Surnames beginning with Y

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Yadon, James P.

Yaeger, Clarabell 'Babe' (nee Smiley)

Yaeger, Ernest H.

Yaeger, Helen

Yagel, Flora

Yakli, Joseph Sr.

Yaloures, Alma A. Trappe

Yanachek, Edward William

Yancey, Maudie M.

Yankovic, Anne G.

Yankowitz, Emilia

Yansen, Emma L.

Yarbrough, Carrie F.

Yardley, Josephine M.

Yarshinsky-Clinton, Dorothy M.

Yates, Ada Mae

Yates, Allen Brooks

Yates, Elizabeth A.

Yates, Gladys M.

Yates, Ivan C.

Yates, James A.

Yates, Marjorie Milne

Yates-O'Donnell, Lena

Yawitz, Morris J.

Yeager, Annie M.

Yeager, Evelyn Martha

Yeager, Lewis T.

Yeager, Margaret B.

Yeckel, Alma

Yedlicka, Mary Susan

Yeidell, Elizabeth

Yenigues, Arlena E.

Yerby, Pearl

Yerger, Millie

Yerger, Mittie

Yerger, Norene E.

Yesberg, Amelia

Yocom, Faye Evelyn

Yoest, Art R.

Yokley, Frank

Yokly, Frank J.

Yokly, Joseph Sr.

Yordan, Annie C.

York, G. Carl

York, James

York, Walter W.

Yorty, Fay Elmer

Yorty, Sarah F.

Yost, Ann A.

Young, (Rev.) Robert J.

Young, Anna E.

Young, Bernice T.

Young, Bertha Mae

Young, Bridget 'Celia' *1/13 p

Young, Burcille

Young, Celia 'Beasie' (nee Fitzgerald)

Young, Chuck

Young, David Lee

Young, Donna

Young, Dwayne W.

Young, Edna R.

Young, Ella A.

Young, Ethan

Young, Gladys M.

Young, Grady May

Young, Hilda G.

Young, Howard

Young, Hugh H.

Young, Irvin M. R.

Young, James Byron

Young, James Paul

Young, James Riley

Young, James Thomas

Young, Jerdie Lee

Young, Joseph L.

Young, Lillian

Young, Lillie

Young, Lula

Young, Mabel Eva

Young, Maggie Curtis

Young, Marcia

Young, Ophelia

Young, Orbie F.

Young, Ronald

Young, Rose

Young, Simon

Young, Winfield

Youngblood, Charles Jackson Sr.

Younge, (Mrs. Walter A.)

Younger, Doradean

Younghouse, Elsie E.

Yount, Alta Alma

Yount, Ezra Clemen

Yount, Nancy

Yourty, Fay Elmer

Youthan, Angelina M.

Yowell, Elmer Lee

Yung, Mary

Yungbluth, William H.

Yungermann, Ethel A.