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Surnames beginning with C

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Caciano, Lula Mae

Cadanau, Dorothy J.

Caddell, Ernest Jr.

Cadwallader, Jewel M. 'Aunt Snooks' 10/5

Cadwallader, Louise

Caffery, Mary Jean

Cage, Muriel L.

Cage, Veleda J.

Cagle, Helen E.

Cagle, Mary Ruth

Cahalin, Mary Lou

Cain, Alberta Louise

Cain, Alma Faye

Cain, Charles F. 'Chuck' 12/1

Cain, Mary R.

Cain, Pauline H.

Caito, Lorraine M.

Calandrella, Lewis

Calandro, Shane J.

Calandro, Vito J.

Calcaterra, Charles J.

Calcaterra, Mary Louise

Calcaterra, Theresa M.

Caldwell, Elizabeth

Caldwell, Leah M.

Caldwell, Louis William

Caldwell, Morrell T.

Caldwell, Terry

Caldwell, Violet C.

Calhoun, Howard Paul

Calhoun, Margaret Haase

Call, Booker N.

Callahan, Agnes

Callahan, Eugene J.

Callahan, Gretchen

Callahan, Jean 'Regina Marie' (see Hanrahan)

Callahan, Stella A.

Callahan, Vita M.

Callanan, Elnora C. 'Christy' (nee Martin)

Callanan, Loretta M.

Callas, Ted

Callaway, Mary Margaret 'Peggy' (nee Lehman)

Callies, Dorothy M.

Calliotte, Mary

Calliotte, Mary Ann

Callison, John B.

Calloway, Donald T.

Calomese, Annie Ruth

Caloni, Jennie

Cambron, Bill G.

Cambron, Mary B.

Cambron, Mary E.

Cambron, Thelma L.

Camden, Ella M.

Camerion, Harold K.

Cameron, Agnes A.

Cameron, James E.

Cammarata, Rose

Campbell, Beatrice F.

Campbell, Bryan A.

Campbell, Celeste M.

Campbell, Evelyn

Campbell, Florence I.

Campbell, Frances Rachel

Campbell, Huanita R.

Campbell, Leslie L.

Campbell, Marvel Ann

Campbell, Miriam K. 'Gay' (nee Kefauver)

Campbell, Ola Mae

Campbell, Rachel

Campbell, Richard E.

Campbell, Robert J. C.

Campbell, Rosa M.

Campbell, Ruby G.

Campbell, Warren Curtis

Campton, Dorothy C.

Canady, Virgil Leon

Cancienne, Willa C.

Candido, Theodore Thomas

Candy, Lorraine 'Babe' (nee Stoops)

Canfield, Cleo

Cannella, Mamie M.

Cannon, Beth

Cannon, Irma A.

Canoy, Stan

Canter, Agnes

Canter, Hazel

Cantillon, Charles H. 'Chuck' 1/17

Cantley, Ruth H.

Cantoni, Mary Louise

Cantor, David A.

Cantrell, Dorothy L.

Cantunzi, Louise L.

Cantyne, Joseph 'Pineapple' 4/4

Canziani, Theresa M.

Cao, Zhaofeng

Caola, Charles J.

Cape, Margaret Finnical

Capobianco, Maria G.

Capobianco, Norman L. 'Cap' 8/13

Capone, Michael

Cappello, Elise Leigh

Cappetta, Janice M.

Capps, Christopher Scott

Capps, Esther E.

Capps, Florence

Capstick, Mary B.

Capstick, Myrtle E.

Caputa, Carolyn R.

Caracci, Addie L. 'Billie' (nee Smith)

Caradona, Grace P.

Caraway, Melissa

Carbaugh, Robert D. 'Bob' [Illinois] 2/27 p

Cardinale, Marie

Cardona, Joseph A. Sr.

Cardwell, Elizabeth

Cardwell, James H.

Cardwell, Robert R.

Caress, Nelva L.

Carey, Anita

Carey, Elizabeth Fishback 'Libby' (nee Railey)

Carey, Evelyn Alice

Carey, James R.

Carey, John F.

Carey, Laurine Ann

Carignan, Theresa Mary

Carioscia, Jean A.

Carlie, Mamie Barney

Carlie, Milton

Carlin, Walter O. Sr.

Carlisle, June

Carlson, Anne L.

Carlstrom, Dewey C.

Carlton, Catherine M.

Carlton, Donald Joseph

Carlton, Hazel

Carmack, Verna

Carman, Arnel D.

