cissell, Maxine C. Grisham Martin

Cissell, Rita M.

Cizek, Helen J.

Cjaperlo, Louis A.

Clacks, Sylvia J. C.

Claeys, Florence

Clamors, Elmer L.

Clamors, Flora M.

Clanahan, Estella F.

Clanton, Geri E.

Clapp, E. Raymond

Clapp, Lida M.

Clapper, Dortha E.

Clapper, Irvin J.

Clardy, Dorothy Lee

Clare, Irma M.

Clark, (LCpl) Matthew

Clark, Anne M.

Clark, Audrey V.

Clark, Betty Jean

Clark, Boyd, Vernon

Clark, Donald F.

Clark, Dorothy Lorene Kendall

Clark, Erma M.

Clark, Grace A.

Clark, Harold Joseph

Clark, Harry F.

Clark, Ida Ann

Clark, James I.

Clark, Jane L.

Clark, John D.

Clark, John David

Clark, Lucille A.

Clark, Luella C.

Clark, Marvin B.

Clark, Mary Ann

Clark, Mary E. 'Bettye' 1/18 pB

Clark, Mary L.

Clark, Mary Margaret

Clark, Maryellen

Clark, Patricia

Clark, Paul M.

Clark, Rita J.

Clark, Robert M.

Clark, Ruth Ridley

Clark, Sandra Jolene

Clark, Vera

Clark, Vincent

Clark, Wade H.

Clark, Yolanda

Clarke, Dolores G.

Clarkin, Mary Carolyn 'Carol' (nee Winks)

Claro, Thomas R.

Clarque, Laura A.

Claus, Audrey J.

Claus, John Glenn Jr.

Clausen, Kellen L. 'Kelly' (photo)

Clausen, Margaret

Clauss, Jeffrey Charles 'Moke' (photo)

Clawson, Kenneth D.

Claxton, James Miller Sr.

Clay, Beth Ann

Clay, Cleo A.

Clay, Irma R.

Clay, Luberta Bettye

Clay, Mary Jane

Clayborne, Bernice

Claypool, Lora 'Louise' 12/3 pC

Clayton, Angela

Clayton, Nellie B.

Clayton, Rosetta

Cleary, John M.

Cleary, Judith

Cleary, Lorraine E.

Cleary, Lucy B.

Cleary, Meredith A.

Cleghorn, Midlred C.

Clements, Betty M.

Clements, Eleanor

Clements, Linda A.

Clements, Nancy L.

Clemson, Eric Joseph

Clendenin, Barbara

Clendenin, Buel A.

Clendenin-Green, Joan Alice

Cleneay, Alice Laurine 'Larry' (nee De Walt)

Cleve, Sylvia Jeanette

Cleveland, Helen W.

Cleveland, Joyce M.

Cleveland, Larry R.

Cleveland, Nancy A.

Cleveland, Naomi E.

Cleveland, Ruby H.

Clevenger, Joseph B.

Clifton, Carolyn E.

Clifton, Kathleen Marie

Cline, Debra S.

Cline, Rose

Clinebell, Richard R.

Clinton, Doris Catherine

Clobes, Mary C.

Clonts, Charles E. Sr.

Clooney, Leo R.

Clopak, Loretto N.

Close, H. Kenneth

Close, Ken

Clouse, Anne C.

Clouse, Ruby E.

Clouse, William J.

Clouser, Russell C.

Clover, Jane

Clover, Michael J.

Cloys, Elisabeth

Clubb, Bernice O.

Cluck, Donald Lee

Clugston, John Allen

Clutts, June

Clutts, Katherine M.

Clynes, Helen Patrice

Coalier, James E.

Coates, Betty

Coates, Daniel H. Jr.

Coates, Nancy Sue

Coatney, Betty A.

Coatney, Betty Jean

Coatney, Nelson R.

Coats, Alberta Bernice

Coats, Jean Marie

Coats, Marie J.

Coaty, Glen L.

Cobb, Bonnie L.

Cobb, Frances Abby

Cobb, Gary P.

Cobbs, Jim C. Sr.

Cobler, Alvera J.

Coby, Evelyn M.

Cochran, James J.

Cockrell, Deanna Dee

Cockrell, Harold Sr. 'Bo' 2/12 pC

Cockrill, Frank D.

