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Surnames beginning with C

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Cadwalender, Mattie

Cafazza, James 'Jack' 2/7

Caffery, Melvin

Cage, Howard

Cagle, Mabel L.

Cagle, Rosemary L.

Cagle, Susan L.

Cahill, Joseph A.

Cahill, Robert D.

Cahill, William E.

Cain, Ernestine M.

Cain, Ethel Grace Peeters

Cain, Gussie

Cain, Helen J.

Cain, William J.

Caine, Helen L.

Caine, James Clarence Sr.

Calamia, Leo

Calascibetta, Shirley

Calcaterra, Jennie M.

Calcaterra-Hannibal, Margaret Mary

Caldwell, Levetra F.

Caldwell, Pearl E.

Caldwell, Robert H.

Caldwell, Zelma P.

Calhoun, Andrea K.

Calhoun, Madison Savanah Russell

Caliendo, Catherine A.

Call, Jackie L.

Call, Richard J. Sr. 'R'J' (photo)

Callahan, Carole S.

Callahan, Catherine D.

Callahan, Helen D.

Callahan, John D. 'Jack' 8/8

Callahan, Kenneth B.

Callahan, Margaret A.

Callahan, Martin J.

Callahan, Mildred M.

Callahan, Patricia J.

Callahan, Patrick E.

Callanan, Albert M.

Callewaert, Hazel

Calvert, Charlie

Calvin, M. L. 'Ted' 7/7

Calzone, Joan Ellan

Camarata, Lena M.

Cambron, Martha L.

Cambron, Ruth D.

Cameron, Hubert Jr. 'Chuck' 1/12

Cameron, Roberta M.

Camien, Jacqueline

Cammann, Alethe E.

Cammerer, Margaret 'Mickie' (aka Martin)

Camp, Norma L.

Camp, Paul R.

Campa, Helen J.

Campanella, Lena

Campbell, (Rev.) Joseph Thomas

Campbell, Bertha J.

Campbell, Charles R.

Campbell, Daniel William Sr.

Campbell, Deborah

Campbell, Elizabeth Ann

Campbell, Ella June

Campbell, Gordon G.

Campbell, Ila M.

Campbell, James Dennis

Campbell, Josephine Hutchings

Campbell, Lehman J.

Campbell, Louella

Campbell, Marcella

Campbell, Mary Catherine

Campbell, Mary E.

Campbell, Mary Jane

Campbell, Myron O.

Campbell, Nellie

Campbell, Patricia C.

Campbell, Pauline

Campbell, Rona Archer

Campbell, Velma J.

Campion, Margaret M.

Campoy, Shawn T.

Camuzzi, Lois T.

Cancelose, David L.

Candela, Dorothy M.

Candido, Marie A.

Candy, Anthony 'Candy' #7/6

Canelis, Helen

Canelis, Helen

Canepa, May Elizabeth

Cann, Jane

Cannady, Ruth M.

Cannon, Edra

Cannon, Lucy C.

Cantrell, (ex-Rep.) E. J. 'Lucky' (photo)

Cantrell, Anna Elizabeth

Cantrell, Clinard R. 'Tom' 1/30

Cantrell, Hazel B.

Cap, Jessie

Capehart, Anna E.

Caplan, Laurence Paul

Caplener, Jessie Lee

Caplin, Gladys E.

Caponi, Andre

Capriglione, Frances Sarah

Capron, Douglas J.

Capuano, Anthony

Capuano, Joanne N.

Caputa, Anthony E.

Caradine, Ronnell Deshon Jr.

Caradonna, Helen

Caradonna, Leonard 'Lee' 1/17

Card, Hamilton E.

Card, Robert F. Sr.

Carey, Eleanor Mary

Carey, Eugene W.

Carey, Susan Kay

Carl, Dmitry Christian

Carl, Miriam J.

Carlson, Grace H.

Carlson, James Forbey

Carlson, Rodney 'Ron' 3/14

Carlson, Rose Marie

Carlton, Dorothy

Carlton, M. John

Carmack, Eleanore J.

Carman, Nita J.

Carmen, Charles T. Sr.

