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Surnames beginning with I

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Ickenroth, Charles

Iffrig, Leona

Igel, Emil J.

Igoe, James Joseph

Ihle, Louise Frances

Ike, Samuel Lee

Ikemeyer, Harry J.

Iler, Mamie

Iles, Alma Louise

Ilgen, Angelica

Ilges, Joseph P.

Ilhardt, Wilhelmina H.

Illert, Walter P.

Iman, Roy S.

Imbierowicz, Ronald E. 'Rock' 8/18 p

Imboden, Paul G.

Imbs, Marion C.

Imbs, Robert F.

Immer, Blanche E.

Immerman, Sam

Immethun, Leona J.

Imming, Elizabeth M.

Inabnit, Matilda

Inbinder, Pearl

Incerta, Brigida 'Bessie' 4/1 p

Incontio, Louise Mary

Indictor, Sarah

Ingalls, Raymond E. Sr.

Ingamells, Dwight D.

Ingeli, Katherine

Inglove, Mary

Ingold, Carrie Richardson

Ingold, Charles F. Sr.

Ingoldsby, Robert N.

Ingram, Lula Kottkamp

Ingram, Rachel

Ingrham, Annette Kay

Inik, (Sister) Mary Damitilla

Inman, Mary

Inman, Raymond Leslie

Innes, Mary E.

Inserra, Marion 'Mariano' 5/23 p

Intagliata, Mary

Intfeldt, Esther L.

Irby, Lizzy

Ireland, Dan

Iren, Malina D.

Irons, Eva

Irons, James

Irvin, Mary Lloyd

Irvin, Norval Clarence

Irving, Clarence

Irwin, Chauncey Filly II

Irwin, Edward Albert

Isaacs, Bertha

Isabell, Roy

Isaiah, Clifford

Isam, Tena V.

Ischler, Sophie

Isenmann, Minnie E.

Isermann, Johanna

Isgriggs, Less B.

Isherwood, Henry R.

Italiano, Vincenza

Ivanic, Karl

Ivanko, Anna M.

Ivers, Chett A.

Ives, (SP

Ivie, Alice

Ivie, John Calvin

Ivosevich, Nora

Ivy, Hercle C.

Ivy, Wilma

Izo, Katherine