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Surnames beginning with I

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Ifland, Nancy C.

Igel, Rosemary Theresa

Iggens, John R.

Ihle, Alan D.

Ikemeyer, Evelyn F.

Ikemeyer, Margaret M.

Ilg, Olive G. ‘Pat’ (nee Nickels)

Ilg, Robert A.

Ilges, Herman J.

Ilko, George M. Sr.

Illinger, Harold R.

Illy, Geraldine Patricia

Ilseman, Rosemary L.

Imel, WalterR.

Imhoff, (Sister) Florence Mary

Immekus, Lucille C.

Immer, Eleanor M.

Immken, Lorraine ‘Googie’ (nee Hrdlicka)

Impellizzeri, Paul G. ‘Jerry’ 2/2 pC

Indelicato, Lena

Indelicato, Leona M.

Inger, Lottie O.

Ingersoll, Sonia ‘Sunny’ (nee Mc Call)

Ingersoll, William Walter

Ingle, Eunice M.

Inglis, Letha Evalynn

Inglis, Mabel C.

Ingram, Geraldine L.

Inman, Christine M.

Insalaco, Josephine

Inserra, Richard Francis

Intravia, Serfino ‘Flick’ 1/21 pB

Inukai, Ruth Fitzpatrick

Irby, Clayton M.

Irlander, Dolores H.

Irvin, Raymond J.

Irvine, Isobel

Irving, Jane

Irwin, Charlene M.

Irwin, Dorothy Jean

Irwin, M. Joyce

Irwin, Mary R.

Isaacs, Lillian Ruth

Isador, Janie I.

Isbell, Harmon Gale

Isenman, Anna M.

Iskra, Joseph W. Sr.

Island, Dennis K.

Isoline, Joseph P.

Israel, Gladys Brady

Isringhaus, Theodore H. Sr.

Isselhardt, Bernice E.

Isserman, Ruth

Itale, Ida H.

Ivancic, Catherine A.

Ivancich, Georgia H.

Ivanic, Ida Mae

Ives, Belle

Ives, William Edward Jr.

Ivey, Martha Sue

Ivroy, Vernette M.

Ivy, Anna B.

Izard, Ellen