Carmi, Joseph Michael

Carmickle, Elmer E. 'Gene' 3/24

Carmody, Gerald C.

Carmody, Margaret A.

Carnaghi, Pierina

Carnasiotis, Katherine M.

Carollo, Sam

Caron, Irene H.

Carosello, Rose

Carouthers, Doris

Carp, Nedra Anderwert

Carpenter, Donald K.

Carpenter, Floyd L.

Carpenter, Harold P.

Carpenter, John E. 'Doc' 12/13

Carpenter, Katherine A.

Carpenter, Noble C.

Carpenter, Ruth S.

Carr, (Lt. Col., ret.) Clinton C. Jr.

Carr, Cheryl

Carr, Doris C.

Carr, Ludmila 'Lu' [Illinois] 5/13

Carr, Marguerite

Carr, Raymond J.

Carr, Sandy

Carraway, Donald E.

Carraway, June H.

Carrell, Deborah Jean

Carrell, Helen G.

Carrens, Elizabeth L. Murphy

Carrico, Margaret A.

Carrier, (Dr.) Elba O.

Carrier, Agnes E.

Carrier, Anna Lou

Carriker, Jewell Agnes

Carrillo, James M.

Carrino, Lois A.

Carroll, (Capt.) William Francis

Carroll, Adelle Marie

Carroll, Gloria E.

Carroll, Joseph F.

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Martha

Carroll, Mildred L.

Carroll, Quida L.

Carroll, Tommie

Carrow, Augusta

Carrow, Estelle E.

Carruthers, Sally

Carryer, Edna M.

Carson, Donna L.

Carson, Louise M.

Cart, Eileen Marie Gannon

Carter, Annie Mae 'Mae Mae' (photo)

Carter, Barbara

Carter, Dale Edward

Carter, Hazel A.

Carter, Inez G.

Carter, Jane

Carter, Joseph J.

Carter, Marie

Carter, Matthew John

Carter, Merva J.

Carter, Nell F.

Carter, Richard E.

Carter, Willma Jane

Carty, Marion E.

Caruso, Frances

Caruso, Grace

Caruso, Mary Helen

Caruthers, Terry W.

Carver, Pinnie L.

Carvey, Elnora 'Ellie' (nee Sydnor)

Cary, Audrey W.

Cary, Helen Jane

Casady, Lovena E.

Casazza, Pierina

Casby, Helen G.

Case, Frank E.

Caselli, Minnie C.

Casey, John

Casey, John P.

Cash, Gladys P.

Cash, Mary E.

Cash, Paul

Cash, R. Paul

Cashel, Michael J.

Casleton, Leona B.

Caslin, Dorothy M.

Casmier, Amelia Fields

Cassady, Donald R.

Cassady, James A.

Cassel, Allene Kathleen

Cassens, Eileen D.

Cassidy, (Sister) Alice Mary

Cassilly, Lucille E.

Cassity, Michael O'Neil 'Mickey' [Illinois] 8/15

Castanedo, Celia C.

Castelli, Agnes A.

Castello, Carmelina 'Carmy' (nee Grazzanti)

Casten, Thelma M.

Castiaux, Fran

Castile, Fawzia

Castle, Judy M.

Castro, Joan

Castulik, Mary R.

Catalano, Vera

Catanzaro, Eleanor A.

Catlett, Gertrude Lucille

Cato, Doyle D.

Cato, Selma R.

Caudle, Ralph Edward

Caughlan, Homer 'Jack' 8/22

Cauwell, Elsie E.

Cavatoe, Genevieve

Cavenah, Betty L.

Cavenar, James A.

Cawl, Albert H.

Caylor, James T.

Cearnal, Robert E.

Cedarburg, Lois J.

Cell, John Jr.

Cenatiempo, Margaret Mary

Cenatiempo, Ruth A.

Cenatiempro, Ella R.

Cerame, John

Ceriotti, Louise C.

Ceriotti, Mary V.

Cermak, Anton 'Tony' 3/10

Certa, Mary

Certain, Robert J.

Cesaric, John

Cessna, Charles William Sr.