Cockrun, Glenn D.

Cocos, Matilda 'Tillie' (nee Dierker)

Cody, James B.

Coen, Joan M.

Coffel, Lucille L.

Coffelt, Clara M.

Coffelt-Davis, Evelyn

Coffey, Janet Gail

Coffey, Mary Jane

Coffield, Philip M.

Coffin, Karen Louise

Coffman, Hazel G.

Coffman, John B.

Coffman, Nancy Jane

Cofman, Anne

Cofman, Sol

Cogburn, Tommie Lee Sr.

Cohee, Shamille P.

Cohen, Alan R.

Cohen, Ann B.

Cohen, Bette Weintraub

Cohen, Cindy L.

Cohen, Elmer A.

Cohen, Helen

Cohen, John K.

Cohen, Lee S.

Cohen, Millard Stuart

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, Selma Rachel

Cohen, Sherrye

Cohen, Steven Marc

Cohen, Terry

Cohn, Gertrude Doris

Cohn, Ida

Cohoon, Glen

Coker, Jane E.

Coker, Laura Louise

Colba, Frank H.

Colbeck, Elizabeth

Colbert, Judith Ann

Colburn, Joan D.

Colburn, Linda S.

Colclazier, Marilyn

Cole, (Attn.) John Jamison

Cole, Betty C.

Cole, Edward R.

Cole, F. Crunden

Cole, Freddie Mae

Cole, Lily H.

Cole, Martin A.

Cole, Marvin L.

Cole, Opal V.

Cole, Regina M.

Cole, Sue C.

Cole, Truman C.

Cole. Jessie

Coleman, Alan L.

Coleman, Alice B.

Coleman, Bernadine E.

Coleman, Bette J.

Coleman, Charles E.

Coleman, Clarence J.

Coleman, Dorothy A.

Coleman, Dorothy M.

Coleman, Emma Mae

Coleman, Emmet

Coleman, Frances Laura

Coleman, Gertrude P.

Coleman, Idress L. 'Ike' (nee Mc Laren)

Coleman, James H.

Coleman, James K.

Coleman, Kathleen Marie

Coleman, La Verna

Coleman, Mary Lee 'Aunt Tiny' 3/14 pB

Coleman, Minerva

Coleman, Minnie Mae

Coleman, Myrtle

Coleman, Nola Jean

Coleman, Robert V.

Coleman, Rozina E.

Coleman, Thomas E. III

Coleman, Vernon E.

Coleman, Vincent E.

Coleman, Willard T.

Colemann, Esther Marion

Colin, Charles W.

Colin, Ruth E.

Coll, Margaret R.

Collett, Julia Dixon

Colletti, Doris L.

Colletti, Dorothy L.

Colley, Hazel R.

Colley, Joseph C.

Collida, Phylliss M.

Collier, Earl

Collier, Edna

Collier, Holte

Collier, Kathleen

Collier, Marie M.

Collier, Pam J.

Colligan, John J. 'Jack' 10/27 pD

Colligan, Patricia A.

Collignon, Dorothy M.

Collins, Catherine

Collins, Charles J. Jr.

Collins, Claude M. Jr.

Collins, Deacon Elmer

Collins, Elizabeth 'Anne' (nee Barton)

Collins, Gobel E.

Collins, Hilary Erin

Collins, J. C.

Collins, J. D.

Collins, James G. Jr. 'Gary' 1/31 pB

Collins, Jean Iris

Collins, John J.

Collins, Joseph R.

Collins, Martha Jane

Collins, Mary Kay

Collins, Morning E.

Collins, Reba F.

Collins, Ruth L.

Collins, Una N.

Collins, William Charles

Collins, William H.

Collmann, James

Colombo, Eleanor 'Ellie' (nee Foley)

Colombo, John Louis

Colombo, Josephine

Colombo, Kenneth M.

Colombo, Pete

Colombo, Tom

Colona, Angelo R.

Colp, Amelianna M.

Coltharp, Evelyn

Colwell, Helen E.

Colyer, Evelyn Marie

Combs, Charmaine Louise

Combs, Cora May

Combs, Frances A.

Combs, Marcella E.

Comer, Mary A.

