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Surnames beginning with Y

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Yackey, John Jerald

Yadon, June I. 'Smilet' (nee Nelson)

Yaffe, Sadie

Yahn, Lillian L.

Yakimo, Dunya Diane

Yallaly, Patricia E.

Yancey, Sydney Lynn

Yancy, Gloria J.

Yannone, Ann M.

Yansen, Bonnie M.

Yarber, Effie Mae

Yarbrough, Al

Yardley, Clarence R.

Yardley, William M. 'Mike' 2/14

Yates, Daisy M.

Yates, Leonard 'Lee' 11/20

Yates, Mary A.

Yates, Naomi

Yawberry, William M. 'Mike' 2/17

Yawitz, Joseph Jay Jr.

Yeager, Arthur

Yeager, Crawford 'Barney' 4/1

Yeager, Lillian

Yeargain, Ronald Lee Sr.

Yevelson, Gloria

Yochim, Marcella C.

Yocum, Charles E.

Yoder, Allen A.

Yoest, William J.

Yokubat, Betty J.

Yonke, Janet B.

Yonker, Dorothy D.

Yore, Winthrop H. 'Joe' 12/3

Yorger, Geraldine E.

York, Catherine E.

York, Delores M.

York, Douglas J.

York, Kathleen M.

York, Lola M.

York, Viola L.

Yost, Richard L. 'Dick' 3/22

Yotter, Edna 'Sally' (nee Ehrhart)

Young, Carl A.

Young, Carolyn Sue

Young, Christopher

Young, Clarice

Young, Donald M. 'Mr. Corkball' 4/12, (photo)

Young, Doris

Young, Ernestine

Young, Ethel L.

Young, Eunice Louise

Young, Floretta

Young, Gertrude

Young, Henry J.

Young, Jane Rose

Young, John C. Jr.

Young, Laurie Lynn

Young, Lon W.

Young, Lucille

Young, Mary 'Berniece' (nee Roberts)

Young, Neva Miriam

Young, Peter

Young, Robert

Young, Ruby M.

Young, Sharon A.

Young, Thurma J.

Young, Wanda E.

Younger, (Dr.) Ernest G.

Youngermann, Elizabeth C.

Youngman, Richard L. 'Rich' 9/5

Younker, Genevieve Davis

Yount, Hershel F.

Yovanovich, Mary

Yovonoff, Violet

Ysaguirre, Juan

Yunek, Anton

Yunek, Violet F.

Yungbluth, John A.