Chadbourne, Paula A.

Chadderdon, Chad

Chadeayne, Barbara K.

Chadwick, Bernice Marie

Chaffin, Edward G.

Chaffin, Norma L.

Chait, Maxine

Chait, Sidney

Chalmers, Bonnie G.

Chamberlain, Mary

Chambers, Charles H.

Chambers, Donald P.

Chambers, Ernestine L.

Chambers, Mildred W.

Chambers, Selma C.

Chambers, Susan J.

Chambers, William B.

Chamblin, Linda M.

Chamness, James L.

Champ, Timothy Lee

Champlain, Roe Nelson

Champlin, Faye

Chandler, (Rev.) Walter W. Sr.

Chandler, Margaret Ann

Chandler, Ronald James 'RJ' [Illinois] 10/18 pB

Chandler, Violet

Chanitz, Frank C.

Chaperlo, John

Chapman, (St. Peters, Chief of Police) Elwyn "Chip" (photo)

Chapman, Dorothy A.

Chapman, Genevieve Mae

Chapman, Lola E.

Chapman, William J.

Chappel, Marshall D.

Chappell, Corlyne

Chappins, Patricia A.

Charboneau, Thelma M.

Charbulak, Helen M.

Charles, Robert H.

Charleville, Catherine P.

Charleville, M. Marcella

Chase, (Rev.) Frank M.

Chaskelson, Pauline Rosen

Chastain, Julian Deloyd 'J.D.' 12/24

Chastain, Stanley Max

Chastonay, Edra

Cheatham, Annie I.

Chee, Pamela R.

Cheeks, William Sr.

Chellew, Benjamin F.

Chenoweth, Deborah Lynn

Cherrick, Ruth

Cherry, M. Charlotte

Cherry, Patricia A.

Chettle, Lillian

Chew, Brenda

Chier, Henrietta E.

Chilcott, Bart W. 'B.C.' 8/10

Child, Cathryn P.

Childers, Idell

Childs, Patricia Jane Austinson

Childs, Vera Lee

Chilsen, Phyllis Louisa

Chinn, James

Chinnici, Mary T.

Chinnici, Sam

Chinnici, Vincent

Chinski, Cynthia A.

Chinsky, Eileen Fitter

Chiodini, Pauline

Chiolero, John

Chism, Forrest R.

Chitwood, Mary J.

Chitwood, Peggy J.

Chitwood, Richard H.

Chivvis, Barbara C.

Chlanda, Madonna

Choate, William

Choinacki, Estelle R.

Chojnowski, (Sister) Mary Eugenie

Chollet, Robert X.

Chomsavanh, Khamchan 'Johnny' 4/10

Chorlins, Dorothy A.

Chorney, Eileen C.

Chott, Raymond E.

Chott, Richard 'Dick' 4/5


Chrisco, Gloria Ann

Chrisco, Sue

Chrisman, Dorothy

Chrisman, Winifred E.

Christ, Clarence H.

Christ, Lena M.

Christel, Eleanor Mae

Christen, Thomas H. Sr.

Christian, James Arthur

Christie, Alice L.

Christie, John Robert

Christin, Edith F.

Christisen, Hazel M.

Christman, William D.

Christo, Nicholas Patrick

Christopher, Julia C.

Christophersen, Helen Cody

Christy, Clemence M.

Chrostowski, Mary M.

Chrowstowski, Ann E.

Chrum, Marian M.

Chrysler, Coletta M.

Chubb, Louise

Chumchal, Mildred M.

Church, Charles M.

Church, Cora O.

Church, Eleanor Clark

Church, Irene S.

Church, Janice

Church, Pearl

Church, Robert E.

Churchill, Robert W.

Churchman, Mary Kathryn

Chuver, Cecelia Schmidt

Ciberey, Margaret E.

Cich, Walter R.

Cichelero, John Dominic

Cignetti, Robert H.

Cima, Margaret May

Cini, Rose

Cinnater, Norma O.

Cinquina, Thomas Vincent

Cioffi, Michael Christopher

Cipolla, Marie

Circo, Angeline

Cislaghi, Mary M.