Carman, Malcolm V. 'Mac' 4/12

Carmen, Aline

Carmen, Wilbur E. 'Will' 6/27

Carmichael, Roscoe 'Bill' 2/17

Carmody, Kenneth

Carnaghi, Louis G.

Carnaghi, Mary H.

Carnell, Norman L.

Carnes, Goldie L.

Carnes, Lurline

Carnes, Mary L.

Carney, Dorothy C.

Carney, Mary J.

Carney, Roger Dale

Carnighan, Jeanne M.

Carollo, Paul A.

Carpenter, Caroline A.

Carpenter, Eloise R. 'Granny' (nee Karstedt)

Carpenter, Joann

Carpenter, Marilyn F. 'Dutch' 12/14

Carpenter, Mary Winifred

Carpenter, Melvin H.

Carpenter, Sally A.

Carpenter, Stella Marie

Carr, Alta Faye

Carr, Anne C.

Carr, Dona Lee H.

Carr, Eileen M.

Carr, Eleanor

Carr, J. Kenneth

Carr, Marilyn 'Pat' (nee Patterson)

Carr, Suzanne C.

Carrick, Catherine C.

Carriker, Thomas B. 'Barney' 8/29

Carriker, Vivian I.

Carroll, Francella A.

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Roland W. 'Roy' 11/3

Carroll, Thomas M.

Carron, Dorothy L.

Carron, John C.

Carron, Virginia M.

Carrow, Juanita L.

Carruth, Geraldine S.

Carson, Gloria J.

Carson, Viola M.

Carswell, Caroline

Carter, Christine A.

Carter, Donald E.

Carter, Elsie C.

Carter, Harold L.

Carter, Henry C.

Carter, Hurley E. Jr.

Carter, Kathleen C.

Carter, Marie I.

Carter, Mary Gene

Carter, Naomi

Carter, Opal Sweazea Allen

Carter, Raymond E.

Carter, Robert 'King' 12/6, (photo)

Carter, Virginia

Carty, Florence M.

Carty, Kenneth F.

Carver, Delmar Lee

Carver, Earlene

Carver, Gwenda L.

Carver, Marie T.

Carver, Mark S.

Carvey, Ruth H.

Cary, Bonnie

Cary, David J.

Cary, John Robert

Cary, Vicki Lynn

Casals, Donald W.

Casals, William H.

Casaretto, Troy M.

Casciaro, Carmela M.

Case, Edna Louise

Case, Emma Jean M.

Casebolt, Goldie G.

Casella, Carmela M.

Casella, Steve B.

Casery, Charlotte C.

Casey, (Sister) Ellen Patricia

Casey, Edward Hugh

Casey, Elizabeth Jane

Casey, Frank J.

Casey, Helen

Casey, Jeanne Marie

Casey, Jesse

Casey, Paul E.

Cash, Alvin

Cash, Debbie

Cash, Jim 'J.D.' 7/14

Cash, Richard S.

Cashon, Robert J. Jr.

Caskanett, Margaret M.

Caskanett, Mary G.

Caskey, Marion

Cason, Alexander 'Zan' 6/1

Cason, Inez Kelso

Caspar, Melba C.

Cass, Bernice E.

Cassady, Jeannine A.

Cassel, Helen C.

Cassell, Jane E.

Casserly, Frances D.

Cassidy, Dennis K.

Cassidy, Marie N.

Cassidy, Peggy I.

Castaldo, Leslie A.

Castane, Esther Louise

Castellano, Antoinette V.

Castelli, Laura E.

Castelli, Nutina

Castelli, Vincent J.

Castens, Frances Jewell

Castillo, Felicidad C.

Castillo, Mary P.

Castillo, Ramona C.

Castillo, Walter A.

Caston, Larry Von

Castro, Joseph Anthony

Castulik, (Maj.) John J. 'Jack' 4/24

Castulik, Katherine

Catalano, Rosemarie

Catalano, Vito

Cataldo, Sharon K.

Catani, Rose Marie

Catanzaro, Corinne M.

Catarnichi, Angela 'Angie' (nee Verme)

Cates, Brenda Lee

Cathcart, Roland F.

Cather, Mary 'Kathy' 3/26

Catlett, Adele J.

Catlett, Sandra J.

Cato, Dorothy M.

Catsigianis, Dolores E.

Catt, Jane

Caudle, Mary Margaret

Caugh, Audrey

Causey, Eddie

Causey, Iver I.