Comfort, Louis Lewellyn

Comicki, Raymond 'Tony' 8/22 pB

Commack, William Earl

Commerford, Catherine B.

Comparato, Andrew

Compass, Elmer Vincent

Compton, Adele

Compton, Dorris Winnifred

Compton, Dorsey Alvera

Comstock, Edna May

Comstock, Marcella M.

Conardy, Sylvia C.

Conaway, Belinda G.

Conaway, Robert L.

Conde, Gabriel Clarence 'Moose' 1/28 pA

Condict, Evelyn I.

Condis, William Jr.

Condomitti, Thelma J.

Condon, (Sister) Mary Lucilla

Condon, Audrey 'Le' (nee Sippell)

Condon, Betty Anne

Condon, John R. 'Bob' 4/10 pB

Condon, Marguerite M.

Condra, Gregory D.

Congemi, Irene L.

Congeni, Nicholas J. Sr.

Conklin, Ada Mae

Conklin, June

Conley, Herschel L.

Conley, Lloyd P.

Conley, Viola 'Pat' (nee Patzer)

Conley, Winford Ray

Connell, William Kevin

Connelly, Agnes M.

Connelly, La Verne J.

Connelly, Mary Nancy

Conner, Leland L.

Conner, Teresa A.

Conners, Ruth M.

Conners, Walter H.

Conniff, Phyllis Ann

Connolly, Bernadine

Connolly, Lillian J.

Connolly, Marguerite

Connolly, Robert F.

Connor, Barbara J.

Connor, John F.

Connors, Roberta L.

Conoyer, Esther M.

Conrad, Arthur 'Bud' 2/4 pA

Conrad, Betty

Conrad, Mary Alice

Conrad, Mary Jane

Conrad, Patricia

Conrad, Udell E. 'Udey' 4/2 pC

Conroy, Netia Adele

Conroy, Rose D.

Consley, Jeanette L.

Constanti, Norman Louis

Constantine, Julia

Constantz, Frederick Becker 'Eric' 2/8 pB

Conterio, Mary K.

Contini, Donald E.

Contreras, Callentano

Converse, (Dr.) Richard Earl

Conway, Barbara E.

Conway, Barbara Lee

Conway, Claude C.

Conway, Doris L.

Conway, Gale J.

Conway, Johanna F.

Conway, Margaret Bernice

Conway, Marilyn

Conway, Patricia Marie

Cook, (Rev.) Larry D.

Cook, C. Joseph Jr.

Cook, Carol D.

Cook, Douglas William Sr.

Cook, George E.

Cook, Gladys L.

Cook, Henry Jr. 'Hank' 8/28 pB

Cook, Howard L. Sr.

Cook, Irene

Cook, James Franklin Sr. 'Frank' 3/2 p

Cook, Janice L.

Cook, Joseph F.

Cook, L. Patricia

Cook, Lynn

Cook, Marie C.

Cook, Martha Gail 'Marti' (nee Fitzgerald)

Cook, Myrtle V.

Cook, Pauline Margaret

Cook, Peggy Denise

Cook, Rita Catherine

Cook, Robert L.

Cook, Ruthie Mae

Cook, Shaun A.

Cooke, Glenn G.

Cooke, Gregory A.

Cooke, Lloyd Eugene

Cookson, Jewell S.

Cool, Maryann T.

Cool, Raymond J. 'Jack' 2/28 pB

Cooley, Dorothy S.

Coombs, James L.

Cooney, (Sister) Mary Cleophas

Cooney, Katherine L.

Cooney, Robert P. J.

Coonrod, Esther M.

Coons, Keith R.

Cooper, Barbara E.

Cooper, Bonnie Rose

Cooper, Bruce Wayne

Cooper, Cletus O.

Cooper, Colleen D.

Cooper, Dennis R.

Cooper, Gary Dean

Cooper, Grace Eileen

Cooper, Grant F.

Cooper, Helen F.

Cooper, Helen M.

Cooper, Jarita Cierrah

Cooper, Joseph F.

Cooper, Kathleen Marie

Cooper, Margaret O.

Cooper, Marilyn L.

Cooper, Martha 'Ginny' 6/8 pC

Cooper, Marty E.

Cooper, Mary

Cooper, Mary

Cooper, Ollie Mae

Cooper, Randall L.