Cissell, Alfred J.

Cissell, Lenita M.

Ciuffa, Anthony A.

Clancy, Frank J. IV

Clancy, Martin H.

Clapp, George A.

Clapp, Leamon

Clapp, Michael Dale

Clapper, Lena D.

Clardy, Vivian

Clark, Adam

Clark, Adeline S.

Clark, Alva Irving

Clark, Bertram T. Jr.

Clark, Charles C. 'Pandy' 9/21

Clark, Charles N. Jr.

Clark, Delores G.

Clark, Elizabeth Letitia

Clark, Eva L.

Clark, Frances G.

Clark, Harold R.

Clark, Helen Ann

Clark, Helen Gertrude

Clark, Irma A.

Clark, Iva Marie

Clark, John J.

Clark, June Curran

Clark, Leonard L.

Clark, Marjorie Bach

Clark, Mark B.

Clark, Martha Lucille

Clark, Mary J.

Clark, Monica A.

Clark, Norma E.

Clark, Ralph P.

Clark, Randall Eric

Clark, Rex G.

Clark, Suzanne

Clark, Vera E.

Clark, Virginia E.

Clark, Virginia M.

Clark, Wesley Howard

Clarke, Charent Gail

Clarke, Marylou

Clasen, Eleanor M.

Clasen, Sue Belle

Claspill, Barbara Jean

Class, Nathan

Classe-Koch, Rebecca M. 'Becky' 1/24

Clatto, Grace T.

Clauder, Cecilia J.

Claus, Dolores M.

Clauson, Harold C.

Clauson, Mildred A.

Claussen, (Brother) Walter 'Francis' 2/5

Clawson, (Dr.) James W.

Clawson, Helen M.

Clay, Alice A.

Clay, Edith B.

Clay, Elizabeth R.

Clay, Oran E.

Clay, Paul E. Sr.

Clay, Rita M.

Clayton, Glen Charles

Clayton, Lea W. Jr.

Clayton, Maggie Rene

Clear, Marie E.

Cleary, Edna A.

Cleary, Michael Edward

Cleaver, Mary L.

Cleaves, (Dr.) Arthur Wordsworth

Clegg, Mary Catherine

Clem, Mary Elizabeth

Clement, Allen B.

Clements, Alfred T. Jr.

Clements, Hazel H.

Cleveland, Jean A.

Cleveland, Thomas Andrew

Clevenger, Richard J.

Clever, Clifford J.

Click, Hildred L.

Clifford, Ann K.

Clifton, Frances Juanita

Clifton, Helen S.

Clifton, J. D.

Clifton, Joanne V.

Clifton, Michael D.

Clifton, William J. Jr.

Cline, Gertrude Elizabeth

Clinger, Diana J.

Clinko, (MCPO, USN, ret) Robert 'Bob' 1/11

Clinton, Geneva Rosetta

Clinton, Melbourne L.

Clisham, Sylvia

Clodfelter, Martha

Cloniger, Josephine E.

Clopton, Robert T.

Clore, Doris L.

Close, Edna

Close, Edna V.

Clouse, Mildred A.

Clover, Gladyce Alberta

Clubb, Earl D.

Clubb, Stella

Cluffo, Carmella M.

Cluss, Flora I.

Cluster, James F.

Clutter, Cheryl C.

Clutts, Vernon L.

Clymer, Vedia E.

Coad, James L.

Coakley, Robbie D.

Coale, Glenda Ruth

Coan, Catherine C.

Coates, Herman

Coatney, Trudith 'Joan' 8/31

Coats, James W.

Cobb, Bonnie

Cobb, Eileen C.

Cobb, Joann P.

Cobb, Katherine J.

Cobb, Lydia

Cobillas, Shirley M.

Coble, Cynthia R.

Cochran, Bill D.

Cochran, R. S.

Cochran, Ronald W.

Cocos, Cornel P.

Cody, Helen

Cody, Mary C.

Coerver, Edwin F.

Coerver, Zella V.

Coffey, Paul B.

Coffman, Francis E. Jr. 'Frank' 1/4

Coffman, Norma Jean

Coffy, Mary G.