Causey, Margaret M.

Cavallaro, Barbara

Cave, Ara P.

Caverly, Clara Frances

Cavic, George

Cavin, Helen M.

Cavins, Earl L.

Cayce, Ann Caroline

Cazzell, Charles R.

Cease, Ruth J.

Cecil, Ensley E.

Cecil, Harry

Celeste, Carol J.

Ceniceros, Arturo L. 'Turi' 12/11

Cerneal, Dorothy

Cernich, Zora

Cerny, John J.

Certa, Anthony J. 'Jim' 1/14

Chadwick, Bernice Marie

Chaika, Danny N.

Chalcraft, Daniel R.

Challis, Judith Rita

Chamberlain, Earl M.

Chamberlin, Paul S.

Chambers, Catherine L.

Chambers, Evelyn E.

Chambers, Lucille M.

Chambers, Margaret E.

Chambers, Monzella

Chambers, Nicholas S.

Chamblin, Marie K.

Chance, Barbara J.

Chandler, Esther H.

Chandler, Gladys V.

Chandler, Kate T.

Chandler, Margaret

Chandler, Orville

Chandler, Richard T.

Chandler, Ruth

Chandri, Margaret M.

Chanen, Jeanne

Chaney, Eva M.

Chaney, Norman W.

Chaney, Teri R.

Chanitz, Sharon A.

Channel, Adrian Montez

Chao, Marian

Chapie, Alexander J. 'Al' 4/7

Chapie, Bernard J.

Chapin, Lillian

Chapleau, Yvonne

Chaplin, Alice M.

Chaplin, Melville

Chaplin, Serena M.

Chapman, Darlene C.

Chapman, Effie C.

Chapman, Frances Mae

Chapman, John R.

Chapman, Joseph Vaughn

Chapman, Linda C.

Chapman, Peggy D.

Chapman, Ruth E.

Chapman, Ruth H.

Chapman, Theresa Diane

Chapman, Wilbur E.

Chapman, William J.

Chappue, Arthur R.

Charak, Jean B.

Charles, Lorraine A.

Charles, Margaret

Charlson, Marion H.

Chartrand, Anabel C.

Chase, Bob

Chase, Evalyne 'Emaline' (nee Saab)

Chautin, Esther 'Tess' (nee Hyatt)

Chavaux, Corinne M.

Chayka, Lucille M.

Cheak, Sanferd J.

Cheaves, Sarah Fran

Cheek, W. R. 'Bill' 3/6

Cheesebrough, Inez M.

Chekoudjian, Vartan

Chemotti, JoAnn

Chenault, Gladys O.

Chesley, Leland L.

Chesley, Louise M.

Chester, Gertrude C.

Chester, Joseph J.

Chestnut, Goldia C.

Cheswick, Donald J.

Chetta, Elizabeth

Chewning, Carol Kuefler

Chiapelas, Angela 'Dolly' (nee Jemas)

Chickey, Judith Curry

Chierek, Edward Joseph

Chiero, Thelma M.

Childers, Barbara Maxine

Childers, James M.

Childress, Eugene W.

Childs, Consuelo M.

Childs, Dollie

Childs, Ralph J.

Chiles, Lillian L.

Chilese, Eleanore E.

Chilton, Nelson R.

Chinn, Mary Armecia

Chinnici, Sandra Jane

Chiodini, Josephine C.

Chiolero, Mary L.

Chiotos, Lula L.

Chisholm, Andrew T.

Chisholm, Deborah Ann

Chism, Maudie Belle

Chittenden, Linda D.

Chitty, Eunice Mae

Chitwood, Floyd C.

Chitwood, Mamie Ruth

Chiu, Alice Yu-Chi

Choat, Marlin L.

Choat, Roger D.

Choate, Elizabeth A. 'Betty' 10/29

Choate, Margaret B.

Choc, William

Chochorowski, Lorraine

Chojnacki, Ethel B.

Chojnacki, Evelyn

Chomeau, Mary Broderick

Chopp, Rosemary R.

Chorn, James D. 'J.D.' 3/10

Chostner, Rose Marie

Chott, Anthony L.

Chott, Clarence J.

Chott, Florence

Chott, Marie D.

Chott, Timothy R.

Chrisholm, Deborah Ann

Chrisler, Tanner Shiel Sr.

Chrismer, Earl D. 'Bud' 11/8

Christ, Vera L.

Christen, William A.

Christensen, Neil B.

Christensen, Richard

Christian, George Lee Sr.

