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Surnames beginning with Y

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Yadon, Nancy A.

Yaffe, Arthur

Yaffe, Mildred M.

Yaffe, Sidney

Yager, Margaret 'Nell' (nee Sims)

Yahey, Alberta E. 'Sally' 11/5 pB

Yakovitz, Lucille A.

Yancey, Chilton Mildred M.

Yancey, Mildred M.

Yang, Jeong Soon

Yanover, (Dr.) Robert Alan

Yarbro, Nicholas Kristopher

Yarbro, Ruth L.

Yarbrough, Nancy A.

Yardley, John F.

Yaredich, Mabel R.

Yarnall, Robert S. 'Bobby' 4/9 pB

Yates, Ethel E.

Yates, George R.

Yates, John Hurley

Yawitz, Helen

Yawitz, Jeannette

Yeager, Albert Ray

Yeager, Anna M.

Yeargain, Julia Pauline

Yeckering, (see Furniss)

Yerke, Marianne T.

Yettke, Mary Virginia

Yochim, Theresa

Yochum, Cecelia G.

Yockey, Nelda L.

Yocum, Leslie R.

Yocum, Willard E.

Yoder, Susan M.

Yoerg, Audrey R.

Yoffie, Frances E.

Yokel, Florence K.

Yokley, Reubin D.

Yomund, Joseph E.

York, Eleanor

York, Hazel M. 'Connie' [Illinois] 1/13 p

York, Pauline C.

Yorke, David

Yorker, Robert B.

Yost, Marjorie Mae

Young, Carl J.

Young, Carol M.

Young, Carrie Louise

Young, Dean

Young, Don Le Roy Jr.

Young, Fred A.

Young, Freda M.

Young, Glenna S.

Young, Helen 'Trudy' (nee Kostadine)

Young, James A.

Young, Jean Y.

Young, Jerie L.

Young, Joe C.

Young, John J.

Young, Ladine F.

Young, Laurel G.

Young, Lewis S. 'Stanley' 6/6 pB

Young, Lydia O.

Young, Marcella E.

Young, Mary Alice

Young, Mary Jane

Young, May R.

Young, Melvin W.

Young, Richard O. Sr.

Young, Robert E.

Young, Roy A.

Young, Terrie R.

Young, Timothy F.

Young, William J.

Youngblood, Mary I.

Younger, Anna M.

Youngerman, Gus D.

Youngman, Violet Jane

Youngs, Madeline A.

Younker, (Sister) M. Priscilla

Yount, Byron A.

Yount, James J.

Yount, Judith A.

Yourtee, Samuel L.

Yung, Elmer W. Sr.