Cofield, Marguerite Kathleen

Coggan, Dorothy I.

Cogshell, Robert Lee Sr.

Cohen, (Col., US Army, ret) Leroy D.

Cohen, Dorothy

Cohen, Fannie R.

Cohen, Frances

Cohen, Harriet M.

Cohen, Herbert

Cohen, Jerilyn Mae 'Jeri' (nee Goodman)

Cohen, Meyer

Cohen, Mollye Subow

Cohen, Pearl W.

Cohen, Rebecca Stone

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, Ruth J.

Cohen, Sadie

Cohn, Lillian Dewoskin

Cohn, Mary Grace

Coibion, Briant D.

Coil, Grover L. 'Smokey' #5/27

Coker, Bill D.

Colangelo, Anthony

Colatskie, Janet Lynn

Colbeck, William P.

Colburn, Margaret Helen

Colburn, Ruth M.

Cole, Carl E.

Cole, Charles M.

Cole, Dolores Marie

Cole, Ervin J. Jr.

Cole, Howard H. Jr.

Cole, James G.

Cole, Lawrence D.

Cole, Norma J.

Cole, Sandra J.

Coleman, (SMSGT, USAF, ret) Andrew B. 'Burt' 2/24

Coleman, Blanche T.

Coleman, Charles E.

Coleman, Charles L.

Coleman, Drewsella

Coleman, Durward B.

Coleman, Frances M.

Coleman, Janice A.

Coleman, Jeffrey, Nathaniel

Coleman, Laurie A.

Coleman, Louise S.

Coleman, Wanda L.

Coles, Josephine E.

Colley, Braxton Rollin III

Collico, Angeline M.

Collier, Beulah E.

Collier, Bonnie G.

Collier, Clarence Ray

Collier, Helen Ettinger

Collier, Joshua E.

Collier, Maurice G.

Collier, Ruth A.

Collier, Steven E.

Collier, Victor Lee

Collier, William R.

Collings, Helen C.

Collins, (Dr.) Jeffrey Shaw

Collins, Agnes M.

Collins, Agnes M.

Collins, Ann M.

Collins, Billy G.

Collins, Doris A.

Collins, Estelle V.

Collins, Fern Denise

Collins, Henry Clay Jr. 'Hank' 10/2

Collins, Irene D.

Collins, James B.

Collins, James 'Barry' 9/14

Collins, Joan F.

Collins, Joanna

Collins, Louise Theresa

Collins, Marjorie

Collins, Myrtle P.

Collins, Peggy J.

Collins, Rosa Maria

Colmo, Paul C.

Colombo, James C.

Colombo, John A.

Colombo, Lena C.

Colombo, Lilia

Colombo, Louis A. 'Joker' 7/11

Colombo, Margaret T.

Colombo, Mike A.

Colombo, Rose R.

Colombo, Susan

Colonius, Lee Roy Jr.

Colt, De Soto P.

Colter, Alva K.

Colven, Sue

Colvin, Frances Christine Bliss

Colyar, Helen E.

Colyer, Dorothy E.

Combs, Carl T. Sr.

Comensky, Irv

Comer, Ann M.

Comerford, Mary K.

Comfort, Irene G.

Comfort, Samuel

Commerford, Juanita M.

Comparato, Helen L.

Compton, Donald Gene

Compton, Gilbert Morton

Comstock, Ellen B.

Conant, John V.

Conant, Lawrence W.

Conant, Louise

Conboy, Robert J.

Concannon, D. Grant II

Concannon, Frances V.

Concannon, Theresa J.

Condaxis, Katherine M.

Conde, Margaret R.

Conder, Mary H.

Condit, Celia M.

Cones, Gertrude M.

Conforti, Michael Domenic Jr.

Congemo, Josephine

Conis, Steven S.

Conley, Helen A.

Conley, Marjorie R.

Conlon, Betty J.

Conn, Larry James 'Jim' 6/5

Connell, Dorothy Rose

Connell, Jacqueline L.

Connelly, Alice G.

Connelly, Julia B.