Christian, Helen C.

Christian, Maude C.

Christian, Sheldon

Christian, Zachary W.

Christiansen, Lelah E.

Christison, Catherine

Christl, (Sister) Mary Gerlinda

Christoff, Dorothy H.

Christopher, Henry A.

Christopher, Kenneth M.

Christopher, Lauretta M.

Christopher, Lloyd T.

Christopher, Ruth Gilland

Christopher, William L.

Christrup, Alberta H.

Christy, James S. Sr. 'Chris' 12/16

Chromoga, Robert

Chrum, John F.

Chrun, William

Chu, Yau Kam

Chudzik, Mary Frances

Chulick, Dolores

Chulick, William P.

Chupp, Lois E.

Chura, Ann

Church, Joanne

Church, Loretta M.

Church, Phyllis C.

Cianciolo, Mary M.

Cicka, Judith Ann

Ciffairy, Edward E.

Cilufo, Josephine G.

Cimbalista, Michael David Sr.

Cindrich, Oscar

Cintel, Alfred C.

Cioffi, Charles C.

Cipponeri, Alec Garner

Cipriano, Lincoln D.

Cira, Anthony T.

Cisiewski, Joseph J.

Cisneros, Emilio

Cissell, Catherine Anna

Cissell, Hazel A.

Cissi, Marie Louise

Cizmas, Lucy

Claghorn, Mary L.

Claiborne, Marie B.

Claiborne, Prince J.

Clamors, Vernon E.

Clancy, Frank J. III

Clapper, William O.

Claridge, Florence E.

Clark, (STLFD) Walter A.

Clark, Charles E. 'Chuck' 9/1

Clark, Deane M.

Clark, Donald W.

Clark, Flora A.

Clark, Florence

Clark, Florence A.

Clark, Geneva L.

Clark, Helen M.

Clark, Ida Mae

Clark, Inez L.

Clark, James J. 'Tootsie' 12/29

Clark, Jane C.

Clark, Jesse W. Sr.

Clark, John D.

Clark, John J.

Clark, Joseph J.

Clark, Juanita A.

Clark, Madolyn Joan

Clark, Margaret Anna

Clark, Margaret D.

Clark, Mary L.

Clark, Ruth Evelyn

Clark, Ruth H.

Clark, Timothy R.

Clark, Walter E. Jr.

Clark, Walter S.

Clark, Wayne C.

Clark, Woodrow R.

Clarke, Carol M.

Clarke, Jean

Clarke, Mary L.

Clarke, Mildred L.

Clarke, Thomas P.

Clarkson, Virginia M.

Claus, Earl W.

Clauser, Jewell

Clauss, Robert C. 'Popsie' 1/22, #1/23

Clavenna, Robert A.

Clavin, Margaret

Clavon, Mary L.

Clay, Earlie E.

Clayman, Arline B.

Clayman, James C.

Claypool, Mary Bryant Hass

Claypoole, Ina Mae

Clayton, Dorothy R.

Clayton, Elizabeth Myers

Clayton, Mildred J.

Clayton, Walter L.

Claytor, Betty D.

Cleary, Esther R.

Cleere, Lockytee

Clemens, Cyril

Clemens, Tannette M.

Clement, Ida

Clement, James G.

Clemente, Marie T.

Clements, Eleanor A.

Clements, Lanita M.

Clements, Marion Olear

Clements, Richard C. Jr.

Clements, Richard D.

Clements, Theresa L.

Clement-Stillman, Anna Belle

Clemmings, Bertha J.

Clemons, Alvia Bruce

Clemons, Gloria

Clendenin, Debra A.

Clendenin, Louise S.

Cleveland, Eleanor B.

Cleveland, Idus U.

Cliffe, Cathleen Kay

Clifford, Constance M.

Clifford, Dorothy A.

Clifford, Kenneth D.

Clifford, Leona A.

Clifford, Mary Jane

Clift, Miriam Reed

Clifton, Dorothy L.

Clifton, Eva M.

Climer, Alpha Vanita

Cline, Agnes E.

Cline, Ethelyn K.

Clines, Raymond E.

Clipper, Evelyn G.

Cloninger, Glen

Clooney, Mary Ann

Close, Shirley H.

Cloud, Naomi

Clouse, Carolyn Dreyer

Clouser, John F. 'Jack' 11/4

Clouser, Rowena A.

Cloyd, Mary E.

Clubb, E. Jermaine 'Jerry' 9/27

Clubb, Nina L.