Cooper, Richard Charles

Cooper, Samuel Earl

Cooper, Virginia A.

Cooper, Wayne D.

Cooseman, Jerry E.

Cope, David Patterson

Cope, Dolly Pauline

Cope, Kenneth E.

Cope, Pauline A. 'Terry' (nee Gajewski)

Copeland, Betty J.

Copeland, Donna

Copeland, Jerome O. Sr.

Copeland, Ronald M.

Copeland, Wilma Jean

Copithorne, Ann Hazel

Copley, (Dr.) Patrick O'Nell

Copley, La Donna Kay

Copley, Phoebe Ann

Coplin, Bernice A.

Coplin, Jeremy Adam

Coplon, Martin Richard

Coppedge, Hazel F.

Corbett, Elizabeth Louise

Corbett-Zell, Eleanor

Corbier, Norma Jeanne

Corbin, Betty

Corbin, Betty Jane

Corbin, Jewell F.

Corbin, Madeline Sylvia

Corcoran, Florence L.

Cordera, Jennie C.

Cordes, Estellemae

Cordes, Henry J.

Cordes, Margaret Marie

Cordia, (Sister) Florence Alexius

Cordia, Sylvia M.

Cordle, Sandra Kaye

Coren, Jay Alan

Corey, Lorraine H. 'Rain' (nee Shillito)

Corey, Virginia C.

Corgiat, Jennie

Cori, Anne Fitz-Ferald

Corkren, Henrietta L.

Corl, Raymond G. Jr.

Corley, Betty J.

Corley, Mary

Cormier, Audrey V.

Corn, Burton Errol

Corn, Dorothy

Cornalia, Julia C.

Corneau, Dorothy

Cornelius, Harlie S.

Cornelius, Ruth

Cornell, Arthyr B. Sr.

Cornell, Cubbie L.

Cornell, Harron

Cornett-Marvin, Kent Jr.

Corning, Paul E. Jr.

Cornwell, Margaret

Cornwell, Ora B.

Coronado, Maria de Lourdes

Corp, Donna Lee

Corpuz, Mary M.

Correnti, Eunice L.

Corrigan, George P. III

Corrington, Harry E.

Corrington, Jacqueline Rae

Corrubia, Michael L.

Corso, John A.

Corso, Lucille

Cory, Mary Lois

Corzine, Betsey

Corzine, Charlotte

Cosby, Gertrude

Cosentino, Frances

Cosey, Richard III

Cosgrove, Elizabeth E. 'Betty' (nee Breen)

Coshow, Walter Edwin Jr.

Costa, Charlotte M.

Costanzo, Joseph J.

Costella, Elizabeth C.

Costello, (SPC) James F. III 'Jamie' [KIA] 4/19 pB

Costello, Grace E.

Costello, Harry W. Jr.

Costello, Pamela Sue

Costello, Romaine F.

Costley, Lorraine F.

Costoff, Maxine

Cotham, Mearitt O. Sr. 'Shorty' 12/19 pD

Cotner, Donald J.

Cotner, Freda

Cotter, Violet L.

Cotter, William D. 'Dave' 7/13 pD

Cottin, Mary I.

Cottom, Sue

Cotton, Alyana Ss

Cotton, Bill F.

Cotton, James T.

Cottrell, Goldie E.

Cottrell, Lindell 'Spinny' 11/10 pC

Cottrell, Marie T.

Cottrill, Richard P.

Coughlin, Anita M.

Coughlin, Bety J.

Coughlin, David M.

Coughlin, Dorothy S.

Coughlin, Frances 'Frankie' Bigogno

Coughlin, Helen A.

Coughlin, Janet M.

Coulter, Gerry V.

Coulter, Mary

Counsell, Harold Lee

Countaway, Betty Lou

Counts, Naomi

Coursey, Nancy Emily

Courtaway, Jason P.

Courtney, O. Eugene 'Gene' 4/28 pC

Coury, Leonard Michael

Cousins, Henry D.

Couvion, Alice H.

Cova, Margaret

Covault, Kathryn

Coverdell, Janet K.

Covington, Mary L.

Cowan, Betty Jo

Cowan, Myrna

Cowan, Scott Daniel

Cowell, Arnold

Cowgill, Evelyn M.

Cowherd, Frances E.