Conner, Betty L.

Conner, Edythe

Conner, Naomi Mae

Conner, Norma G.

Conners, Ruby L.

Connett, Augusta C.

Conney, Bella

Connley, Virginia E.

Connolly, Mary Montaigne

Connor, Jean W.

Connor, Michael T.

Connor, Timothy C.

Conoyer, Hilda C.

Conrad, Annabelle

Conrad, Evelyn M.

Conrad, Jane Coultas

Conrad, Joyce

Conrad, Wilford

Conrades, Susan

Conrad-Muck, Janean K.

Consedine, Margaret M.

Considine, John Raynor

Constantino, Laura C.

Constantz, George Doran Jr.

Contestabile, Lena

Contreras, Richard

Conway, Carmelita

Conway, Elizabeth J.

Conway, Ila I.

Conway, Jennider Ann

Conway, Thomas R.

Cook, Agatha M.

Cook, Byron C. 'Cookie' [Illinois] 6/27

Cook, Catherine H.

Cook, Charles William 'Bill' 4/15

Cook, Deloris

Cook, Dorothy L.

Cook, Earl E. Sr.

Cook, Erma I.

Cook, Floyd G.

Cook, Frankie

Cook, Gladys M.

Cook, Gladys Marie

Cook, Glenna E.

Cook, Hazel A.

Cook, Ida Louise

Cook, Kelly Ann

Cook, Lillian F.

Cook, Mary L.

Cook, Nyle E.

Cook, Patricia Susan

Cook, Paul W.

Cooke, Jane B.

Cooke, Leona

Cooke, Lois H.

Cooke, Margaret E.

Cooke, Wilma C.

Cooksey, Audrey B.

Cool, William E.

Cooley, Hazel Irene

Cooley, Oscar L. Jr.

Cooley, Tony Ray

Coomer, Carolyn S.

Coomer, James L.

Coon, Francis E.

Coonrod, Bob R.

Cooper, (Col. USAF, ret.) Elven R.

Cooper, Arthur W. 'Art' (photo)

Cooper, Beulah Maye

Cooper, Cheryl C.

Cooper, Cleola Mae

Cooper, Dorothy C.

Cooper, Eileen R.

Cooper, Ethel M.

Cooper, Gerry H.

Cooper, Grace M.

Cooper, Helen M.

Cooper, Jackie Ann

Cooper, Juanita

Cooper, Lawrence

Cooper, Leomi E.

Cooper, Lorraine L.

Cooper, Mary Grace

Cooper, Max J. Sr.

Cooper, Robert

Cooper, Ruth

Cooper, Sheila L.

Cooper, Virginia

Cooperider, Jack L.

Cooperman, Rose

Coots, Mary

Cope, Audrey I.

Copeland, Irene E.

Copeland, James W.

Copeland, Jestine

Copeland, Lucille R.

Copeland, Margaret J. 'Peg' (nee Wilson)

Copeland, Orrie Dee

Copeman, Eileen

Copenhaver, Frances Juanita

Coppersmith, Geraldine

Coppinger, Michael D.

Copple, Lorene J.

Corbett, Helen C.

Corbin, Joydell

Corboy, Eleanor

Cordes, Juanita A.

Corey, Michael C.

Corey, Robert C. Sr.

Corgan, Robert Wesley III

Corkery, Hazel D.

Corless, Melba E.

Cormack, (Rev.) Harry L.

Cornelius, David A.

Cornelli, Marie A.

Cornish, Denver D.

Cornish, Marlene A.

Cornoyer, Jane G.

Cornwell, Susan Ann

Cornwell, Victoria Chouteau Murphy 'Tory' 6/12

Corona, Sophia A.

Corpening, Martha J.

Corrubia, Angelo G. Sr.

Corson, Helen M.

Cortelyou, Johnnie D.

Cortor, Leonard E.

Corvey, Edward Regin

Cossarini, Mamie

Costello, Edward J.

Costello, Frances B.

Costello, Joan

Costello, Joseph J. 'Jack' 3/13

Costello, Virginia

Costillo, Lillian Rose

Costley, Audrey B.