Cluck, Grace L.

Clute, Agnes M.

Clutts, Ruby M.

Clymer, Kathryn

Coats, Lois

Cobb, Jefferia B.

Cobb, Lydia J.

Cobillas-Miranda, Christine Marie

Coburn, Jonell Mona

Cochran, Charles E.

Cochran, Eugene

Cochran, Evelyn Johnson

Cochran, Jo Ann H.

Cochran, Loyd Warren

Cochran, Robert W.

Cochran, Virginia W.

Cockerham, David R.

Cockman, David L.

Cockrell, Margaret 'Margie' (nee Clavin)

Coco, Grace

Coco, Virginia M.

Codemo, Nora L.

Cody, Bernice D.

Cody, Carolyn M.

Cody, Margaret J.

Cody, Mildred L.

Cody, Robert J. Sr.

Coe, Irene C.

Coffey, Elaine W.

Coffey, Sanford

Coffman, Lilburn C. 'Buck' 1/9

Coggeshall, Kenneth M.

Coggin, Kira Rianne Marie

Cogo, Michael

Cohen, (Prof.) B. Bernard

Cohen, Anne

Cohen, Arcella M.

Cohen, Elizabeth M.

Cohen, Gloria F.

Cohen, Harry W.

Cohen, Louis Gilbert

Cohen, Marcia

Cohen, Marian

Cohen, Mary

Cohen, Raymond S.

Coibion, Esther M.

Colatruglio, Michael A.

Colbeck, Robert E. Sr.

Colbert, Barbara Lee

Colbert, Herman E. Jr.

Colbert, Mary Margaret

Coldfelter, Sharon

Coldwell, Helen R.

Cole, Clarence C.

Cole, Edna L.

Cole, Iva D.

Cole, Jane

Cole, Joyce L.

Cole, June Pauline

Cole, Marion

Cole, Nadine

Cole, Naomi

Cole, Ralph M.

Cole, Ruth

Cole, Thesta C.

Cole, Willie James Sr.

Coleman, (STLFD, ret) John

Coleman, Alice M.

Coleman, Bernard L.

Coleman, Carol

Coleman, Harold A.

Coleman, Harold R.

Coleman, James A.

Coleman, Leona M.

Coleman, Mary Elizabeth 'Meme' (nee Schumacher)

Coleman, Shirley A.

Coleman, Vincent A.

Coleman-Celeste, Carol J.

Colestock, Viola M.

Collet, Eleanor

Collett, Betty M.

Colley, Curtis

Colley, Pearl

Collier, Barbara E.

Collier, Bernice M.

Collier, Betty Jean

Collier, Clarence E. 'Chick' 3/16

Collier, Gary S. Jr.

Collier, William D.

Collins, (Col. USAF, ret. DDS) Jack D.

Collins, Alberta

Collins, Ardith E.

Collins, Cathleen C.

Collins, Dolores

Collins, Earl C.

Collins, Estelle

Collins, Harry T.

Collins, Henry Sr.

Collins, John Henderson

Collins, Lavern

Collins, Mary Jane

Collins, Maryalice

Collins, Robert E.

Collins, Sharon C.

Collins, Theresa C.

Collison, Lois

Colloton, Richard C. 'Dick' (photo)

Colmo, Anthony J.

Colombe, Amy

Colombini, Edna E.

Colombini, Josephine

Colombo, Adele

Colombo, August J. 'Tino' 7/31

Colombo, Edward L.

Colombo, Joseph A.

Colombo, Mario D. 'Mike' 11/5

Colombo, Mary

Colombo, Mary L.

Colombo, Pete P.

Colombo, Theresa C.

Colten, Zina Radin

Colter, Marvin K.

Coltharp, Marguerite

Colvin, Cecil W.

Colvin, Frieda

Colvin, Gloria J.

Colvin, Harry F. Sr.

Colvin, James D.

Colvin, Maxine J.

Colwell, Marcella D.

Combest, John D.

Combs, Danny R. Sr.

Comby, Beulah I.

Comegys, Minerva

Comer, Ruth Eleanor

Comer, Sarah Linn

Comer, Thomas V.

Commerford, Shirley L.

Comparato, (Sister) Lillian Joseph

Compton, Harold G. Sr.

Compton, Martha Irene

Compton, Robert R.

Comte, Vera

Conant, George K.

Conboy, Sharon K.

Condict, Thelma M.

Condon, Catherine C.