Cowie, Karen S.

Cowin, Ivan B.

Cowley, Thomas J. 'Mort' (photo)

Cown, Lana Kay

Cox, Barbara 'Bobby' (photo)

Cox, Barbara J.

Cox, Charles Oren

Cox, Diane J.

Cox, Donald E. Sr.

Cox, Edith Mae

Cox, Eline C.

Cox, Eugene

Cox, G. Wayne

Cox, Harold Myron

Cox, James

Cox, Kenneth

Cox, Lizzie Almeda

Cox, Lovie Anderson

Cox, Mildred Marie

Cox, Ollie Irene

Cox, Paul A.

Cox, Raymond W.

Cox, Reed Edwin

Cox, Reiva Annalice

Cox, Richard D.

Cox, Viola Mae

Coyle, Virginia D.

Cozadd, Frances Perry

Cozart, Roy M. 'Mike' 6/8 pC

Crabtree, Donald G.

Crabtree, Nancy A.

Crackel, Ben

Craden, Gary G.

Crader, Angie E.

Cradick, Dorothy M.

Cradick, Mary Louise

Craft, (Maj., STLPD, ret) Joseph Anthony II

Craft, Cecile M.

Craft, James B.

Craft, Thomas

Crafton, James B.

Crafton, Patricia J.

Crafton, Wanda Sue

Craghan, William M. 'Pete' 9/2 pA

Crahan, (Sister) Bernadette

Craig, (Col.) Leo L. Jr.

Craig, Charlotte

Craig, Farris L.

Craig, John M. 'J.C.' 11/20 pB

Craig, Lola M.

Craig, Ruth V.

Craigmiles, Betty E.

Crain, (STLPD) Raymond

Crain, Dean M.

Crain, Joan B.

Crain, Margaret E.

Crain, Ruth M.

Crain, Walter

Cralley, Margaret E.

Cram, Kenneth C.

Cramer, Ludwig Allen III 'Bill' 9/5 pC

Cramer, Mildred Lucille

Cramer, Nancy

Crane, A. Marie 'Ricki' (nee Dugan)

Crane, Olive A.

Crannage, Marie

Crate, Willie

Craven, Eugene T.

Craven, Verna C.

Crawford, Betty J.

Crawford, Christy Lynn

Crawford, Delphine M.

Crawford, Etha E.

Crawford, Jamie

Crawford, Lillian Marie

Crawford, Mae

Crawford, Mary E.

Crawford, Randy

Crawford, Rodney R.

Crawford, Ruby E.

Crawford, Sandra E.

Crayne, Aline Virginia

Creaghan, William M. 'Pete' 9/3 pC

Creamer, Sandra M.

Creason, Betty Louise

Creason, Hubert E. Jr.

Creason, Janet

Creason, Kenneth L.

Creath, Sean Lee

Crecelius, Lee K.

Creech, Gladys B.

Creech, Harold D.

Creech, Muriel A.

Creekpaum, Bobby E.

Creel, Walter J.

Creely, Emily J.

Creely, Nathaniel R.

Creighton, Ladorn

Cremeens, Myrl Ina

Crenshaw, Rosetta

Cressey, Thomas William

Cressman, Dorothy

Crew, Lois J.

Crews, Doil T. 'Ted' 4/5 pD

Crews, James D.

Crews, Kenneth

Crews, Lois J.

Crider, Michael James

Crider, Oscar C.

Cripps, Authur

Crisler, Margaret M. 'Lovey' (nee Jakle)

Crist, Edgar H.

Crites, Virginia D.

Crittenden, Michael Jay

Crittenden, William Sr.

Crivello, Alma M.

Crnkovich, Joseph A.

Croak, Frances M.

Crocken, Irma G.

Crocker, Eileen

Crocker, John Roy 'Lurch' 11/26 pC

Crockett, James

Crockett, Larry

Crockett, Regina L.

Crockran, Eddie Pearl

Crockrell-Mitchell, Mary W.

Crockwell, Harold J.

Croft, Jeannine E.

Croghan, Alicia E.

Crompton, Edna May

Cromwell, Ann

Cronin, (STLPD, ret.) John M.

Cronin, Fern L.

Cronin, James L.

Cronin, Jim

Cronin, Julia M.

