Surnames beginning with Y

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Yacovelli, Marie

Yadon, (CMS, USAF, ret.) Kenneth M.

Yadon, Christopher L.

Yaeger, Ruth J.

Yaffe, Sadie

Yakel, Shirley A.

Yakstis, Casimira 'Catherine' (nee Dagis)

Yakubowski, Shirley M. Frazier

Yallaly, Kathleen M.

Yamaoka, Flora

Yancey, Steven L.

Yang, Peiyuan 'Peggy' (aka Tian)

Yannopoulos, Catherine

Yates, Mary F.

Yates, Wilson D. Jr.

Yeager, Barbara C.

Yeager, Karine Z.

Yeargain, Clone Marie

Yeckel, Bess

Yehlen, Agnes F.

Yiatras, Panagiota

Yobby, Lawrence

Yochum, Elizabeth M. 'Lib' 7/13 pB

Yockey, Florence E.

Yoffie, Robert M.

York, Gertie L.

York, Gwendolyn

York, Lorell M.

York, Saundra Gene

Yorke, Frances Lee

Youchoff, Charles Dana

Younce, Carol A.

Young, (Pastor) Dennis J.

Young, Cleordia

Young, Dorothy E.

Young, Edith B.

Young, Edwin R.

Young, Elizabeth Jean

Young, Elsie Margaret

Young, Frances M.

Young, George J.

Young, Grace M.

Young, Helen Jane

Young, James Robert

Young, Jewell E.

Young, John W. 'Papa John' 3/6 pC

Young, Lillian M.

Young, Lois Le Fever

Young, Lucille Arline

Young, Lucille M.

Young, Mary Eileen

Young, Michael F.

Young, Mildred C.

Young, Mildred M.

Young, Nancy Joan

Young, Rita Jane

Young, Robert E.

Young, Ruth Marie

Young, Shirley J.

Young, Vandon R.

Young, Wallace C.

Youngberg, David C. Sr.

Youngblood, Mary Ruth

Youngclaus, Harlond A.

Younger, A. Joseph II

Younger, Dana L. 'Dee Dee' (nee Shaw)

Younger, Dorothy D.

Youngerman, Eva R.

Youngermann, Anne

Youngman, Fern Mildred

Youngs, Brian

Yourtee, Theodore R.

Yuenger, Michael A.

Yuhas, Imagene V.

Yung, Jessie G.

Yust, Karen Elaine