Condos, Nellie

Cone, Mary H.

Cones, Mary H.

Conforti-Perrett, Cynthia M.

Congardi, Madelyn Agnes

Congemi, Mary J.

Conger, Isabelle Haussels

Conidi, Margaret C.

Conkin, J. C.

Conklin, Effie S.

Conley, Deborah A.

Conley, Mary Estelle

Conley, Theresa

Conlon, Edna N.

Connell, Gretchen M.

Connell, Joseph Edward Sr.

Connell, Margaret A.

Connelly, Alma L.

Connelly, James M. Jr.

Connelly, Mary A.

Conner, Donald E.

Conner, Elizabeth

Conner, Nathan B.

Conners, Virginia

Conniff, Annabelle C.

Connley, Cyrus B.

Connor, (STLFD) William R. 'Shorty' 3/8

Connor, Albert 'Ray' 6/9

Connor, James T.

Connor, Marie Anna

Connors, (Prof) Natalie A.

Connors, Catherine M.

Connors, Darcus S.

Connors, Marian L.

Connors, Virginia C.

Connoyer, Denny

Conoyer, Steven A.

Conrad, Anna

Conrad, Earl R.

Conrad, Emily M.

Conrad, Lena

Conrad, Linda L.

Conrad, Robert R.

Conrad, Violet C.

Conrad, Virginia L.

Conrads, Marcella K.

Conrads, Pauline T.

Conradt, (Brother) Joseph P.

Conrady, Ruth

Conrey, Thelma M.

Consolino, Vincenzia

Constantinides, Olga L.

Conte, Alice L.

Contini, Joseph P.

Contini, Laverne A.

Conway, Ben 'Poppa Smurf' 2/5

Conway, Gregory J.

Conway, Howard G.

Conway, Jimmy L.

Conway, John J.

Conway, Julia R.

Conway, Maudeline A.

Conway, Nancy

Conway, Robert Kennedy

Conyers, James Michael

Conzelman, Ruth J.

Cook, Adeline Anne

Cook, Betty La Verne 'Cookie' (nee Drink OR Brink)

Cook, Gertrude Rose

Cook, Hattie E.

Cook, Nancy M.

Cooke, Evelyn

Cooke, Lillian A.

Cookson, Dorothy H.

Cool, Kenneth L.

Coombs, David Nelson Jr. 'Unkie' (photo)

Coombs, Eleanor Carr

Coombs, Gladys R.

Coombs, Irene

Coombs, Robert E.

Cooper, Alfred W.

Cooper, Arline Y.

Cooper, Charles E. Jr.

Cooper, Colma

Cooper, Della Mae

Cooper, Edith M.

Cooper, Gerald 'Jerry' 4/11

Cooper, Henry T.

Cooper, Holland F.

Cooper, Katherine L.

Cooper, Noel R.

Cooper, Olivia

Cooper, Rossel L.

Cooper, Ruby Marie

Cooper, Sondra Zora

Cooperman, Malvin K.

Coose, Mary Katherine

Coose, Ruby Lee

Cope, Ida C.

Cope, Norman D.

Copeland, Edith B.

Copeland, Garfield William 'Jerry' 1/31

Copeland, Hazel

Copeland, James E.

Copeland, Kathryn M.

Copeland, Mae B.

Copeland, Robert J.

Copeland-George, Jocelyn

Copilevitz, Dorothy

Coplin, Dennis A.

Coppage, M. Dorothy

Coppersmith, Frances

Copple, Frank A.

Corbin, Larry R.

Corcoran, Edward George II

Corcoran, Mary Elizabeth

Corcoran, William P.

Cordeal, Mary Adele

Corder, Brant L.

Cordes, Hilda W.

Cordes, Irene M.

Cordes, Janis C.

Cordes, La Verne A.

Cordes, Richard J.

Cordes, Virgil H.

Cordes, William J.

Cordia, Phyllis A.

Cordum, Viola H.

Core, Barbara

Corey, Winthrop R. 'Wink' 1/3, (photo)

Corgiat, John B. Jr.

Corgiat, Mary K.

Cork, Larry A.

Corke, Kathryn Elizabeth

Cornelius, Shirley Mae

Cornett, Hilda

Cornett, Naomi Green

Cornish, Cynthia C.

Cornish, Thomas Harry

Corns, Ruth

Cornwell, Albert G.

Cornwell, Glenna L.

Cornwell, Miriam Frost

Cornwell, Ruth S.

Corp, Lutha L.