Cothran, Norman R. 'Bob' 12/22

Cothren, James Noel

Cotner, Warren 'Dale' 6/6

Cotter, Twiletta Lee

Cotterill, Pauline J.

Cottingham, James Michael

Cottrell, Mary C.

Couch, Catherine

Coughlin, Bobby L.

Coulter, Joseph Clayton

Counts, David L.

Counts, Faye Virginia

Cour, Patricia A.

Courson, Helen L.

Courson, John W.

Courtney, Freida F.

Courtney, Jack

Courtney, Rose

Courtney, Thomas A.

Courtway, Lawrence W. 'Larry' 6/4

Cousin, Carl L. 'Cuz' 7/10

Cousins, Frank Rand

Couvion, Otha Mae

Cova, Ruth

Covell, Betty Jane E.

Coventry, Mary L.

Covert, Margie M.

Coward, Loy A. Jr.

Cowin, Vera

Cowles, Bessie I.

Cowley, James R.

Cox, Artic Mae

Cox, Bernita A.

Cox, Charles E.

Cox, Esther M.

Cox, Grace Marie

Cox, Ida M.

Cox, Larry M.

Cox, Linda 'Granny' (nee Dyer)

Cox, Mae Eva

Cox, Mary Louise 'Snooky' Gardiner

Cox, Rilla Lucille

Cox, Robert B.

Cox, Sandy Carr

Coy, Christina Kysar

Coyle, Doris J.

Coyle, Estelle E.

Coyle, Irene

Coyle, Paul B.

Coyne, Mildred Dora

Cozean, Virginia C.

Craboree, Ella

Crabtree, James L.

Crabtree, Teresa K.

Cracchilo, Eleanor A.

Cracchiola, Ruth V.

Cracchiolo, Angelina

Cracchiolo, Eleanor A.

Cracchiolo, Paul

Cracchiolo, Salvatore E. 'Sam' 9/18

Craden, Thomas

Crader, Anna C.

Cradick, Donald P.

Craft, Kenneth

Craft, Modenia

Craft, Reba M. 'Crickeytt' 12/10

Crafton, Ray N.

Cragg, Ruth Margaret

Craig, Beverly R.

Craig, Horace

Craig, JoAnn V.

Craig, Kathleen V.

Craig, Norman D.

Crain, Eunice

Crain, Peggy J.

Crain, Ruby G.

Cralle, Megan Louise

Cramblett, (STLPD, ret) James A.

Cramer, Diana Lynn

Crampton, Wilma E.

Crane, April A.

Crane, Loretto C.

Crane, Mary Alice

Crangle, Diane M.

Cranmer, Norwil A.

Craven, Ruth A.

Crawford, Alice Pauline

Crawford, Anna Marino

Crawford, Anne

Crawford, Caryl K.

Crawford, Hue E.

Crawford, Ruth M.

Crawshaw, Della May

Creason, Dollie A.

Creath, Roy C.

Crecelius, Audrey M.

Crecelius, Eileen G.

Crecelius, Judith L.

Crecelius, Lillian

Crecelius, Russell Alois

Creech, Marie

Creek, Ruth

Creely, Frances M.

Creighton, Helen P.

Crenshaw, (Dr.) Floyd D.

Crenshaw, Lena

Crenshaw, Willard L.

Creson, John C.

Crets, Marian E.

Crews, Howard L.

Crews, James H. Sr.

Crews, Joseph Gilbert 'Gill' 12/10

Crews, Maizelle

Crews, Mary Ellen

Crigler, Wilburn R. 'Bill' 1/12

Criner, Willie B.

Crippen, Edna M.

Crisel, George P.

Crisler, Earl A.

Crismon, Barbara Irene

Crisp, Viola M.

Croak, Jewell S.

Croce, Marie A.

Crocker, Ernest W. Jr.

Crocker, Glenda S.

Crockrell, Mark

Croissant, Hilda E.

Cromer, Edith N.

Crommie, Doris M.

Crone, Donald

Crone, Paul D. Sr.

Croney, Jane P.

Cronheim, Marian Bettman

Cronin, Dennis L.