Cronin, Lorraine J.

Cronin, Mabel V.

Crooks, Blanche

Croom, Betty

Cropper, James Darren

Crosby, Beverly Anne

Crosby, Newton Dana

Crosby, Thomas

Cross, Brenda K.

Cross, Elizabeth A.

Cross, Felicia 'Fannie' (nee Borawski)

Cross, Kent

Cross, Lorraine B.

Cross, Mable C.

Cross, Nell Rose

Cross, Robert Alan

Cross, Robert Malte

Crossland, Lallie 'Toby' (nee Hudson)

Crossland, Norma R.

Crossland, Syble L.

Crossman, Alvin W.

Crotchett, Louis Lee

Crouch, Clarence G.

Crouch, Goldie Oneta

Crouch, Helen

Crouch, Russell J. Sr.

Crouch, Wesley

Crouse, Ronald George

Crouther, Charles F. III

Crow, La Vern

Crow, Maxine S.

Crowden, Everett R.

Crowder, Charles B.

Crowe, Betsy Frances Garza

Crowe, Frances

Crowell, Payton

Crowley, Blanche

Crowley, Donald J.

Crown, Joyce Mae

Croy, James Richard 'JC' 2/5 pC

Crum, Delinda Ann 'Lindy' (nee Watson)

Crum, Lucy A.

Crum, Robert E. Sr.

Crumley, Betty Lee

Crump, Howard A. 'Dode' (photo)

Crump, Ivan M.

Crump, Nedra M.

Cruse, Cliff E.

Cruse, Gary W.

Crutchley, Bill

Crutchley, Mary

Crutz, Delphia L.

Csengody, Julius J.

Csengody, Julius J.

Cubbage, Verne

Cucchi, Kathleen J.

Culella, Margie R.

Culicigno, Lorraine

Culkin, Lillian F.

Cullen, Clarice R.

Cullen, Donald F.

Cullen, James P.

Cullen, Mary Elizabeth

Culleton, Rita Ann

Culliton, Lawrence Michael 'Larry' 1/15 pC

Cullman, Ronald C.

Culp, Esther

Culp, Jane R.

Culp, Kevin L.

Culpepper, Sandra E.

Culver, Jane Metcalfe

Culwell, James C. 'J.C.' 12/5 pB

Cumberland, Jeanette

Cummings, Lilburn E. 'Bill' 12/9 pA

Cummings, William E.

Cummins, (Sister) Roberta

Cummins, Harry O.

Cummins, Helen Natalie

Cummins, Melba Jean

Cummins, Phyllis Ann

Cummins, Robert P.

Cundall, Easter I.

Cundiff, Barbara Jean

Cunena, Nelia Margaret

Cunningham, Alvera J.

Cunningham, Betty Jean

Cunningham, Charles 'Gene' 6/2 pC

Cunningham, Donald E.

Cunningham, Dorothy V.

Cunningham, Joyce I.

Cunningham, Marie E.

Cunningham, Mary J.

Cunningham, Mildred F.

Cupelli, Clorinda M.

Curb, Ruth

Curcuru, Ida J.

Curley, Mattie E.

Currall, Edith M.

Curran, John J.

Curran, Mary Jane

Curran, Matilda

Curran, Thomas Patrick Sr.

Currat, Ardell W.

Currier, Ruth E.

Curry, Christine M.

Curry, Marvin K. 'Ken' 4/5 pD

Curry, Terry Ann

Curry-Momon, Geneva

Curt, Walter L.

Curtin, Rose Marian

Curtis, Alan Brian

Curtis, Belva

Curtis, Beulah E.

Curtis, Edna

Curtis, G. June

Curtis, Harold E.

Curtis, Willie James

Cusanelli, Geraldine A.

Cushing, Dolores 'Lori' 3/26 pC

Cusick, Melford

Custer, Charles J.

Cusumano, Grace

Cutak, Lydia C.

Cuthbertson, Kelly Page

Cutler, Manuel E.

Cuvar, Helen E.

Cwan, Amelia

Czaia, Ione Cecelia

Czapla, Walter S.

Czarnecki, Joanne

Czarnik, Wanda Joanne

Czerniejewski, Andrew L.

Czerniewski, Wanda B.

Czyzewski-Orzel, Bernice