Corporon, (Col., USA ret) John R.

Correll, Lillian M.

Correll, Norma D.

Corrie, Sarah Alta

Corrigan, Brian A.

Corrubia, Mary C.

Corry, Ruth E.

Corso, Flora M.

Cosand, Joseph Parker

Coscarelli, Kate

Cosenza, Michael D.

Cossarini, (Col., ret., USAR) Richard M.

Cossarini, Ollie M.

Costa, Alma

Costablo, Roberta A.

Costello, Elsa Rapp

Costello, Helen M.

Costello, John P.

Costello, Lucille P.

Costello, Mildred M.

Costello, Robert M.

Costello, William C.

Costephens, Carl A.

Cotner, Clarence M.

Cotner, Stella Marie

Cotta, Frank J.

Cotton, Atry Sherdell

Cottrell, Norma Lee

Cottrill, Naomi E.

Couch, Alma Jean

Couch, Alta Rose

Couch, Carl N.

Couch, Estelle A.

Coughlin, Barbara Elizabeth

Coughlin, Connie

Coughlin, Elsie

Counts, Catherine

Counts, Hazel

Courtney, Christina

Courtney, Dorothy

Courtney, James R.

Courtney, Susan B.

Coutant, Fern A.

Couture, George J.

Cova, William E.

Covault, Foster

Covell, Elsie

Covert, Patricia Anne

Covich, Dorothy

Covich, William R.

Covington, Juanita Valera

Covington, Marie L.

Covinsky, Ethel

Cowan, Howard R.

Cowan, Kenneth L. Sr. 'Sonny' 11/3

Cowden, Margaret M.

Cowell, Thelma T.

Cowen, Irma M.

Cowgill, Evelyn

Cowick, Ruth 'Lyn' 7/6

Cowles, Ada M.

Cowling, Genelle Katz

Cox, Dorothy M.

Cox, Dorothy R. 'Dotty' (nee Clayton)

Cox, Eldon F.

Cox, Joyce I.

Cox, Kathryn Elizabeth

Cox, Kevin G. Sr. 'KC' 2/17

Cox, La Vaughn T.

Cox, Mary Eleanor

Cox, Maylo M.

Cox, Orville N.

Cox, Sadie T.

Cox, Sherrie D.

Cox, Sylvia L.

Cox, William Herbert 'Buddy' #6/15

Coy, Thomas A.

Coyle, Albert M.

Coyle, Frances L.

Coyle, Madge

Coyne, James J.

Cozart, Roger D.

Cozzoni, Thomas W.

Craboree, Dorothy Weible

Crabtree, Archie W.

Crabtree, Freddie E.

Crabtree, Geneva A.

Cracchiolo, Mary C.

Craddock, Hazel

Cradic, Howard

Craft, Ann

Craft, Mona

Craft, Walter H.

Craft, Wilma V.

Crafton, Doyle L.

Crafton, Patricia Ann

Craig, Alice Lou Kettinger

Craig, Catherine Reinhard

Craig, Dorothy Fern

Craig, Rolland

Craigo, Elizabeth G.

Crain, Helen

Craine, Frances M.

Crake, Barbara Fern

Crame, Edward S.

Cramer, Emily Ann

Cramer, La Verne L.

Cramer, Louise C.

Crancer, Ralph E.

Crane, Wayne Robert

Crane, William Rush

Crank, Mary Tureen Haase

Cranmer, Edna Marie

Cranmer, Ernest R.

Cranmer, Jan Marie

Cranmer, Jennifer L.

Cranna, Virginia L.

Cranston, Mary H.

Crasilneck, Ellen

Cravens, Mary J.

Crawford, Alan

Crawford, Annie Mae

Crawford, Glenda

Crawford, Harold J.

Crawford, Henrietta May

Crawford, Herchal Leon

Crawford, Lawrence G. 'Larry' 12/30

Crawford, Pearl G.

Crawford, Richard D. 'Rick' 10/19

Crawford, Ruth Elizabeth

Crawford, Sarah 'Sally' Lane

Crawford, Velma Loree

Crawford, Verena 'Rena' (nee Shimer)

Crawford, Willie M.

Creasey, Robert 'Bobby' 7/3

Creasman, Margaret G.

Crebs, P. Terence 'Terry' #10/19, (photo)

Crecelius, Margaret L. 'Lou' (nee Hooper)

Creech, Clara C.

Creed, Catherine E.

Creed, Eula

Creely, Agnes

Creely, Marcia L.