Cronin, Dennis P.

Cronin, Helen E.

Cronin, James R.

Cronin, Richard Joseph Sr.

Cronin, Veronica O.

Crook, Leroy C. 'Lee' 9/1, (photo)

Crosby, Nancy Buell

Cross, Gladys I.

Cross, Helen E.

Cross, Judith

Cross, Marie A.

Cross, Matthew Allen

Cross, Roberta B.

Cross, Rosella C.

Cross, Timothy

Crosson, Ida May

Crouch, Dorothy L.

Crouch, John W. Sr.

Crouch, Vivian A.

Crouppen, Bernard

Crouther, Le Roy Jr.

Crow, Rose A.

Crowder, Ada

Crowder, Gary D.

Crowder, Kelly

Crowder, Ruth

Crowe, Harriett J.

Crowe, James A.

Crowe, Mary Frances

Crowe, Robert C.

Crowley, Anne F.

Crowley, Ethel M.

Cruce, Ruth J.

Crull, Jean E.

Crum, Virginia E.

Crum, Willard Wilson

Crump, Anna S.

Crump, Emily Jane

Crump, Eunice K. Bradley

Crump, Orville H.

Crumpton, Hattie M.

Crustals, Annie C.

Crutchfield, Andrew J.

Crutchfield, Velma C.

Cruze, Mary Virginia

Csolak, George

Cuendet, Dorothy M.

Cuff, John Henry

Cuidan, Vernon

Culberson, Mary F.

Culbertson, Janice

Culbreath, Preston Eugene 'Gene' 1/17

Cullen, Gordon

Cullen, Joseph N.

Cullen, Mary Ellen

Cullen, Nellie M.

Culli, A. Orville

Culli, Marlene R.

Cullmann, Sharon M.

Cullom, Geraldine M.

Cummings, Margaret S.

Cummings, Margaruite K.

Cummings, Neil Philip Edmund

Cummings, Woodrow W.

Cummins, (Pastor) Darwin J.

Cummins, James A.

Cummins, Robert L.

Cummiskey, Cheryl

Cunio, Shirley J.

Cunningham, Carla

Cunningham, Dolores M. 'Dee' (nee Meyer)

Cunningham, Ella Elizabeth

Cunningham, Jacqueline A.

Cunningham, James E.

Cunningham, Janis E.

Cunningham, Jeanne C.

Cunningham, Margaret M.

Cunningham, Marilyn

Cunningham, Robert Joseph

Cunningham, Rose Marie 'Cis' 11/14

Cunningham, Sally M.

Cunningham, Sylvia Martin

Cunningham, Virginia Lee

Cunningham, William M.

Cunningham, Zenobia

Cupler, John Wesley Jr.

Cupp-Churchill, Cory Jannelle Marianna

Curd, Philip L.

Curland, Selma

Curran, Edna May

Curran, John P.

Curran, June

Curran, Virginia L.

Currans, Florence E.

Curren, Brendon Matthew

Curren, Edward J.

Currie, Patricia C.

Currie, W. Thomas 'Tom' 7/22

Curry, (Baby) Rachel May

Curry, Ellen Lynette

Curry, Josephine M.

Curth, F. Oscar

Curtin, Thomas E. Jr.

Curtis, Georgia M.

Curtis, Lois Irene

Curtis, Patricia J.

Curtis, Virginia C.

Curtright, Lorene O.

Cushshon, Bertha E.

Custer, Joan Budden

Cusumano, Jennie

Cusumano, Jennie M.

Cusumano, Libby

Cutak, Mildred L.

Cutak, Paul Bryan

Cutelli, Pauline

Cutlan, Charles J.

Cycholl, Loma N.

Cyr, Gary K.

Czaicki, Joseph J.

Czajkowski, La Verne D.

Czajkowski, Raymond P.

Czapla, E. 'June' (nee Ladd)

Czapla, Joseph S.

Czapla, Theresa Mary

Czarkowski, Adele Mary

Czarnecki, Maryann F.

Czarnecky, Antoinette Sandt

Czeschin, Dorothy J.