Cregar, Minnie V.

Creighton, Agnes L.

Creinin, Lorraine

Creley, Cathleen P.

Cremer, Alma B.

Crenshaw, Mary Puleo

Crenshaw, Virginia L.

Crepps, Inez O.

Crespi, Gloria M.

Cress, P. Terence

Cresswell, Clarence G.

Cresup, Corrine

Crew, Kevin D.

Crews, Betty F.

Crews, George F.

Crews, James W.

Crews, Mary L.

Crews, Talitha M.

Crider, Ann D.

Criggs, Roy V.

Crigler, Betty 'Ruth' (nee Theen)

Crigler, Ruth L.

Crilley, Katherine B.

Crimm, Willard

Crimmins, John F.

Crinkelmeyer, Ruth Rose

Cripe, Lillian B.

Cripps, Dorothy

Crisan, Dorothy

Cristel, Bernard Joseph

Crites, Leo O.

Crites, Nancy S.

Crnko, Margaret B.

Crnkovich, Helen L.

Croak, Evelyn

Croak, Russell E. Jr.

Crocker, Gary R.

Crocker, Wilbur Gerald

Crockett, Marjorie

Crofton, Rosemary A.

Croghan, Mary Adele

Cromley, Jean D.

Cronan, Thomas A.

Crone, Myrtle M.

Cronin, Ellen A.

Cronin, John 'Paul' 11/22

Cronin, Mary M.

Cronin, Whitney Marie

Crook, Virginia M.

Crosby, Elizabeth

Cross, Adam Brady

Cross, Belinda Ann

Cross, Ida L.

Cross, John W.

Cross, Margaret J.

Cross, Robert James

Crothers, May

Crouch, Daniel J.

Crouch, Lorraine M.

Crowe, Catherine M.

Crowell, Camilla V. 'Millie' (nee Friehaus)

Crowell, Donald J. Sr.

Crowell, La Verne M.

Crowley, Donald W.

Crowley, James M.

Crowley, Nicole C.

Crown, John W.

Croyle, Paul D. Jr.

Cruce, Robbie

Crum, John R.

Crumbliss, Virginia G.

Crump, Adele

Crutchfield, Helen L.

Cruts, Woodrow C.

Csolak, James

Cuba, Raymond J.

Cucchi, Mary L.

Cuddihee, Marie A.

Cuddy, Harold J. Sr.

Cudia, Jenise E.

Culicigno, Edith M.

Culkin, Joseph Patrick

Cullen, Frances C.

Cullen, John W. Sr.

Cullen, Scott B.

Culler, Daisy V.

Culli, Earl F.

Cullom, Della Rose

Culp, Rosanna 'Geishi' 1/9

Culpepper, Janet L.

Cummings, Carl 'C.R.' 4/1

Cummings, Lester D.

Cundiff, Esther P.

Cunetto, Marian M.

Cunio, Helen Nora

Cunnane, Thomas F.

Cunningham, Betty F.

Cunningham, Daisy 'Dee' (nee Harris)

Cunningham, Daniel Thomas

Cunningham, Doris Celestine

Cunningham, Glenn Spurgeon

Cunningham, Martha

Cunningham, Mary C.

Cunningham, Rita R.

Cupp, Homer Lavell

Curia, Genevieve A.

Curl, V. Lucille

Curran, C. J. 'Jack' 10/24

Curran, John A. 'Jack' 5/2

Curran, Michael J.

Curren, Elsie M.

Currie, Margaret

Curry, Esther Leona

Curry, Judith

Curry, Peggy Lou

Curtin, David A.

Curtin, Elmer C.

Curtin, Laverne M.

Curtin, Marcella D.

Curtis, Barbara Jane

Curtis, Bettye A.

Curtis, Beverly J.

Curtis, Dean B.

Curtis, Dorothy L.

Curto, Nora Marie

Curtsinger, Mildred F.

Cusack, Agnes Marie

Cusick, Michael A.

Cusick, Patrick F. Jr.

Cusimano, Caroline

Cusimano, Pauline E.

Custer, Dorothy A.

Custer, Harry Burr

Cusumano, Dorothy R.

Cutler, (Dr.) Harold M.

Cutrell, Anna Pauline

Cutright, Ethel D.

Cutsoukos, Patricia A.

Cutting, James H.

Czarnik, Laura

Czernicki, (Cmdr., USN, ret) Leonard J.

Czeschin, Donald Edward

Czeschin, Jim L.